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DNC bans lobbyist money
Acting swiftly as his party's presumed presidential nominee, Barack Obama is keeping Howard Dean at the helm of the Democratic National Committee, while bringing in one of his top strategists to oversee the party's operations.
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Clinton Backers Begin to Move to Obama
Some of Hillary Rodham Clinton's biggest backers from New York rallied around Barack Obama Thursday as she signaled her candidacy was ending. The likely Democratic nominee said he won't be hurried into a decision on whether to make her his running mate.

Obama Confronts Lieberman On McCain Advocacy, Tone, on Senate Floor
They shook hands. But Obama didn’t let go, leading Lieberman - cordially - by the hand across the room into a corner on the Democratic side, where Democratic sources tell ABC News he delivered some tough words for the junior senator from Connecticut...

Obama Soaks Up New Status In Virginia
Barack Obama reveled Thursday in his newfound status as the likely Democratic nominee and signaled that Republicans face a fierce fight over Virginia this fall, a state long-held by the GOP.
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Clinton disavows push to make her veep
"She is not seeking the vice presidency, and no one speaks for her but her," communications director Howard Wolfson said. "The choice here is Senator Obama's and his alone."
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Ohio Gov. Backs Obama
Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, a longtime, key supporter of Hillary Clinton, today announced that he is endorsing Barack Obama. Strickland is seen as a possible running mate for Obama despite his strong initial support of Obama's rival...
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Obama On Clinton VP Slot
Barack Obama said today the most important decision he has to make is choosing a running mate, and that he will rely on his three person search committee for guidance, rather than surrogates or the press.
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Obama Goes After McCain's Health Care Plan
Barack Obama shifted his focus entirely to John McCain and the general election at a town hall meeting here today, where he jabbed at the Arizona senator’s health care proposals. Obama called McCain’s plan “Bush-lite,” and accused him of covering only the “healthy and the wealthy.”

Obama to Reflect on Win at Home This Weekend
So what’s different since Tuesday on the Obama campaign? “Not much, here I am with you guys,” Barack Obama said with a laugh to reporters on board his campaign plane.

Flood Of Obama Books To Be Released
The Associated Press reports that several books about the presumptive Democratic nominee will be released this summer and fall – everything "from children's stories and photographs to attacks from both the left and the right."

NY Delegation: Obama Has 'Won'
As we mentioned earlier, the New York Congressional delegation, led by Charlie Rangel, "endorse[d] Hillary Clinton for endorsing Obama" this afternoon. Rangel, an ardent Clinton supporter throughout the primary, called Obama an "outstanding candidate."

Obama Delegate Update
While the Democratic nomination is essentially wrapped up -- Clinton is to concede officially on Saturday -- First Read is still counting delegates. After the frenzy of endorsements from Tuesday on, First Read is crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

Obama to “Whoop” his Health Care Plan Through Congress
In a lighter moment during his Virginia town hall focusing on health care, 95-year-old Charles Edwards presented the Democratic frontrunner with a handmade walking stick.
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Obama Says He Would Welcome Bill Clinton on His Team
Barack Obama says he’d be happy to have Bill Clinton campaigning on his behalf now that he’s the presumptive nominee, even though the former president was considered at times to be a liability for his wife’s campaign.

Obama denies video rumor
On his campaign plane, Obama criticizes a reporter for asking about “dirt and lies.”

Obama among targets of robo calls in Illinois
A conservative advocacy group plans an onslaught of automated telephone calls targeting Barack Obama and a handful of other senators demanding they oppose a bipartisan climate change bill.

Clinton Avoids VP Talk, Pushes Donors To Work For Obama During Afternoon Call
On a Thursday afternoon conference call with top donors to her campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton pledged "total support for Barack Obama," according to one participant on the call...

