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6/3 Morning News: AP: Clinton to Concede *Delegate* Race

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Officials: Clinton will Concede Delegate Race to Obama
Hillary Rodham Clinton will concede Tuesday night that Barack Obama has the delegates to secure the Democratic nomination, campaign officials said
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Clinton to concede delegate race, AP reports

Obama Pushes Effort to Claim Victory Tonight
Senator Barack Obama’s campaign began a concerted effort on Monday to rally undecided superdelegates around him so he can claim the Democratic presidential nomination after the primaries end on Tuesday night.
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Obama is Poised to Clinch Victory
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Barack Obama appears headed for Democratic finish line
Obama Expected to Lock Up Nomination Tonight
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The Early Word: One Last Tuesday

Exhaustive Dem Primary Season Draws to Close
History within his reach, Barack Obama was primed to claim the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday or soon after as voters in Montana and South Dakota bring his months-long contest with dogged rival Hillary Rodham Clinton to a close.
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The Note: The End
After six months, can Democratic race be over?

‘Relief’ nears for uncommitted superdelegates
"Honestly, it's going to be over with and it's going to be a huge relief," said Cobb-Hunter. "The candidate is going to be such an obvious choice after the end of the primaries that nobody will care one way or another if I commit or not, and that's just great."
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Holdout Superdelegates

Obama Camp Begins Delicate Task Of Wooing Clinton's Supporters
A behind-the-scenes drama is unfolding. Amid growing speculation that Sen. Clinton may pull out as soon as Tuesday night, top Obama strategists and supporters are wooing several of Sen. Clinton's key big-money donors, political operatives and policy advisers.

Obama, Awaiting a New Title, Carefully Hones His Partisan Image
As Mr. Obama stands poised to claim the crown of presumptive Democratic nominee, he is, gingerly, fitting himself with the cloth of a partisan Democrat despite having long proclaimed himself above such politics. That his shift in tone was inevitable and necessary...

Clinton’s Governors Set to Sell Switch to Obama
Eleven of the nation’s governors will have to perform some political sleight of hand if Barack Obama clinches the Democratic nomination for president. After months of supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton, they will have to convince voters they’re just as happy with her rival.

3 Before Breakfast
Here we go. Today is the last day of the Democratic primaries and Obama has already raked in three superdelegates before breakfast including the powerful Jim Clyburn, Majority Whip and the top African American in the House.
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Clyburn's Endorsement

Clinton Wraps Up Final Campaign Event of Primary Season
Sadly for Clinton and her supporters, given the current delegate lead her opponent has over her, the likelihood of waking up at her house on Whitehaven Street in Washington, D.C. is more likely than waking up at the White House.

Report: Clinton ready to go
McAuliffe says that after Obama gets a majority of delegates, she will call him the nominee, according to AP.

Bill Clinton regrets language used in tirade
"President Clinton was understandably upset about an outrageously unfair article, ... but the language today was inappropriate and he wishes he had not used it."
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As Clinton Campaign Winds Down, a Spouse Remains Wound Up
Bill Clinton Vs. Vanity Fair
Bill Clinton Calls Vanity Fair Writer “Scumbag,” “Sleazy”
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Bill Clinton lashes out at Vanity Fair reporter

As Democrat Race Ends, McCain Readies For General Election
As the Democratic primary season finally winds to a close tonight, John McCain is not willing to cede the spotlight to either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

McCain Sharpens His Foreign Policy Attacks on Obama
The McCain campaign has been trying to take advantage of divisions in the Democratic Party and define Mr. Obama, who is still largely unknown to many voters, before he can lock up the nomination, when most of Mr. McCain’s advisers expect him to get a significant bounce in the polls.

McCain gets a poetry pop quiz
The presumptive GOP nominee was stumped today when he received one of the more unusual questions during a town hall meeting in the Volunteer State. But it turns out that Sen. John McCain had good reason to fail what amounted to a pop quiz as he was asked in part to do...

McCain a One-Term President?
Did the Republican senator consider running on a promise of just four years?

White Women Take the Gloves Off
The woman who shouted "McCain in '08" at the Democratic rules committee was speaking for a multitude. After mounting for months, female anger over the choreographed dumping on Hillary Clinton and her supporters has exploded -- and party loyalty be damned.

Gamblers Bet on Clinton and Romney for V.P.
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mitt Romney are the favorites to be their parties’ vice-presidential nominees, according to a popular online betting site.

Five things to watch in South Dakota
There are no competitive presidential primary elections to use as a measure here. This contest stands out for what’s missing: A foregone conclusion.

...and five things to watch in Montana
Riding a double-digit polling lead over Clinton, Montana offers Barack Obama his best chance to head into the general election with a head of steam.

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that John McCain and Barack Obama are tied at 46%. This is the second straight day that they have been tied...

Election 2008: Louisiana President
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Louisiana shows John McCain with a nine-percentage-point lead over Barack Obama, 50% to 41%. McCain is viewed favorably by 55% of the state’s voters, Obama by 45%.
Iraq Troop Withdrawal
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 59% of Americans want the troops brought home from Iraq within a year.

Hillary, You Didn’t Win. Now Don’t Whine
The key to the winner winning is how the loser loses. Those cautionary words were spoken some weeks ago by Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who is close to both the Clintons and Barack Obama and whose hardball style of politics helped win back the House for the Democrats.

First Thoughts: Obama's Delegate Drama
So “No Drama Obama” is violating his unofficial mantra today by, well, trying to create some drama: Will he cross the 2,118 line tonight or not?

Trouble signs as Obama closes in
Fifty-six contests. Hundreds of millions of dollars raised and spent. More than 35 million votes cast. And, finally, five months later, one apparent winner. Barely.

Can New Voters Deliver November Victory for Obama?
Ever since reformers seized control of the Democratic Party in the 1970s, most of their presidential candidates - that is, the losing ones - have based their game plan not on winning more of the existing electorate but on increasing the pool with new voters who lean their way.

Obama's adversity creates opportunity
Certainly, Obama has faced the tougher primary battle. But in adversity has come opportunity. The presumptive Democratic nominee has been able to confront difficult questions about his candidacy that would normally arise during the general election.

Make no mistake - gaffes have been around for generations
The parade of candidates' mistakes has been fast and furious throughout this campaign season, creating the impression that our future leaders are the most gaffe-prone in history.

Starting Gate: Poetry In Motion
Will she or won’t she drop out of the race? That is the question that has had the political world buzzing over the past 24 hours or so and one that is unlikely to fade if Hillary Clinton doesn’t answer it unambiguously after the results of South Dakota and Montana are in tonight.

Calling Dr. Doom
So my role today is Dr. Doom — to break through unmerited confidence and raise the anxiety level in both camps.

TRB: The Illusionist
Actually, McCain is following the pattern of not just Bush but every Republican president since Ronald Reagan. Phase One is to enact tax cuts and promise that they'll cause revenues to rise...

Obama's Debt To Harold Ickes
Barack Obama stands on the brink of capturing the presidential nomination in large part because of Democratic Party reforms initiated by the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s -- movements in which Hillary Clinton's top strategist, Harold Ickes, was a key player.

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