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6/27 Morning News: Unity Day

News Items
Former rivals take first public step toward unity
Hillary Rodham Clinton has already loaned Barack Obama her top fundraisers. Now the former rivals are going to see if she can do the same with voters.
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Obamas cut check to help Clinton pay off debt
Barack Obama announced Thursday that he will help pay off Hillary Rodham Clinton's more than $20 million debt, personally writing a check in a gesture meant to win over her top financial backers.
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After The Press Leaves, Some Edgy Questions
But a few minutes later, a few, less happy donors asked pointed questions. According to someone in the room, one Clinton donor asked Obama directly whether he was going to add her to the ticket as his vice presidential nominee. Even Sen. Clinton looked uncomfortable, gesturing to Obama to move on, which he did.

For Obama, a pragmatist's shift toward center
Barack Obama has taken a stroll this week away from traditional liberal political positions, his path toward the political center marked by artful leaps and turns.
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CNNMoney: What Obama means by tax the wealthy
To start, Obama frequently cites $250,000 as the line between those who would be subject to higher taxes and those who wouldn't. Indeed, under Obama's tax plan, married couples with at least $250,000 in gross income are likely to see their taxes go up if Obama is elected president.

Obama aims to calm fears over free trade
Many observers have expressed concern about Mr Obama’s fealty to existing trade deals, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, which he has promised to renegotiate to improve its labour and environmental protections.

Obama Health Plan Could Go In Clinton's Direction
But as the one-time rivals head to Unity, N.H., on Friday, a health adviser to the presumptive Democratic nominee is signaling that Obama's plan could eventually go in Clinton's direction.

New Ad Hits Obama on Abortion
The Family Research Council will run a new television spot in several cities beginning today.

Michelle Obama Links Gay Rights to Civil Rights
Barack Obama will fight for equal rights for gays just as he fought to help working-class families overcome poverty, the Democratic presidential hopeful’s wife told a gay Democratic group Thursday.

McCain seeks to reassure conservatives in Ohio
Participants in the private meeting say he promised to consider an anti-abortion running mate and to talk more openly about his opposition to gay marriage.

McCain’s Battery Award Offer Could Pay for Existing Technology
John McCain‘s proposal to award $300 million to the inventor of a better battery to power electric or hybrid cars may send wishful tinkerers to their garage, but that research already is well under way and about to be put to the test in an electric vehicle being built in Norway.

DNC delegate who'd vote for McCain in fight
A Democratic National Convention delegate pledged to Hillary Rodham Clinton says she hopes to fight off an attempt by Wisconsin Democrats to take away her credentials because of her past statement that she would vote for John McCain if Clinton wasn't the nominee.

McCain highlights devotion to country in new ad
John McCain’s presidential campaign released its latest ad Friday coinciding with the week long push to highlight the Arizona senator’s dedication to the United States.

McCain not ready to talk veep
Republican presidential hopeful John McCain refused to mention any names as possible running mates today during a campaign stop in Cincinnati, and he said he doesn't expect a decision until August.

McCain Gambles with Awkward Joke
Maybe it's the governor's approval rating and you are running from him like you are from the president? Asked Ralston in a question McCain clearly found loaded. Said McCain, chuckling, "And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago."

Prominent Dems to lead McCain group
Two well-known New Hampshire Democrats have endorsed the Republican Party's presumptive presidential nominee. Jim McConaha and Valery Mitchell ... will serve as co-chairs of "New Hampshire Democrats for McCain."

Recent rulings spotlight election's supreme stakes
And with the court sharply split between two four-member blocs on the right and the left - with Justice Anthony Kennedy often the deciding vote - a single vacancy could determine the direction of a legal institution that decides cases with wide-ranging, long-term impacts on the country.

Portman sidesteps VP questions
Former Ohio congressman Rob Portman said Thursday he wasn’t interested in being John McCain’s running mate, even if the Arizona senator called him to ask.

