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Obama pitches Chicago's Olympic bid
"In 2016, I'll be wrapping up my second term as president," Obama said. "So I can't think of a better way than to be marching into Washington Park ... as president of the United States and announcing to the world, 'Let the games begin!'"

Clinton Under Pressure to Hit Concession Speech Out of the Park
Pressure is building on Hillary Clinton to ace her noon concession speech Saturday, as Democratic leaders expect her to heal the divisive wounds of the primary and at the same time signal to the 18 million voters who backed her that it’s time to close ranks behind former rival Barack Obama.

Details Of Obama, Clinton Meeting Emerge
"There was a desire on both sides, I think, to have private meeting," Feinstein said. The two candidates emerged laughing from their hour-long meeting.
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News Outlets Complain to Obama Campaign About Secret Meeting
Barack Obama’s campaign is taking heat from news media after herding political reporters onto the Illinois senator’s charter plane to take off Thursday night without the candidate — while he met secretly with Hillary Clinton in Washington, D.C.
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New York Congressional Delegation Endorses Obama
Members of New York’s Congressional Delegation and other local politicians stood on the steps of City Hall today to endorse Senator Barack Obama, much like they did yesterday in Washington D.C. They said that they back Senator Clinton’s decision to suspend her campaign...

Obama, McCain Use Iran to Stress Differences in Foreign Policy
John McCain and Barack Obama are using the foreign policy challenge of a rising Iran to play up what each describes as the other’s weaknesses — inexperience or recklessness on Obama’s part and McCain’s embrace of failed tactics.

Black pastors careful in voicing support of Obama
The Rev. Jeffrey Bryan has posted campaign signs for "Obama in '08" and displayed snapshots of the presumed Democratic presidential nominee visiting his Newark, N.J., church. At times he wears a T-shirt emblazoned with Barack Obama's face. That's as far as Bryan will go — there will be no sermons peppered with "Vote Obama!"

House Democrats hoping for Obama factor
With the Democratic presidential nominee locked in, the party now hopes to capitalize on Sen. Barack Obama's popularity in upcoming congressional races.

Obama VP Vetting Team to Hit the Hill
Congressional sources tell NBC News that Obama's vice presidential vetting team of Jim Johnson, Caroline Kennedy, and Eric Holder will be on Capitol Hill Monday and Tuesday interviewing senators and members of Congress about their recommendations.

Has Bob Dylan Endorsed Obama?
Bob Dylan, the maverick architect of modern American protest music, appears to have endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. Or did he?
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Rapper Nas hypes Obama in "Black President"
Now that Obama has secured the Democratic nomination, a new mix tape is making waves on the Internet — “Black President,” from the New York-based rapper Nas and DJ Green Lantern.

Religious Right Figure Gets Chills: Obama Could Win 40 Percent Of Evangelicals
In a new interview with Dan Gilgoff for BeliefNet's God-o-Meter, DeMoss explains the lack of religious enthusiasm for McCain and predicts a potential major shift to Obama.

Clinton preps for formal campaign goodbye
Hillary Clinton will end her bid for the White House and formally endorse Barack Obama this weekend, her campaign said Friday, a day after a private meeting between the rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination.
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Clinton Gears Up For Big Soiree For Staff
Several large trucks carrying everything from tables, chairs, flowers, food, even patio umbrellas have begun showing up at Hillary Clinton's Washington, D.C., home where a big party is scheduled for her staff. Clinton remains inside gearing up for the fete...
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As Clinton's bid ends, sexism debate will not
Was she or wasn't she? Hillary Clinton's candidacy may soon be a thing of the past but debate will rage over whether the first woman to make it so far in the U.S. presidential contest was a victim of sexism by the media or in the eyes of the public.

Clinton Looks To Pay Down Debt
With Hillary Clinton poised to suspend her campaign tomorrow, attention has turned to how she will retire the more than $30 million in debt the campaign has amassed.
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Clinton may have key role before November
Whether Sen. Hillary Clinton can begin to unite Democrats behind their presumed nominee may be crucial to the party's success in the fall.

Obama Camp Hits McCain on the Everglades
This morning and yesterday, the Obama camp held conference calls while McCain was campaigning in the Sunshine State to highlight McCain’s lack of support for two issues that many Floridians dear -- the Everglades restoration and the National Catastrophic Fund.

McCain Explains Everglades Vote, Campaigns With Crist
Walking a narrow line between burnishing his image as a reformer who hates pork barrel spending and supporting Everglades funding, John McCain explained why he voted against a bill that would have given $2 billion to the Florida national park.

Biden Assails McCain On Warrantless Wiretapping
Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Joe Biden, a former presidential candidate seen as a potential running mate for Barack Obama, has issued a statement regarding John McCain's apparent belief that the practice of wiretapping without warrants is legal.
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McCain campaign says lean mode will win
Recognizing that they’ll be outgunned by Democratic nominee, Republicans say the electoral map still looks promising.

