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6/30 Morning News: Obama On Patriotism

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Obama giving patriotism speech
The speech in Missouri Monday comes in the run-up to the July 4 holiday and as Obama seeks to reassure voters about his commitment to the country as well as to counter questions about his patriotism. He's recently started wearing a flag pin on his lapel.
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Gen. Clark: McCain lacks command experience
Underscoring during a national television appearance a position he has been expressing for several weeks, Clark said performing heroic military service is not a substitute for gaining command experience.
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Obama camp thinks Dems can rise in South
As they look to the fall election, Democrats face a strategic decision that has bedeviled their party for 40 years: How hard should they fight in the South? And how does having Senator Barack Obama at the top of the ticket affect that calculation?

GOP Sharpens Attacks on Obama
Sen. John McCain's allies have seized on a new and aggressive line of attack against Sen. Barack Obama, casting the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee as an opportunistic and self-obsessed politician who will do and say anything to get elected.

Obama and McCain search for running mates
Never in modern memory have so many eminent people been mentioned for a job that has been compared -- unfavorably -- to a bucket of warm spit.

In Flag City USA, where false Obama rumors fly
Sen. Barack Obama, born in Hawaii, is a Christian family man with a track record of public service. But on the Internet, in his grocery store, at his neighbor's house, at his son's auto shop, Peterman has also absorbed another version of the Democratic candidate's background...

Obama Seeks to Add Black Voters
If Sen. Obama can achieve registration parity, the effect could be significant, since African-Americans traditionally vote Democratic about 90% of the time. Nationally, black turnout at white levels would have meant an additional 1.6 million voters in 2004...

Barack Obama Opposes Prop 8, the anti-marriage amendment
In a letter to the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, Sen. Barack Obama stated his opposition to the California constitutional amendment. As far as I know, this is the first official mention of such a position.

Michelle Obama has busy summer ahead
Michelle Obama described a roundtable here the other day as "our version of The View," then proceeded to play moderator and questioner on a serious, political version of the ABC chatfest.

One Democratic Group’s Members Ready to Support Obama, Despite Former Loyalty to Clintons
By rights, a group that helped elect Bill Clinton president and counts Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as one of its leaders should be hostile territory for Barack Obama. But members of the Democratic Leadership Council seem ready to embrace Obama...

McCain's Delicate Immigration Dance
Tancredo is not the only one unclear about McCain's immigration position after the contentious primary campaign, in which the issue regularly polled as the second most important among likely Republcian voters, next to the Iraq war.

McCain, Obama Seek to Show Commander-in-Chief Potential
As a sliding economy has Americans focused on rising gas prices, a mortgage crisis and plunging stocks, the presidential candidates are focused abroad.

McCain Aims to Score Points Globally (Requires Registration)
John McCain heads south this week -- all the way to South America, where there are no votes to win but perhaps a few points to score.

Romney tops McCain veep list
“Romney as favorite” is the hot buzz in Republican circles, and top party advisers said the case is compelling.

A New Ride for McCain as He Heads to a Crucial Swing State
Making up for a couple of visits he canceled over the past few months, John McCain will head to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, this morning to tour Turbine Airfoil Design. He’ll then travel a couple of hours east to visit Worth & Company, Inc. ... where he’ll take a tour and hold a town hall.

Veterans Long to Reclaim the Name ‘Swift Boat’
When they talk about Swift boats, veterans recall friends killed, not the new synonym for a nasty campaign smear.

Political focus helps make MSNBC more competitive
MSNBC is a player in the cable news competition in a way it hasn't been before. The surge in viewership created by the presidential campaign has benefited MSNBC more than Fox News Channel or CNN, and Griffin is pushing to consolidate those gains.

Richardson to Help Clinton Ease Debt
Clinton ally James Carville may have called him "Judas" when he endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in March, but that isn't stopping Gov. Bill Richardson D-NM., from offering to raise money to help Sen. Clinton retire her significant campaign debt.

