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6/6 Morning News: The Secret Meeting Took Place

News Items
Clinton, Obama meet privately in Washington
Barack Obama met privately with Hillary Rodham Clinton, a likely vice presidential candidate, as the Democratic nominee-in-waiting sought to unite his fractured party against Republican John McCain in November.
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McCain moving closer to Bush on wiretapping
NYT: Adviser says Republican believes president's surveillance program was lawful, moving him into closer alignment with Bush administration's sweeping theories of executive power.

Obama's AIPAC Speech Riles Palestinians
"We were looking at him differently, from Bush and the others," Syrieh, the grocer said. "We thought he would bring real peace to the Middle East. I have to be honest with you, I am shocked now."

From Across Region, 10,000 Rally for Obama
Sen. Barack Obama launched his general election campaign for president in Virginia yesterday, rolling up his sleeves and rallying families, college students and people playing hooky from work to help him "win this election and change the course of history."
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Edwards rules out VP slot on Obama ticket
Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards has ruled out being Barack Obama's running mate on the Democratic presidential ticket, according to interviews carried by two leading Spanish newspapers on Friday.
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Obama reaching out to the white working class
As he begins the general election contest for the White House, Democrat Barack Obama is targeting the voters he had the hardest time winning in the primaries: those who are white and working class.

Obama Mum on Veep Hunt
The Democratic frontrunner told reporters today that there will be no leaks in his campaign when it comes to early word on his running mate search. “Next time you hear from me about the vice presidential selection process will be when I have selected a vice president.

Obama Moves to Next Phase as Clinton Douses Talk of Ticket
Senator Barack Obama moved forcefully into the general election on Thursday, placing his stamp on the Democratic Party apparatus and holding a private nighttime meeting with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in an effort to unify Democrats.

Obama Clarifies Remarks on Jerusalem
Facing criticism from Palestinians, Sen. Barack Obama acknowledged today that the status of Jerusalem will need to be negotiated in future peace talks, amending a statement earlier in the week that Jerusalem "must remain undivided."

Clinton camp accused of divisive tactics
Rep. Rob Andrews, who supported Clinton, said ... that he received a call from a top member of Clinton's organization shortly before the April 22 Pennsylvania primary who explicitly discussed a strategy of winning Jewish voters by exploiting tensions between Jews and blacks.
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Schumer Says Clinton Would Accept VP Offer
He told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Clinton has said “if Senator Obama should want her to be vice president and thinks it would be best for the ticket, she will serve.”
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Clinton Expected to Seek Help From Obama in Retiring $30M Debt
In politics, money talks. And money is likely to be an important factor in discussions between Barack Obama’s advisers and the debt-saddled Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign.

Clinton dials back vice presidency talk
Hillary Rodham Clinton backed away Thursday from efforts to push her into the No. 2 slot on the Democratic ticket with Barack Obama, as the two met privately to discuss ways to unify the party for the fall campaign.

McCain bumbles the delivery
Campaign strategists and GOP operatives agree that when it comes to the oratory, John McCain is no Barack Obama.

McCain drops first ad of general election
The McCain camp will release its first ad of the general election, a spot called "Safe."
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McCain Ad Highlights His Military Past

McCain defends position on Florida measures
Republican John McCain was confronted Thursday about why he opposed an Everglades restoration measure that had broad support from Florida officials, including Republican Gov. Charlie Crist and GOP Sen. Mel Martinez.

The McCain-Bush Two-Step: A Timeline
When it comes to George W. Bush (he of the historically unprecedented 70 percent disapproval rating) presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain is somewhat--how should we say this?--conflicted. Take this week, for example:...

McCain Sets Sights on the Democrats Who Voted for Clinton
Republican Sen. John McCain envisions a November victory built in part around attracting a large number of the millions of voters who turned away from Sen. Barack Obama's promise of change during the historic Democratic primary campaign.

McCain says he won't run from Bush in campaign
Republican John McCain said he won't try to "separate" himself from a weakened President Bush or his unpopular handling of the war in Iraq to try to win the general election against Barack Obama, who has made opposition to the war a focus of the Democratic campaign.

Obama's ex-pastor dominated primary coverage
In effectively clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama survived late firestorms of news coverage about his relationship with his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, which was by far the dominant media story...

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows what may be the beginning of a bounce for Barack Obama. Obama now attracts 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 40%.

Among Blacks, Hillary Clinton's Image Sinks Over Last Year
In an election year in which race is front and center, American blacks have grown more negative toward Hillary Clinton, with her favorable image sinking from 84% to 58% over the last year...

41% Say Obama Too Inexperienced, 30% Say McCain Too Old
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey found that 6% of voters believe both statements are true while 24% say neither is accurate.

Election 2008: West Virginia Presidential Election
John McCain begins the general election season with an eight-point advantage over Barack Obama in West Virginia.

Starting Gate: A Final Look Back
Taking a moment off from the “Clinton watch” which has gripped the political world for the past 72 hours (and will mercifully come to an end tomorrow, maybe), let’s take a trip down memory lane, courtesy of Jennifer De Pinto from the CBS News election and survey unit.

Newsweek: The Meaning of a Milestone
It all began with a speech at the Democratic National Convention during which a political newcomer named Barack Obama introduced himself as "a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him."

The Note: Diplomacy and Disunity
Now that the cloak-and-dagger stuff has played out (how did she sneak out of her house for that secret meeting, anyway?), it's your party, Sen. Barack Obama. Will it include:...

Advice for McCain: Rethink strategy
In an Ideas piece, Feehery suggests McCain ditch the long speeches, be funny, and lose the tie.

Clinton might find inspiration in Senate portraits
Just outside the Senate chamber on the second floor of the Capitol is a gilded parlor where Hillary Rodham Clinton often paused to talk with constituents or reporters during her pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination. That dream dashed, she'll be back.

Inbox: To the Victors Go the Spoils of War...
Although I suppose if we're talking about a little well-earned R&R, the spoils of war, at least in presidential primaries, also go to the loser.

New question: What does Hillary Clinton want now?
Her next chapter could include a role as Obama's running mate. More likely, it will mean a return to the Senate, where she may well begin preparing for another run for president.

For Obama, a Ticket Test
Which brings us to the dotty idea that Barack Obama should choose to have Hillary Clinton down the hall in the West Wing, nursing her disappointments, her grievances and her future presidential ambitions while her excitable husband wanders in the wings...

The Early Word: Team of Rivals?
As Hillary Clinton prepares to officially bow out of the Democratic race on Saturday, there is no shortage of speculation about how she and Barack Obama will move forward into the general election.

The Democratic Gamble
It’s difficult to overstate Barack Obama’s achievement in wresting the Democratic presidential nomination from Hillary Rodham Clinton—or the magnitude of the gamble he represents for his party.

I’m Not Totally Sure We Can
This is not the end, nor even the beginning of the end, but it is, finally, the end of the beginning. And what a relief. Even though Hillary Clinton refused to let everyone exhale until she said we could, Obama won. Period. So why am I not utterly elated?

Why Didn't More Women Vote for Hillary?
It hasn't quite worked out that way. While Klobuchar's 80-year-old mother is an ardent Clinton supporter and her adolescent daughter is "all about Barack," the Senator voted for Obama. "He has transcended traditional politics," she says.

Race Issue Looms in Election, With Sharp Divide in Some States
As the country prepares for the first general election pitting a black presidential candidate against a white candidate, race continues to be the wild card.

First Thoughts: What's Next for Hillary?
Today, Clinton hosts a party for her campaign staff at her home in DC. And tomorrow is the day she officially bows out of the presidential race and endorses Obama. But then what?

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