How Clinton’s Final Campaign Moments Unfolded
The decision for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race this weekend surprised many, according to a conversation with a senior Hillary Clinton staffer, as it came only hours after she made a visit to her campaign headquarters.
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No Plans for Clinton-Obama Appearance
Top officials in both the Clinton and Obama campaigns say that -- at this point -- there are no plans of a joint Clinton-Obama appearance soon. Saturday's event will be just Clinton and her supporters.

Clinton Expected to Seek Help From Obama in Retiring $30M Debt
In politics, money talks. And money is likely to be an important factor in discussions between Barack Obama’s advisers and the debt-saddled Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign.

Acquaintances may hurt Obama campaign
Who's Tony Rezko? William Ayers? Few Americans know, but they probably will by Election Day.

McCain Says President Should Talk More About Iraq
While campaigning and raising money in the swing state of Florida today, John McCain told the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors & Press Association that whoever becomes president needs to do a better job of keeping the American public informed about the Iraq war.

McCain Raised $21.5 Million In May
CBS News has learned that John McCain raised $21.5 million in May, his best fund-raising month of the campaign. He will report having $31.5 million cash-on-hand.
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McCain Calls Obama After Clinton News
"He called to congratulate me," Obama told reporters on his campaign plane Thursday. "I called him when he achieved the nomination and so he reciprocated."

McCain Predicts 'Very Close Race' Against Obama, Casts Self as Underdog
McCain told Gibson he sees "energizing independents and Reagan Democrats" as his biggest obstacle in the race, telling ABC News, "We're going to be in kind of a presidential campaign where the independents, Reagan Democrats, would be the reason why I win."

McCain Theme: Reform, Prosperity, Peace
At an event that took place about an hour ago, McCain shrugged off the teleprompter that so often makes his remarks appear stilted. The copy displayed on the prompter slid up and down as its operator apparently tried guess where the senator was going.
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McCain: Minding the Gap
Much has been made of the three-month gap time between the day that McCain officially secured enough delegates to claim presumptive-nominee status (March 4, 2008) and Tuesday, when Obama formally sealed the deal. Here are some numbers about what (he) was up to...

McCain vows to fight racism in general
John McCain declared Thursday that he will do “everything” in his power to ensure race plays no role in a general election that he says should remain focused on policy differences.

McCain Targets Frustrated Clinton Supporters
As Hillary Clinton sets the stage to bow out and endorse Barack Obama for president this weekend, Republicans are targeting the spoils of the bitter Democratic primary campaign.

McCain Confronted on Opposition to Florida Measures
Republican John McCain was confronted Thursday about why he opposed an Everglades restoration measure that had broad support from Florida officials, including Republican Gov. Charlie Crist and GOP Sen. Mel Martinez.

Fact Check: Katrina Kerfuffle
McCain claims he "supported every investigation" into the government's role regarding the hurricane, when in fact he twice voted against an independent commission.

Fact Check: McCain misrepresents Obama's stand on naming Revolutionary Guard as terrorists
McCain claims that Obama's opposition means that he also opposed calling the IRGC terrorists. We find otherwise.

Black presidents nothing new to Hollywood
Voters will determine if America is ready for a black president come November, but Hollywood, often ahead of the national curve, made up its mind about the issue ages ago.

Reid stands by Lieberman despite Obama attack
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday stood by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the Connecticut independent, despite Lieberman's attack on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama a day earlier.

A Brief History of the Fist Bump
When Michelle Obama daintily knocked knuckles with her husband as he took the stage to claim the Democratic presidential nomination, they brought new attention to the high-five's celebratory successor...

Polling Results
The limits of primary election polling
After 1,070 public polls conducted at the state level, our unexpectedly long primary season has finally come to an end. Now, those of us who consume polling data ought to take a few moments to consider the rocky season we have just been through.

Gallup Daily: Obama Gets Slight Bounce With Clinton as VP
A slight majority of Democrats say that Barack Obama should choose Hillary Clinton as his Democratic running mate for the fall election.

Election 2008: Missouri Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Missouri shows that Barack Obama and John McCain are essentially even if the race for the Show-Me State’s Electoral College votes.