Historic Decision Renews Old Debate
With yesterday's decision, the Supreme Court pushed the gun issue back to the forefront of the nation's agenda, opening a new chapter in what has been one of the most contentious and divisive debates in American politics for the past four decades.

Lieberman on His Private Chat with Obama, Rev. Wright
"I’m going to make a provocative statement: in many ways I think John McCain on Foreign Policy is closer to where Al Gore and I were in 2000, then Barack Obama is."

Charlie Crist's McCain Problem
Is Florida's governor backing off his pro-environment positions because he wants to be vice president?

Caroline Kennedy's new profile: Politics
With Barack Obama's bid for the White House, the torch has been passed to a new generation in more ways than one: For the first time, the best-known Kennedy on the presidential campaign trail is named Caroline.

Polling / Electoral College Updates
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama attracting 47% of the vote while John McCain earns 40%. When "leaners" are included, Obama leads 49% to 45%.

Obama Beats McCain on Most Character Ratings
The same poll finds Obama swamping McCain in Americans' perceptions of who has the better grasp of the problems Americans face, while McCain leads Obama by a slight margin as a "strong and decisive leader."

Americans Prioritize the Economy Over Terrorism
Confidence in a presidential candidate's ability to handle terrorism may not be enough to satisfy American voters in 2008. A majority of Americans say they prefer a candidate whose greatest strength is fixing the economy (56%)...

Obama Leads McCain In Key Battleground States (WSJ write up of yesterday's Quinnipiac results)
Four states that are expected to be pivotal in deciding November's presidential election are trending comfortably toward Barack Obama, with independents giving him wide support over John McCain...

CNN's Electoral Map: Two states shift to Obama
"Toss-up" states Minnesota and Wisconsin were re-designated to "Lean-Obama" Friday, giving the presumptive Democratic nominee another 20 electoral votes in CNN's current estimate. The Illinois senator now has 231 electoral votes — 39 shy of winning the presidency.

Obama Lead Tight Over McCain
A new TIME poll shows Sen. Barack Obama holding a slender lead over Sen. John McCain ...

Voters Agree With Court Gun Ruling and Think McCain Does Too
On the evening the Supreme Court announced its landmark decision on the Second Amendment and gun control issues, 68% of voters said they followed news coverage of the story Somewhat or Very Closely.

Obama Smart as a Pistol with New Tough-Guy Act
And if you're wondering who's in charge, don't. Within days of winning the nomination, Obama moved party headquarters to his home town of Chicago and started pushing party heads around, telling them they can't raise money from PACs and Washington lobbyists.

Let McCain Be McCain
You know Mr. McCain's problems. He's old, he's angered everyone along the way, he never seems to mean it. His stands seem like positions. He bebops from issue to issue and never seems fully engaged in the real meat of policy, the content of it.

A new world for America’s next president
Whoever moves into the Oval Office in January 2009 will have to deal with a significantly different global economy from the one George W. Bush inherited just eight years earlier – and will need to forge a very different set of policies...

Clinton legacy presents quandary for Obama
But now that Clinton has conceded defeat and endorsed Obama, he’s the one choosing the time and place. And the central choice he faces is whether he can — and wants to — win with the Clinton legacy.

The Note: Sweet Migration
It's not about guns -- it's about ammunition. Thursday's landmark Supreme Court decision ... does place Sen. Barack Obama's careful, cautious, sometimes contradictory (and dare we say Clintonian?) approach to tricky policy positions squarely in the center of the race.

First Thoughts: Get Your Gun
Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment elevated an issue -- guns -- that hadn’t received that much attention until now.

Supreme Court gun ruling could backfire
John McCain used the high court's decision to blast away at Barack Obama -- but it could make Obama's campaign more bulletproof.

Inventing a Country-Club Muslim Marxist
The only notable difference this year is that neither the money nor the message has crystallized yet behind any "independent" effort to destroy the candidacy of Barack Obama.

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