Saturday, June 7, 2008

6/7 Saturday News: Clinton Endorses Obama

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Clinton suspends historic campaign, endorses Obama
The former first lady, who as recently as Tuesday declared herself the strongest candidate, gave Obama an unqualified endorsement and pivoted from her role as determined foe to absolute ally.
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Obama Reacts to Clinton Speech
"Obviously, I am thrilled and honored to have Sen. Clinton's support. But more than that, I honor her today for the valiant and historic campaign she has run. She shattered barriers on behalf of my daughters and women everywhere...
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Obama Honored to Have Clinton’s Support
CNN Ticker: Obama reacts to Clinton speech goes Obama-centric
In concert with her speech Saturday, the banner image across Hillary Clinton’s Web site flipped to “Support Sen. Obama today.”

Clinton Backer: Healing Will Be A Process
If people were being reasonable, it would make sense to give Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama time to sit down and contemplate what they could do collectively for the party. They've not had that opportunity, but now they do.

Clinton Bloc Becomes the Prize for Election Day
Now that a would-be first female president is ending her quest for the White House, the race is more about women than ever before.

The Long Road to a Clinton Exit
By the time the campaign tracked down the small-city Indiana mayor, Bill Clinton was in a lather. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton had lost the North Carolina primary that evening and was eager to offset it with a win in Indiana. But a vote-counting delay in one county threatened to rob her of a prime-time victory speech.

Fact Check: Obama and the status of Jerusalem
That angered Palestinians, who claim part of the city, and Obama clarified his remarks to say that the fate of Jerusalem should be a matter for negotiation. That angered some Israelis and their U.S. supporters. By week's end no one was happy.

Veep hunt tops summer to-do list for Obama, McCain
Are they out to offset their own perceived weaknesses, or reinforce an area of strength? Are they looking for someone from a particular region or demographic niche? How much should personal chemistry count in the equation? It's all about achieving balance.

McCain deploying staff, expanding advertising
With his Democratic foe now certain, Republican John McCain is deploying dozens of staffers into battleground states, boasting of improved fundraising and expanding his advertising into some of the most competitive terrain of the general election.

McCain Calls Bush Wiretapping 'Ambiguous'
The question of whether or not President Bush overstepped his constitutional power by authorizing warrantless checks of Americans' international communications after 9/11 is "ambiguous," McCain said yesterday.

McCain to Open Up Fundraisers to the Press
NBC News has learned that McCain advisors expect to have a new policy on fundraiser coverage as early as next week. The campaign expects to include a print pool with no still or video coverage inside fundraisers where McCain appears and makes remarks.
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How to Beat a Rock Star: ‘Substance.’
There is, McCain says, 'a right change and a wrong change.' His general-election case, in his own words.

The 'Obama before Obama'
Pioneering native son of Louisa, Va., blazed trails under history's radar.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama, McCain Contest Remains Tight
Gallup Poll Daily tracking finds 46% of registered voters saying they would vote for Democrat Barack Obama for president if the election were held today, while 45% would choose Republican John McCain.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Barack Obama attracting 46% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%.

English-First Still Favored by Most Americans
Americans believe by large majorities that it is more important for newcomers to learn English than it is for their fellow citizens to become bilingual.

Only 18% Say McCain Should Pick Lieberman for VP
Just 18% of voters believe that John McCain should reach across party lines and select Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman as his Vice-Presidential running mate.

His Jewish ‘Problem’: A Myth?
But Clinton's reassuring words didn't soothe the wounded feelings of some prominent Jewish Obama supporters, who charge that Clinton campaign operatives manufactured fear about Obama's ethnic background and doubt about his loyalty to Israel...

Crawling Through the Wreckage
A postmortem on Hillary Clinton, also-ran.

Out and Down
If history is any guide, Hillary Clinton's next battle will be with the painful reality of loss.

Fixing the Vote
Yes, voting is a responsibility. But the government should not put up obstacles to registration, either through bureaucratic mistakes or misguided laws. We don't privatize most other key roles in our functioning democracy.

Paint It Blue? Obama’s Trying.
He could've picked Ohio. Or Florida. ... But for his first official stop on the trail to November, ... Barack Obama visited a place last week that hasn't voted for a dreaded Democrat since the slightly more Southern Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas triumphed there in 1964.

The Art of Concession
So what should we expect from Hillary Clinton today? A few things to keep in mind about concession speeches. They are the easiest "home run" speeches to deliver in American politics.

Waiting for Clinton
As Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton departs from the Democratic presidential race and endorses Senator Barack Obama, there is a nostalgic sadness in the air among her supporters assembled at the National Building Museum.

For Clintons, an old dream finally fades
For nearly 40 years, the presidency has been an organizing principle for their lives. Hillary’s defeat isn’t just a turn in her career but a turn for their lives together.

General Election Campaign Begins With New Playing Field
On the presidency, it's a different story. The most recent polls collected by show Obama leading McCain by an average of 47 percent to 45 percent.

A McCain Mistake
Sen. John McCain had just begun his speech from Kenner, La., on the year's last primary election night when distraught Republicans began e-mailing each other this message: Is it possible at this late hour for our presidential candidate to learn to read a teleprompter?

Hilary Rosen: Gratitude for Hillary
Hillary Clinton gave the speech of her life today and as she stated her intentions and desires for the general election, she cemented her place in history. As importantly, she also shone a path for herself as a national leader for years to come.

The Second Vote
It is hard for Americans to appreciate the sheer, bruising weariness of being a pro-American abroad this past decade, for reasons that need no enumerating. As a result it is impossible to exaggerate the impact that an Obama presidency would have.

Transcript of Hillary's Speech (and a personal thanks)
I've always felt honored to represent Hillary online and I'm proud to have worked with an exceptional Internet team at her campaign. I'm also thrilled to see the creative and innovative use of the Internet by Senator Obama.

Hillary Loses Again
As Hillary Clinton spoke, my 16-year-old son came into the living room, saw what I was watching and asked if Clinton had officially announced her withdrawal. I nodded, unable to speak, and he noticed for the first time that there were tears on my cheeks.

Let's Give Hillary Her Props
Those of us who have not supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race must now give Hillary her props both for an eloquent and gracious concession speech, and for advancing the cause of women's rights in her campaign.

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