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6/26 Evening News: Clinton Makes Her Debut

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Obama, Clinton meet with fundraisers
Democrats will be doing some more fence-mending today after their bruising battle for the party's presidential nomination. Hillary Clinton is to introduce Barack Obama to her top fundraisers, some of whom have been reluctant to open their wallets for her former opponent.
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Obama: Politics often block economic solutions
Barack Obama told top business leaders Thursday that politics often gets in the way of solving problems that threaten America's ability to stay competitive in the global economy.
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Obama: World not doing enough on Zimbabwe
U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Wednesday the international community must do more try to help resolve Zimbabwe's political crisis and to pressure President Robert Mugabe who is clinging to power.

Not All Clinton Supporters Embrace Unity
The day before a much anticipated first campaign appearance by Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, a new AP/Yahoo News poll released findings that over half of Clinton supporters are now backing Obama. However, there are still some former Clinton supporters shopping for a new candidate.

Sources: Obama Will Visit Iraq Before Convention
Barack Obama will travel to Iraq and Afghanistan before the Democratic convention in August, Democratic sources tell CBS News. Earlier today, Obama spoke to Iraqi president, Jalal Talabani, and told Talabani he will be visiting the war zone soon.

AFL-CIO endorses Obama for president
The AFL-CIO endorsed Barack Obama for president Thursday, uniting the nation's 15 million union workers behind the Illinois senator and giving him full access to labor's massive bank accounts and political machinery.
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McCain, Obama cautious on N. Korea moves
Both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain reacted cautiously Thursday after President Bush announced easing economic sanctions against North Korea, a world troublespot one of them will inherit after the next presidential inauguration in January.
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Michelle Obama campaigns in New Hampshire
Michelle Obama credited her husband's former rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, on Thursday with bringing the concerns of working families to the forefront of the presidential campaign.
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Obama’s Careful Gunplay
In responding to the Supreme Court’s high-profile ruling on the D.C. gun ban, Sen. Barack Obama is attempting to find safe political ground on an explosive issue for Democrats.
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Obama’s Testosterone Problem — Plus Word Association!
Barack Obama acknowledged that he sometimes falls victim to excess testosterone and abandons what he said was his largely positive campaign ...

Rove, critics try to pin 'arrogant' label on Obama
Critics of Sen. Barack Obama are trying to build a case that the presumptive Democratic nominee is arrogant, and former Bush adviser Karl Rove is leading the charge.

FactCheck: McCain's Misleading Ad
McCain released a Web ad that distorts Obama's positions on clean-energy innovation and nuclear power.
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McCain's Online Boosters Wage Uphill Fight
And what's most telling about the online drubbing is its spontaneous, grass-roots nature -- the way Obama's Internet portrait is drawn and refreshed every day by enthusiastic supporters, whose blogging, YouTubing and networking aren't controlled or limited by any campaign.

McCain reaches out to gay Republican group
An official from the Log Cabin Republicans organization says the group representing gay Republicans has had a series of meetings with presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Political Play: Siblings ask McCain 5 questions
Spencer Macke earned Sen. John McCain's admiration for selling $4,000 worth of yellow ribbons to benefit troops abroad, so the reward for the first-grader and his younger sister was a chance to ask the Republican presidential contender five questions.

McCain to meet privately with conservative leaders
John McCain has scheduled a private meeting today in Cincinnati with six leaders of the conservative movement in Ohio. The meeting was added to McCain’s schedule on Thursday morning, but it will remain closed to the press.
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McCain camp: Obama puts himself first
In what appears to be the latest line of attack, the McCain campaign released a memo Thursday accusing rival Barack Obama of putting his own “self-interest” ahead of his party and American citizens.

McCain: If the election was tomorrow, GOP would lose
Sen. John McCain said Wednesday that if the election were held tomorrow, Republicans would lose seats in the House and Senate because "we've got a brand problem."

Schwarzenegger Slams Offshore Drilling 'Politicians'
In a strong rebuke Thursday of lifting the ban on U.S. offshore oil drilling, California Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed to knock the standard-bearers of his party: President Bush and Arizona Sen. John McCain.

Palin talks VP speculation
Would Gov. Sarah Palin join the Republican ticket if asked? The Alaska governor is among the popular names being tossed out there as a possible vice presidential running mate.

A Preview of Formal Debate Formats
The Commission on Presidential Debates offers up details of the format for the set of fall debates.

Rendell says it may be time for Bill Clinton to 'get over it'
Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a longtime backer of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, said Thursday it's time for the former president to move on if he is still upset about his wife's loss to Barack Obama in the prolonged Democratic primary.