Colorado, New Mexico up for grabs
The presidential race in the Rocky Western states is in the hands of independent voters.

Congressional Democrats hire Bush impersonator
House Democrats will use a President Bush impersonator in a new radio advertising campaign that seeks to link 13 incumbent Republicans to rising gas prices as the country heads into the Fourth of July holiday.

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 46% of the vote while John McCain earns 40%. When "leaners" are included, Obama leads 49% to 44%.

NJ Poll: Obama With Big Lead
New Farleigh Dickinson University Public Mind poll (June 17- 23, 702 RV, MoE +/- 4%), has Obama up by a comfortable 16 points in the Garden State...

Democrats Favored to Retain House in November
The Democratic Party is in a good position to retain its majority status in Congress this November. Democrats lead the Republicans by 51% to 40% in the party preferences for Congress among all registered voters, and by 52% to 42% among likely voters.
First Thoughts: Entering the Lull
This week begins what’s essentially a two-month lull in the presidential race. Later this week is the July 4th holiday, next comes the Olympics in early August, and then we have the conventions...

Obama's Iraq problem
All combat troops would be withdrawn in sixteen months. In hindsight, it was a mistake—an understandable one, given the nature of the media and of Presidential politics today—for Obama to offer such a specific timetable.

Traveling Overseas to Win Votes at Home
Colombia hardly constitutes a general election battleground. Neither does France nor Jordan. But Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are heading to those countries and others because votes can be won there.

Hillary Clinton's vice president stock is rising
The third time was the charm. After failing her first chance to throw her support to Barack Obama and holding her nose the second time, Hillary Clinton finally aced the loyalty test.

‘It’s Over, Lady!’
Carmella Lewis, with her Hillary T-shirt and Hillary placard, came all the way from Denver to make sure there would be plenty of ambiguity, duality and ferocity in Unity. Just as Hillary was testing out the unfamiliar familiarity “Barack and me” ... Carmella began loudly booing and waving her sign.

The Obama Agenda
It’s feeling a lot like 1992 right now. It’s also feeling a lot like 1980. But which parallel is closer? Is Barack Obama going to be a Ronald Reagan of the left, a president who fundamentally changes the country’s direction? Or will he be just another Bill Clinton?

Hearts, Not Minds
What if the 2008 presidential election were decided by voters acting not on their political judgments or analyses of the candidates, but on their emotions?

The Note: Patriot Games
What -- 50 states aren't enough for these guys? The latest odd turn in the race that's seen everything has Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain seeing places that presidential candidates just don't visit very often.

Luck - A president's best jobs plan
A year from now, economists say the economy will be stronger and unemployment lower - regardless of whether John McCain or Barack Obama wins.

Starting Gate: McCain’s Struggle To Break Through
But even without Clinton as his sparring partner, Obama has continued to dominate headlines to such a degree that McCain wouldn’t be faulted for wondering if all his speeches weren’t being heard.

Winning to Change or Changing to Win: Obama and the Progressive Dilemma
Those of us who want real change must hold with one hand to the absolute necessity of an Obama victory and with the other to the possibility that pragmatic cynicism may be precisely not the road to achieve victory.

Unintentionally Humorous Right Wing Talking Points For The Summer
The folks behind the Oklahoma City Bombing and the first World Trade Center attack were caught, prosecuted and in the case of Timothy McVeigh, executed. And then there's Osama.

Scalia Saving Obama
Obama's strategists can only thank swing Justice Anthony Kennedy for enabling Justice Antonin Scalia's majority opinion to take the Democratic presidential candidate off the hook.

Primer Impacto: How Spanish-Language Ads Could Decide The Election
In a year of political milestones, prepare to add one more to the heap. Come this fall, Spanish-speaking Americans -- a community not always paid the greatest attention by presidential candidates -- should be just about as sick of political ads as the rest of their compatriots.

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