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6/26 Morning: Onward to Unity

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Unity is no easy destination for Democrats
At Mrs. Clinton’s request, the lawyer, Robert B. Barnett, who has brokered multimillion-dollar book deals for clients including Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton and Bill Clinton, is working to hash out questions large and small as the two camps work toward a political merger.
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McCain, Obama disagree with child rape ruling
McCain called the ruling an "assault" on legal system. Obama said it is wrong to flatly prohibit the death penalty in such cases if states want to apply it.
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Barack Obama plans fight for Bush states as Hillary Clinton pushes unity
Barack Obama's campaign chief said Wednesday the campaign isn't putting its chips on a handful of battleground states this fall, and will press its offensive wherever there is an opportunity to turn a red state blue.

Obama, McCain make strong bid for Latino votes
There are dramatic signs that the fabled "sleeping giant" of the American electorate, the Latino vote, has awoken for the 2008 presidential race - putting Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama in heated competition for what could be a game-changing prize.

Obama Hopes Bill Clinton Will Help Him Campaign, Govern; Denies Public Financing Flip-Flop
Obama also objected to the characterization that his decision to opt out of the public financing system he once promised to work to preserve was a flip-flop — denying that he’d ever committed to staying within the system in the first place.

On Obama's coattails, an uninvited rider
This week, a Republican senator, Gordon Smith of Oregon, offered a much different assessment of Obama's coattail effect: He included words of praise from Obama as part of an ad promoting his own reelection.
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Obama says he wants a VP who offers sound counsel
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Wednesday his top choice for running mate would be someone who would offer sound advice and "tell me where he or she thinks I'm wrong."

McCain and Obama on Patriotism
How the candidates define their love of country may help determine the election's outcome. TIME asked each for his view of the meaning of patriotism. Here's how they responded.
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McCain pushes energy plan on delicate ground
Republican John McCain on Wednesday held off opponents of a Nevada nuclear waste repository as he outlined ways to resolve the U.S. energy crisis.

In Call To End Partisanship, McCain Camp Jabs Bush, Obama
The McCain memo closes with these words: “We don't need to trade Republican partisanship for Democratic partisanship. We need to put our country first and put our politics second. That is what John McCain has done his whole life, and that is what he will do as President.”

Echoes of Bush’s ’04 Campaign in Sales Pitch for McCain
President Bush, offering a glimpse of the White House strategy for selling Senator John McCain to voters this fall, told a Republican crowd here on Wednesday that Mr. McCain ... is the only candidate “who knows what it takes to defeat our enemies.”
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John McCain doesn't work weekends
Yet for insiders who follow the campaign closely, his streak has become increasingly tough to overlook. As with so many issues surrounding his bid, McCain’s schedule is a sensitive topic because it is unavoidably suffused with the looming question of his age.

Top McCain Adviser Has Found Success Mixing Money, Politics
But in the eight years since Davis first managed a McCain campaign, his relationship with the senator has been a lucrative commodity. He and his lobbying firm, Davis Manafort, have earned handsome fees representing clients who need McCain's help in the Senate.

McCain's man in Ohio
Portman, 52, who went on to become the U.S. trade representative and to head the White House Office of Management and Budget after helping Bush win a second term, may have a leg up on all of the others jockeying behind the scenes to become John McCain's running mate.

Rove-Reversal: Jewish Dems Attack McCain's "Strength" On Iran
Several of Congress' most prominent Jewish members are set to go after John McCain on an issue of perceived strength: his proclaimed "toughness" in dealing with Iran.

Priest who mocked Clinton stands by message
The Roman Catholic priest who mocked Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton at Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama's former church says he regrets that his passionate delivery may have detracted from his message. But he stands by the message.
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Sharpton Calls Nader’s Comments “Most Troubling”
Rev. Al Sharpton sent an open letter to consumer activist and independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader today following comments he made about Sen. Barack Obama, in which Nader claimed Obama "talks white" and ignores issues of poverty.

Pelosi Calls Clinton America’s “Most Respected” as Hillary Hits the House
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Clinton “the most respected political figure in America” after her White House run, saying “because of her campaign, the Democratic party is much more energized...

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Barack Obama attracting 46% of the vote while John McCain earns 41%. When "leaners" are included, Obama leads 49% to 45%.

Quinnipiac: Obama Leads In 4 Swing States
Quinnipiac/WSJ/ polled voters from June 17-24 in four swing states -- Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin -- and found Obama leading McCain in all four.

Election 2008: Tennessee Presidential Election
John McCain leads Barack Obama 51% to 36% in Tennessee, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state. Though McCain has a strong advantage, his lead has been cut nearly in half since April.

Obama Holds Slim Advantage Over McCain Among Catholics
Among major U.S. religious groups, Catholic voters are most closely divided in their presidential voting preferences, with Barack Obama holding a narrow 47% to 43% advantage over John McCain.

A winning strategy for McCain
Polls show growing support for Barack Obama, for Democrats generally, and for change. And since Obama broke his public financing pledge he'll have much more money than McCain for advertising. How can McCain change the dynamic of this race?

The Obamacons Who Worry McCain
Nevertheless, Obamacons -- little and big -- are reason for concern by McCain. They also should cause soul-searching at the Bush White House about who made the Republican Party so difficult a place for Republicans to stay.

Why TV Ads Are a Waste of Money
If he spends that cash on organization, registration, and get-out-the-vote efforts, he will absolutely get his money's worth. But if he spends a major portion of it on television advertising, he will only be doing John McCain a favor.

More Phony Myths
Rove is trying to spin his myths, as he used to do with such devastating effect, but it won’t work this time. The absurd spectacle of rich white conservatives trying to paint Obama as a watercress sandwich with the crust cut off seems ugly and fake.

The Note: Return of the Empire
Clinton Gets Another Turn In The Spotlight -- And This Time Obama Wants Her There

Will Evangelicals Turn Out For McCain?
If Christian conservatives stay on the sidelines during the fall campaign, presidential hopeful John McCain probably stays in the Senate.

Starting Gate: Race, To The Finish
But race, for better or worse, remains a major component of the battle for the presidency – in ways that go far beyond questions of whether Americans will vote for a black candidate.

From Campaign 2.0 to Governing 2.0
Is it possible to translate the online expertise developed during campaigns into running the federal bureaucracy?

Blitzer: Can a third party candidate break through?
There are two intriguing third party candidates running for president his year: Ralph Nader and Bob Barr. Both are well known here in Washington. But will they have an impact around the country if the election between Barack Obama and John McCain is close?

Rove: It's All About Obama
Many candidates have measured the Oval Office drapes prematurely. But Barack Obama is the first to redesign the presidential seal before the election.

Time to make candidates answer on Iraq
Republicans pretend Sen. Obama can't lead on Iraq because he hasn't banked enough Green Zone photo ops. The Democratic charade is that Sen. McCain, who spent five years in a Vietnamese prison, doesn't care how long young Americans die in the desert.

Don't Blow it Barack
Up until now, the Obama campaign has been smarter in its dealings with controversy, but they feared what some right wing Republicans will do with a picture of Barack Obama and, god-forbid, a Muslim.

Rasmussen: Why Polls Sometimes Show Different Results
At the core of this flap is a polling industry disagreement about the best way to deal with partisan identification in constructing a poll.

Time Is On My Side: The Nomination Gap
The short answer is that this nomination gap helps enormously. In fact, in nine of the last ten presidential elections, the candidate that has been able to turn his attention from the nomination to the general election first has gone on to win the popular vote.

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