Did Arnold Diss Charlie?
'Anyone who tells you that this will bring down our gas prices immediately, or anytime soon, is blowing smoke,' said Arnold Schwarzenegger at a climate summit in Florida.

Color at the Mayflower
There are about 50 protestors outside the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue, where Clinton and Obama are to hold a meeting with fundraisers tonight.

Hagel at Brookings
During a speech billed as focusing on U.S. foreign policy and the 2008 presidential campaign, Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) avoided partisanship while outlining what the next president will he have to do. He called on the candidates to avoid “political tension” and focus on important issues...

Clinton camp looking for Obama money
Obama has stepped up pressure on donors to help Clinton retire debt, but her aides want more action.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama, McCain Still Tied, Now at 44%
Gallup Poll Daily tracking from June 23-25 finds Barack Obama and John McCain tied for the second straight day in national registered voter preferences for the fall election, each winning 44% of the vote.

Poll: Most Clinton supporters back Obama
Barack Obama has won over more than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton's former supporters, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll that finds party loyalty trumping hard feelings less than three weeks after their bruising Democratic presidential contest ended.

Election 2008: Mississippi Presidential Election
The topline numbers in the race between John McCain and Barack Obama in Mississippi remain unchanged over the past month. The first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state since Hillary Clinton’s exit from the race finds McCain leading Obama 50% to 44%...

Americans in Agreement With Supreme Court on Gun Rights
The Supreme Court's ruling on Thursday that a District of Columbia ban on handgun ownership is unconstitutional appears to be solidly in step with public opinion. 73% believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the rights of Americans to own guns.

McCain's campaign touts his 'grown-up' energy plan
Every time McCain has a moment of forgetfulness, the skeptics start whispering again—reminding one that ... "ageism" may be a bigger factor in the election than racism. But now, in a neat bit of campaign jiujitsu, the McCainiacs are trying to change a liability into a strength.

Gentlemen, Choose Your Weapons
Ultimately, the presidential race is zero-sum contest. One person wins. The other loses. But the constant clashes, quarrels and scraps that lead up to Election Day aren't quite as black and white--despite what the MSM might have us believe.

(Over)interpreting Obama's Favorite Dylan Song
In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, he makes a musical reference that's--gasp!--kind of bold. Asked ... to name his favorite track by Bob Dylan, a recent endorser, Obama skips the obvious anthems ... "One of my favorites during the political season is 'Maggie's Farm,'" he says.

Video of the Day: 'The Most Stupidest Thing'
That's right, folks. "The most stupidest thing I've heard in my life." Which once again proves that the only people less qualified than bloggers to weigh in on politics are Hollywood actors.

Cafferty: Become president without campaigning on weekends?
His advisers say McCain will campaign on weekends for a lot of the summer, including a speech in Washington and a fundraiser in Kentucky both on Saturday. Nevertheless it's a topic that raises some eyebrows, particularly because of McCain's age.

Obama's Supreme Move to the Center
He sided with the Court on Washington handgun, opposed its ruling against the death penalty for child rapists. Welcome to the general election.

Obama: Change agent goes conventional
Faced with tough choices on a range of fronts, Barack Obama (D-Ill.) passed up opportunities to take bold stands.

Al Giordano: Obama-McCain Immigration Contrast About to Cross Media Border
Today marks the opening round in a very "outcome determinative" contest among the US presidential candidates to either frame a clear position on immigration reform or be framed by it.

John McCain and Charlie Black's October Surprise
If they really see political gold in another 9-11, what would stop them from being delighted if Bush attacked Iran if the timing were right, say in mid-October?

How Obama Can Fix Iraq, Short of Withdrawing U.S. Forces
Every American should hold their head in shame at how our government can't scrounge enough cash to offer asylum to more Iraqis fleeing violence.

Why McCain's "Drill Here, Drill Now" Proposal Fails the Supply/Demand Reality Check
McCain's rhetoric on global oil, and the mainstream media narrative, seems stuck in the mid-1980s, when the U.S. produced as much oil as Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia combined.

Republicans Taunt Obama As Spineless Over FISA Reversal
It's not just the left questioning Obama's principles over the FISA flap. His opponents are pointing and laughing at him for being a panderer and accommodationist. And Obama hasn't even voted on the bill yet!

McCain's Public Financing Flip-Flops
As a candidate, he has been all over the map on the issue of public financing during the primaries. McCain's recent attack on Barack Obama is political hypocrisy at its worst.

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