A Political Reality Check On The Economy
Polls suggest votes are not moving in response to local economic conditions. Recent polls in Michigan, the No. 1 state in unemployment, show John McCain running even with Barack Obama, even though George W. Bush lost the state by 3 percent in 2004.

Dems to Promote Obama’s Agenda With Bills in Congress
Between now and Election Day, Democrats say they will use Congress to showcase the kinds of change promised by their presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

Obama-DNC deal may have little impact
Obama's move to refuse contributions from lobbyists may impact the spin wars more than the money chase.

Democratic Party returns lobbyist, PAC money
The Democratic National Committee, now operating under Barack Obama's fundraising rules, on Friday returned about $100,000 in money from lobbyists and political action committees.

VoteBoth's petition draws thousands
VoteBoth, the organization that is aggressively seeking to land Hillary Clinton on Barack Obama's presidential ticket, says it has upwards of 25,000 signatures on its petition calling for the New York senator to serve as No. 2.

RNC Cries Hypocrisy on Obama Pledge
But Obama spokesman Bill Burton told First Read that the RNC itself was being hypocritical here -- because the GOP and the McCain campaign accept money from federal lobbyists. "Instead of partisan attacks, we would welcome John McCain to the same strict policy" that Obama has...

Tom DeLay: 'Unless Obama Proves Me Wrong, He's A Marxist'
Former House Republican Leader Tom DeLay (Texas) called Barack Obama a "Marxist" on the Mike Gallagher radio show Thursday.

Obama Campaign Masters Digital Media - McCain Efforts are "Old and Clunky"
I know it's early days for the national race, but - just for fun - let's have a look at how the candidates are handling the transition from Network to Networked campaigning.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 46%, McCain 45%
Barack Obama and John McCain continue to run about even in presidential preferences for the fall election, with Obama favored by 46% of national registered voters and McCain by 45%.

Poll finds electorate split between Obama, McCain
The general election season opens with a neck-and-neck race between Barack Obama and John McCain, with more than one in five voters acknowledging that they might change their minds between now and November.

Blacks, Young Adults Sense Security Risks for Obama
Safety is always a paramount concern for presidents and those who seek the office of president. In the 2008 general-election campaign, 57% of black Americans believe Barack Obama faces even greater security risks than other candidates who have run for president in recent years.

Clinton's Couldas, Shouldas, Wouldas
A close friend of Sen. Hillary Clinton argues that “Coulda, shoulda, woulda” ought to be the title of any book written by one of her campaign staffers. No doubt, it would chronicle what went wrong with the most anticipated presidential candidacy in a generation.

Younger Voters View Race Through New Lens
They have grown up with Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan among their highest-profile and wealthiest role models. And in their everyday lives, they are much more likely than their elders to have friends of another race, studies show.

Obama, Clinton speak secret language
Clinton has sent an unmistakable signal that she was more than just “open to” to a spot on the ticket.

Blitzer: Does McCain have a chance in California this fall?
McCain also has some support in the Latino community given his long-standing backing of comprehensive immigration reform — although since the collapse of the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform legislation, which was backed by President Bush, the Republican candidate has stressed the need for border security first.

Should Obama ask Bill Clinton to campaign for him?
One Democratic operative says Hillary Clinton will be a huge asset for Obama, but that the former president “needs to just stay out of it.” Others say Bill Clinton and Obama will likely appear together in rural areas that had heavily supported Hillary.

Zakaria: Obama would be good for U.S. image abroad
There's no question that Senator Obama winning would have an impact on America's image for the better. It would boost America's image, it would give people a sense of the promise of America, the "only in America" type of story.

Commentary: Best woman for the job could be a man
The next woman candidate will have a better shot at the White House because of the tireless efforts of Hillary Rodham Clinton. But with a Democratic house divided, now is the time for healing, and this can only happen if Hillary's staunch female supporters let go...

Reflection on 5,400 Hours with Hillary
What follows is this embedded reporter's take on the best, and only, political story I've ever followed on such a massive, exhausting, exhilarating, demanding scale...

Obama on Jerusalem: Why the Fuss?
Times are changing. Barack Obama's speech to AIPAC on Wednesday was a hit even though his determination to promote negotiations was unambiguous.

Jerusalem: Can Obama Walk the Walk?
For Obama, who prides himself on being a candidate for change, perhaps for a change he should stop pandering to interest groups and take a hard look at the facts on the ground.

No Sore Winners
Hillary is passionate and a force for good in our time. That is precisely why she will rise from this moment to help forge a unified band of democrats to elect Senator Obama.

Ninety-nine and a Half Won't Do
Obama's nomination is perhaps most starkly contrasted with the unbridled hatred encountered by African American politicians during the post-Civil War Reconstruction period between 1865 and 1877.

Dreams From His Mother
While Obama's mother's personal choices surely cost her children some measure of stability, she also gave them a powerful model for idealism and feminism in action.

To the Hillary Supporters Who Claim They'll Vote for McCain: Get Over Yourselves
Are you really ready to put on your sluttiest dress, head to some Republican dive bar and sleep with John McCain just to make the world pay for dumping your best girlfriend?

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