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6/4 Morning News: Obama, the Giant Slayer

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Obama claims nomination
Barack Obama, a political unknown just four years ago, clinched the Democratic nomination Tuesday, winning a grueling contest against Hillary Rodham Clinton to make history as the first black candidate to lead a major-party bid for president.
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The Early Word: Obama’s Record-Breaking Journey
After Barack Obama's defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination, what we know and what we don't.

Obama: I Will Do ‘Everything in My Power’ to Prevent Iranian Nukes
Barack Obama on Wednesday defended his approach to dealing with Iran, telling a U.S. lobbying group for Israel that he would do “everything in my power” to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear capability.
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McCain, Obama plunge into 5-month general election
Change is coming, that much Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama agree on as they plunge into a five-month campaign for the White House. The primaries behind them, the presidential rivals were wasting no time drawing the battle line...

After win, Obama seeks to mend fences
After clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama reached out Wednesday to mend fences with his defeated rival as Republican opponent John McCain tried to frame the fall campaign on his own terms.
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Obama Gains 59.5 Supers on the Day
In what was the greatest single-day superdelegate gain in this campaign for either candidate, Obama -- now the Democratic presumptive nominee -- gained 59.5 superdelegates today.
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Obama, Clinton Touch Base
Obama called to congratulate her on her South Dakota victory, and he reiterated his suggestion that they sit down at some point some when it makes sense for her.

Obama racks up big Montana win over Clinton
Barack Obama won a decisive victory over Hillary Clinton in Montana’s Democratic presidential primary Tuesday in a race that drew rare national interest and captivated Montana Democrats and independents.

Clinton takes South Dakota, Obama wins nation
Hillary Clinton scored an upset victory Tuesday in South Dakota over Barack Obama, winning a majority of the state's Democratic presidential delegates. But the win in South Dakota was overshadowed by Obama's historic assumption of the Democratic nomination for president.

Hill is Still Not Giving Up
A defiant Hillary Clinton heralded her campaign victories and boasted of her millions of supporters last night - conceding nothing to Barack Obama even as her rival crossed the critical delegate-number threshold to secure the Democratic nomination.
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BET founder to push for Clinton as Obama's VP pick
Billionaire businessman Bob Johnson, a close adviser and friend to Sen. Hillary Clinton , launched a campaign Wednesday to persuade Sen. Barack Obama to offer the vice presidential slot on the Democratic ticket to Clinton.

Democratic Leaders Urge Superdelegates To Declare Choice By Friday
Four prominent Democratic leaders have released a statement urging the remaining undeclared superdelegates to back a presidential candidate by the end of the week.
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McCain Calls O' a Wuss
John McCain opened the general election campaign against Barack Obama with a blistering attack last night - calling the newly minted Democratic presidential nominee too weak to be commander-in-chief.
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McCain wants more debates
GOP nominee will use first day of general to propose new debates with Obama.

Bush Congratulates Obama, But Not Over The Phone
Bush did not place a call to either Clinton or Obama, and Perino said she did not think he would. She suggesting such a call would be unusual, adding that she didn't believe then-president Bill Clinton called Mr. Bush when the latter won the GOP nomination in 2000.
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Obama celebrates with Clinton backers
In what may be a sign the Democratic Party is already unifying behind Barack Obama, the Illinois senator celebrated his presidential primary victory Tuesday night with several of Hillary Clinton's supporters.
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Obama's Brains Trust
A new series from the Council on Foreign Relations profiles the main foreign policy advisers for Barack Obama.

McCain's Brains Trust
A new series from the Council on Foreign Relations profiles the main foreign policy advisers for John McCain.

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Primary and Caucus Season is now officially over and a potentially fascinating General Election campaign is finally underway.

CBS Poll: Ready For A Black President?
As Barack Obama claims the mantle of presumptive Democratic nominee, nearly 70 percent of Americans say the country is ready for a black president, a new CBS News poll shows.

Exit polls show challenge for Obama
Obama inherits a fractured coalition after the longest primary race in modern history.

Poll: White, Hispanic Democratic women still favor Clinton
As Sen. Barack Obama ends the primary process and begins his transition from Democratic front-runner to presumptive nominee, a new Gallup poll suggests that his bid to win over the support of his party’s white and Hispanic women voters is far from over.

