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McCain, Obama reject NYC offer on town hall
John McCain and Barack Obama rejected an offer Sunday from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and ABC News to host the first proposed presidential town hall because they do not want it limited to one television network.
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Obama Maps a Nationwide Push in G.O.P. Strongholds
Barack Obama has moved to transform his primary organization into a general election machine, hiring staff members and sending organizers into key states.

A study in contrasts
In their age, experience, race, faith in the power of government and views of a complex world, Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain offer American voters one of the sharpest contrasts in candidates for the presidency in modern times...

Iraq, Not Economy, Frames the Presidential Debate
With the country confronting a rising jobless rate, soaring gas prices and a shaky stock market, voters say their biggest concern is the economy. But it is the debate over Iraq that could define the contest between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.

For Obama, Another Blue-Collar Challenge
Sen. Barack Obama did all he could to win over white working-class voters during the Democratic primaries -- shaking hands at factories, downing beers, bowling a few frames -- but it was largely in vain, as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton trounced Obama with the group in most states.

Obama Takes Family for Bike Ride in Chicago
The Illinois senator and his wife, Michelle, rode to a neighbor’s house with their daughters, Malia and Sasha, on Sunday and the group then headed out for the ride along the scenic lake shore. But the outing was cut short by a downpour.

Millions Racked Up in Campaign Debt
She's just completed a grueling political marathon, spending 17 months scouring the country for donations and votes in an epic presidential campaign. But for Hillary Clinton, now comes the really hard part: retiring a mountain of campaign debt.

A White House Race Beyond Race
“We’ve reached the point here where the message is going to transcend racial divides," Webb told Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer. "There are clear distinctions between Barack and John McCain on issues of intellect...

Clinton's new job: Persuading diehard fans to back Obama
With Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign officially over, she is focusing on making sure her supporters back Sen. Barack Obama's bid.

Clinton adviser reflects on failed campaign
“I think Barack Obama did a pretty good job of learning from whatever mistakes we made,” he told host Wolf Blitzer. “If his campaign wants to study ours and see what we did right and wrong, I'm sure they're going to do that.”

Feinstein: Obama-Clinton meeting was meant to be a secret
Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Sunday gave new details about the private meeting Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton held in her home, saying it was “meant to be a secret,” but “it didn’t quite end up like that.”

Obama 'fist bump' catching on
In a reference to Barack and Michelle Obama's celebratory fist bump on Tuesday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, ended their conversation on CNN's Late Edition with their own version of the “hand shake.”

Dream Ticket Talk
Supporters of Senator Clinton promote her name in the Democratic veep-stakes.
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The unhappy warrior
It’s not clear that John McCain can contain his temper while battling both Barack Obama and the press.

Opening shot in the battle over crime
On a website he calls, Floyd G. Brown, the producer of the Willie Horton ad that helped defeat Michael S. Dukakis in 1988, is preparing an encore.

Clinton supporters angry at Matthews, Olbermann, media
Bettyjean Kling is tough, she's mad and she's about ready to kick some pasty MSNBC butt.
"Chris Matthews, I can't even look at him anymore," Kling spat as she waited for Hillary Clinton to take the stage. "What's the name of that other nut?"

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 46%, McCain 44%
Voter preferences in the presidential election remain closely split between Barack Obama, now favored by 46% of national registered voters, and John McCain, favored by 44%.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows Barack Obama’s bounce growing to an eight-point lead over John McCain. Obama now attracts 48% of the vote while McCain earns 40%.

30% of Voters Could Change Their Mind Between Now and Election Day—56% Are Women
The first full round of tracking poll interviews after Barack Obama clinched the Democratic Presidential Nomination found that 36% of voters nationwide say they are certain to vote for Obama in November and 34% are certain they will vote for McCain.

Election 2008: South Carolina Presidential Election
The first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of that race finds McCain leading Obama 48% to 39%. Six percent (6%) say they’d vote for a third party candidate while 7% remain undecided.

Voters Give Media Failing Grades in Objectivity for Election 2008
Just 17% of voters nationwide believe that most reporters try to offer unbiased coverage of election campaigns. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that four times as many—68%--believe most reporters try to help the candidate that they want to win.

Analysis: Clinton finally reaches out to women
This one's for the girls. That was Hillary Rodham Clinton's message Saturday as she ended her presidential bid — a final, full-throated acknowledgment of what her pioneering quest had meant to women.

Now what? Clinton’s exit puts press in a bind
Now that Hillary Clinton has ended her bid for the presidency, political journalists are suddenly deprived of one of their favorite stories: When is she going to drop out?

Hoppin' the Hillary Bandwagon
All this fawning, hypocrisy and phoniness over Hillary is making me want to puke. What is it about Democrats and bandwagons? This one is so full it's about to tip.

"Shoot Spiro First"
It's clear to me that the parties go about selecting a vice president very differently. Democrats go for quality while Republicans often choose less competent, or even despised figures.

Angry White Women
The key to reaching women voters who might go for McCain is two-fold. Obama needs to communicate with them about who he is and address their real economic anxieties.

"Uncle Barack's Cabin": Why We Must Repudiate the Ugly Racial Undercurrents of the Campaign
This offensive German headline is a warning to us here in the US. The bigots will exploit every slimy racist undercurrent in a desperate effort to keep Obama out of the White House.

And Now, Her Greatness
There is something about politicians -- particularly Democrats -- that makes them rise to their best when they're making concession speeches.

Obama-[blank]-Gore: the Third Person on the Ticket
By teaming up together before November, Obama and Gore could finally resolve the dilemma of how to win in the American electoral arena while speaking out on global warming.

The Problem Wasn’t the Message — It Was the Money
Perhaps the most frustrating part of losing a close race is thinking about what else you could have done to win. You replay the campaign over and over again in your head. As an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, I sure do.

It takes a certain amount of--well, the proper word escapes me, but it exists in a realm somewhere beyond chutzpah...for Mark Penn to write that the real problem with the Clinton campaign was that it didn't raise enough money.

I'm Not a Cry-Baby, I'm Not
My sense of loss over Hillary has as much to do with my age as with her sex. If she symbolized anything, it was that the aspirations of a generation still had meaning.

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