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6/25 Evening News: Obama Defends Bill Clinton

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Obama Defends Bill Clinton
“I’m going to be appearing with Senator Clinton, the former president’s wife who was involved in an epic, historic primary with me, ... “So it’s understandable that the former president wouldn’t want to upstage what is going to be, I think, a terrific unity event over the next day and a half.”
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Obama rejects Nader claim on white talk
Obama told reporters on Wednesday that Nader, who has run for president several times, including 2000 and 2004, was trying to get attention with "an inflammatory statement."
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Obama Against Court Ruling Barring Execution of Child Rapists
“I have said repeatedly that I think that the death penalty should be applied in very narrow circumstances for the most egregious of crimes,” Obama said at a news conference. “I think that the rape of a small child, 6 or 8 years old, is a heinous crime...
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Obama Camp Confirms Iraq Trip, Requests Intelligence Briefing
Barack Obama’s Senate staff has requested an intelligence briefing on the latest in Iraq and Afghanistan from aides to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as his campaign confirmed he is gearing up for a trip abroad.
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Obama campaign manager outlines victory strategy
Plouffe said that the primary goal is to hold on to the 20 states that John Kerry won, netting him 252 electoral votes. To win the additional 18 needed to reach 270 for the victory, Plouffe outlined a variety of strategies and initiatives, several already underway.
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Obama launches new website focused on energy policy
The site,, details differences in the energy plans of Obama and Sen. John McCain as the two men continue to debate the best way to meet the country’s energy needs when prices for oil and gasoline are at or near all-time highs.

Obama's 'Presidential' Press Conference
From the podium to the gleaming flags, the candidate was in full dress rehearsal mode. What today's presser tells us about the man...

Obama won't email about Clinton debt
Says email blast wouldn't be effective in retiring campaign debt.

Netroots feel jilted by Obama's FISA stand
Disappointed over Obama's position on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, online activists have begun to question his progressive credentials.

Clue to Obama's VP?
With debates raging over who strategically would be the best vice presidential picks for the candidates, Barack Obama’s campaign manager said Wednesday the Illinois senator's choice would not be based solely on geography.

Ad Hawk: 'I've Got a Mancrush on Obama'
For Republicans, desperate times call for desperate measures. Like, for example, pretending they're Democrats.

McCain: Only World War III would justify draft
Asked about that possibility by a potential voter in Florida during a telephone "town hall meeting," McCain said: "I don't know what would make a draft happen unless we were in an all-out World War III."

McCain tries to balance energy solutions, votes
After fending off ocean drilling critics in California, Republican John McCain on Wednesday stiff-armed opponents of a Nevada nuclear waste repository as he outlined ways to resolve the nation's energy crisis while seeking votes in another swing state.

McCain Seeks to Reassure Supporters
Republican presidential candidate John McCain on Wednesday sought to reassure supporters in the face of some polls showing a widening lead for Democrat Barack Obama ahead of the November election.

McCain Declares Energy Independence by 2025
Senator John McCain unveiled the name of his energy project in Las Vegas today as he wrapped up the western swing of his two week energy tour. Deemed the Lexington Project, McCain’s plan states the U.S. will be independent of foreign energy sources by the year 2025.
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McCain Camp's Knock On Obama: He's A "No" Man
On a conference call organized by the McCain campaign this morning, Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl and McCain senior policy advisor Doug Holtz-Eakin took aim at Barack Obama over energy policy.
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McCain fills town halls with undecided voters
Sen. John McCain’s campaign is moving ahead with its plans for a weekly town hall debate even though rival Sen. Barack Obama declined the invitation, but the Arizona senator isn’t taking the easy way out — he’s filling his audience with undecided voters.

McCain Downplays the Polls
With the McCain camp highlighting a new poll that shows the Republican even with Obama, McCain himself downplayed the significance of current polls, especially those that show him trailing.
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Plouffe: McCain spending 'unlawfully'
Obama adviser shows reporter McCain's signature on document attesting he'd take public financing.

McCain talks of decision to remain POW
"I’ve spent my life putting my country first," McCain said on a conference call with Florida voters.

Bush raises GOP cash in Michigan
Campaigning for fellow Republican John McCain in a crucial swing state, President Bush accused Democrats Wednesday of "running on empty" on energy policy, "acting like teenagers with a new credit card" on federal spending and heeding warnings from anti-war activists...

Movement At The Top Of Republican VP Hot Sheet
The move comes not because Romney has done anything to hurt his chances but is instead a reflection of the fact that the hype surrounding Pawlenty has never been higher.

Clinton: I'm Not Looking For Donations To Cover My Loan To My Campaign
In a fundraising appeal this morning, Hillary Clinton explicitly stated that she is not looking for donations to cover the $12.5 million she loaned her own campaign.