As Primary Campaign Ends, Clinton's Image Mostly Intact
Hillary Clinton is emerging from the bitterly contested Democratic primary campaign with her public image among Democrats largely intact. More than three-quarters of Democrats (74%) still view her favorably, identical to national Democratic views of Barack Obama.

From Greek mythology, Obama learned a lesson
To understand how Barack Obama won the presidential primary, you have to look at what he learned when he lost.

First Thoughts: The Big Upset
Obama's mere presence in the race represents a change. This may be why McCain spent so much time last night comparing his change to Obama's change. McCain's best shot at this is making the case that Obama's the wrong change.

McCain's Rough Opening Night
John McCain has finally united his party--at least when it comes to how people feel about his ability to deliver a speech. The presumptive Republican nominee is getting some scathing reviews from his fellow GOPers for what they have described as his less than fantastic address...

Analysis: McCain, Obama polar opposites
Heartily sick of the status quo, Americans will choose between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama this fall, two men who campaign as bipartisan reformers yet are polar opposites on virtually everything else...

Thirst for change trumped Clinton's experience
Her refusal to back off that vote tied her to the past and to an unpopular war. It embodied her campaign's fundamental miscalculation: the decision to present her as the standard-bearer for Washington experience, ready for office on Day One.

Her first steps set stage for fall
Penn, the dinner guest said, waved his hand dismissively. "Flash in the pan," Penn said, adding that the Clinton campaign saw former North Carolina senator John Edwards as her biggest challenge.

She’s Still Here!
He thought a little thing like winning would stop her? Oh, Bambi. Whoever said that after denial comes acceptance hadn’t met the Clintons.

Strategy Was Based On Winning Delegates, Not Battlegrounds
Obama sealed one of the biggest upsets in U.S. political history and became the first Democrat since Jimmy Carter to wrest his party's nomination from the candidate of the party establishment. The surprise was how well his strategy held up -- and how little resistance it met.

Five Reasons Obama Won
“Inevitable” was a word commonly associated with Hillary Clinton when she launched her presidential candidacy in January of 2007. That title now belongs to Barack Obama.

The Note: Last Dance
As Camp Clinton Plays For Veep, Obama Must Handle Endgame With Care...

Will Hillary Suffer From Post-Partisan Depression?
Losing ain't easy — especially after almost a year spent tirelessly campaigning to become the first female president in the nation's history.

Analysis: Obama makes history, pivots to general election
Barack Obama made history Tuesday night when he became the first African-American in U.S. history to clinch a major party's presidential nomination. But the Illinois senator faces several challenges as the campaign now turns to the general election...

Reforming the Nominating System: Maybe There is No Better Way
While the nominating system probably should be reformed, doing that will not be simple. Most of the easy solutions to fixing the nominating system are neither easy nor solutions.

Hillary Clinton's Disgraceful Exit*
Obama's historic night will always be partially shadowed by a woman with an ego too large to do what every other candidate in both parties, including Mike Huckabee, understood was appropriate.

What Makes McCain Tick?
Will the real John McCain stand up? Actually, I don't expect him to, now that he is the Republican presidential candidate, he is pandering to the irrationalities that drive his party.

Hillary and Mom
Because of Hillary and because of the struggle of women like my mother, there will one day, sooner rather than later, be a woman president.

He Should Offer Her Nothing
Tonight it looks like she has an army. But how long will it stay together when she has no more primary campaigns to run, no more rousing speeches to make?

The Lost-Cause/Please Get Lost Hall of Fame
With Hillary Clinton still "not making any decisions," she now joins a select group of causes and phenomena that just won't go away, no matter how much you wish they would.

Hillary Fights Until January
Many had assumed that she would bow out after failing to upset Obama at the convention, and as he prepared to take the oath of office, Clinton said that it was too early to decide about ending her campaign.

The Shadow of Obama's Smile
Hillary's unsurprising lack of grace last night reveals more than she may realize, and we can only hope that she can find some humility and plain old patriotism for something larger than herself.

Obama's Iraq Achilles Heel
John McCain needs to go on the offensive against Barack Obama over the Iraq war.

One Great Dame
I want to pay tribute to my old friend and new hero, to a woman who showed both how far women have come and how far we still have to go, and did it with energy, intelligence and integrity. Here's to Hillary, one great dame.

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