Sunday, September 7, 2008

Volunteering for the First Time

So, I'd made a few phone calls in the past, but I'd never hit the streets. Yesterday I spent 3 hours doing voter registration for the Obama campaign. At first it was a little slow, but in the end I think we registered about 30 new voters. The interesting thing was that everyone seemed to have an opinion on the issues and was decently well-informed. I will be continuing to volunteer until the day of the election. Voter registration continues until October 4th, then it goes into Get Out The Vote Efforts. I'll blog as I go.

Also, I'll be having a psuedo-debate with my mom on the issues later on in September - it's something we're doing in order to convince the rest of my family (I'm a Democrat, she's a Republican). I'll videotape the debate and post it here as well. :)

Have a great Sunday!


william said...

I applaud you for taking the time to start and maintain this blog. I live in south florida and support Obama. I actually getting ready to visit a new campaign office just being opened in Hialeah. The Cuban vote is critical for Obama to win Florida. There's a buzz that younger Cuban's are tilting Democratic versus their elder relatives who historically have supported Republicans. Can you shed some light on the reasons why? It seams this is the case in your family as well.

I, as well, I'm starting to volunteer for the first time, and want to help capture the hispanic vote in Florida. Any talking points you can offer in support of Obama when I engage Cubans will be helpfull. From some reading I've done, it seems Obama is supportive of engaging Cuban leadership and relaxing some of the travel restrictions. This would seem like the beginning of a new chapter in US/Cuban relations, and I support it especially given the devastation caused by Hur. Ike.

Your comments are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting some of your precious time aside to volunteer for the campaign. God Bless you.

We all know that the reason people like you go to this extent is not for the politics, but a genuine desire to make America better for all of us. I just hope many more Americans realize the choices facing us.

Your idea of taping the debate with your Mom is a great one, and will be checking to see when you will post it, and offer some comments.