Campaign Watchdog Groups Call for Greater Fundraising Transparency
Eight political watchdog groups on Wednesday asked Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama to disclose more about the fundraising for their presidential campaigns, including new details about those fundraisers who “bundle” tens of thousands of dollars.

Cindy McCain praises Diana as 'inspiration'
The woman who wants to be the next Republican First Lady pledged today to expand her humanitarian work if she makes it into the White House, taking inspiration from the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Bayh: I'd say yes to VP
It was once the entrenched practice of any politician with a remote chance of being asked to serve as a party's vice presidential nominee: Never admit you'd say yes to the job. But in the last two weeks...
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MTV Wants Its Political Ads
The 27-year-old cable channel devoted to music and pop culture confirmed this week that it has decided to accept national political advertising from candidates, campaign committees and political parties.

Crist on Off-Shore Drilling
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R) has recently come under fire for (now) supporting offshore oil drilling after McCain, whom Crist supports, called for allowing states to make individual decisions about drilling for oil in American waters.

HRC: A Lot of Work for Democrats
"This election is a make-or-break election, and I am 100% committed to do everything I possibly can to make sure that Sen. Obama is sworn in as the next president of the United States next January here in this Capitol...

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama, McCain Tied at 45%
The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update on the presidential election finds John McCain and Barack Obama exactly tied at 45% among registered voters nationwide.

McCain vs. Obama as Commander in Chief
John McCain's life experience has earned him a solid national reputation as someone who can serve as the nation's commander in chief, with 80% saying he can handle the responsibilities of this important role.

CNN Presidential polling
Obama 48; McCain 40

Election 2008: Nebraska President
John McCain has expanded his lead in Nebraska, the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state found. The Republican nominee leads Barack Obama 52% to 36% in the Cornhusker State.

Non-voters: It's all in God's hands
The study, which included nearly 1,700 U.S. men and women with an average age of 53, suggests that a person's view of God is a variable that determines whether he or she will donate money to a campaign, read political news, or even vote.

Poll Position
June polls of a horserace that ends in November aren't "reliably predictive," as the survey expertssay. So why are Republicans so ballistic about new surveys, including Newsweek's, that show Sen. Barack Obama with a big lead?

Obama for... Alaska?
During a session with reporters at the Democratic National Committee's Washington, D.C. headquarters this afternoon, Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe made a pretty interesting prediction: Obama could win Alaska in November.

Does Obama Really Have a Double-Digit Lead?
It's one of the golden rules of politics: praise the polls that show your candidate in good shape--and dismiss the ones that don't. So it's no surprise that Team McCain is now trashing a pair of brand-new surveys ... that show Barack Obama ahead by 15 points.

New Wine in Old Bottles
A campaign between Barack Obama and John McCain once offered enormous possibilities for something new. Instead, the two presumptive nominees have opened their campaigns for the White House with what looks and sounds like a repeat of the kind of politics both have promised to leave behind.

Will Obama's name help a Republican senator?
Oregon Sen. Gordon Smith, one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans, is stressing his history of working with the presumptive Democratic nominee in a new campaign ad that hit airwaves Tuesday.

Blitzer: Can a third party candidate break through?
There are two intriguing third party candidates running for president his year: Ralph Nader and Bob Barr. Both are well known here in Washington. But will they have an impact around the country if the election between Barack Obama and John McCain is close?

Obama opens double-digit lead
Here’s my question to you: What does it mean if Barack Obama is opening up a double-digit lead over John McCain in some polls?

Obama: Going North to Alaska!
Last night in Anchorage, Obama staff told a small crowd that Obama would be coming to campaign in Alaska. A new poll has the margin closing here dramatically, to 5 points with 17 percent undecided.

Nader, Unsafe at Any Speed, Says Obama Wants to "Talk White"
We should honor Nader's many career achievements, thank him for his service, then stop paying any attention to him.

Campaign Internet Strategists Clash At Web Conference
"McCain doesn't use a computer. I mean, I would try explaining email, Facebook, Twitter -- massive social movements -- to your grandmother and ask her to apply that to governing and see if that would work for you."

McCain's Torture Backslide
Will McCain do the right thing and rediscover his convictions regarding the prohibition of torture, or will he continue to compromise these convictions in his effort to appease the far right?

The New, More Blue, National Election Map
The polling evidence strongly suggests that McCain has to actually convince registered Democrats to vote for him in order to win. He is, or was, perhaps the only GOPer who might succeed at such an effort.

Obama: Bridging the Gap is Not as Easy as We Thought
Even though there are many pluses in the FISA bill, the blogs are screaming bloody murder over Obama's support for it.

Fear Versus Hope in the Fight Against Terror
Fear may be the oldest and strongest emotion in our species. The politics of hope plays to a less primitive emotion.

Obama's New Strategy
Have you noticed a change in Barack Obama’s campaign? Instead of avoiding controversies over values, religion and race, he seems to welcome them and wade into the debates with an increasing enthusiasm.

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