Obama Doing Better Among Hispanics Than Kerry In 2004
A Gallup Study released today shows that in a hypothetical general election match up Hispanics break by a greater than two-to-one margin for the Illinois Democrat: 62 percent to McCain's 29 percent.

Mercurio: Whose dream is it, anyway?
A "dream ticket" of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is a mixed blessing for everyone on the ballot this fall.

Do VP Choices Matter?
Kathy Frankovic Breaks Down Polling Evidence From Past Presidential Elections...

Should Obama Pick Clinton As Running Mate?
Now that you've named three people to help you pick a running mate, they surely will list the pros and cons of Hillary Rodham Clinton. And no doubt some kibitzers will do the same without your encouragement.

Labeling McCain as Bush Carries Risks
Weary and wary of being linked so closely with the president, McCain says Obama is spreading a falsehood voters won’t buy when he says McCain as president would deliver a third Bush term.

McCain's Looming Money Crunch
I tease, but Team McCain has every right to be proud of its accomplishment. For most of the cycle, the senator has lagged badly behind his Democratic opponent, Barack Obama, in the dinero department.

Can Obama Turn the Old Dominion Blue?
Sure, Virginia is for lovers. But is it for Obama? If past is prelude, the answer, it would seem, is no. In 2000, George W. Bush beat Al Gore there by seven points, and four years later, the president expanded his margin, trouncing John Kerry by eight...

How is Clinton handling her exit?
Some Obama supporters worry that questions about what Clinton does next will turn into a “second campaign” that won’t end until Obama chooses a running mate, a job that Clinton is apparently interested in even though no one has asked her.

Blitzer: Obama v. McCain a tight race
Democrats keep saying the same thing about their party. You hear it all the time in Washington and around the country. If they can’t win the White House this year, they say, the party should seriously think about giving the whole thing up.

Obama's VP Search Mistake
On his first day as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama made his first clear, serious mistake: He named Eric Holder as one of three people charged with vice-presidential vetting.

Greg Saunders: The Shameful Irony of McCain's New Orleans Speech
McCain is in the midst of trying to give voters the impression that he is an agent of change, but when the American people needed him to show some leadership, he failed.

Obama has Made History but Can He Change it?
I'm not going to say that if he becomes president all of Black America's ills will magically disappear, but I will say that his nomination changes something.

Let's See the VP Sausage Being Made
Instead of having potential VPs enter through the back door of some undisclosed location, how about if we get to see some of the discussions?

An Open Letter to my Grandmother: Or, Why You Really Shouldn't Vote for John McCain
Grandma, please think about who you just said you'd vote for, and whether it conflicts with everything else you've done. McCain, though he opposes Obama, is NOT your friend.

The Obama Pound: In Historic Moment, White People Exposed to "Fist Bump" for First Time
Yeah, there's that whole first black nominee for president thing. But perhaps as exciting, is the fact that the pound is finally being introduced to mainstream culture.

Ickes: Obama and Clinton Can't Win
The RNC is trying to drudge up an intraparty "attack," but it sounds more like warmed-over punditry.

Update on My Campaign For President? I Plan To Concede
It's true, I didn't get many votes, but by the rules of politics I get to make my own decision about when I stop running, and no one else, not even America, is going to make it for me.

McCain's Attempt to Rebrand in the City the Press Corps Forgot
McCain wasn't concerned when Katrina hit or with infrastructure funding in the years before the disaster. Now he comes to the suburbs and raises funds, not for relief, but for his campaign.

No More Drama
The Obama campaign is the first mass multi-racial collaboration in the U.S. since the Southern Civil Rights movement, and a critical mass of progressive Americans are learning political discipline again.

Obama's Dignified Calm
Clinton can't blame the media, sexism, or others for the failure. She started out an easy frontrunner, with the full weight of the party machinery behind her. It was hers to lose, and she lost it.

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