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6/24 Evening News: The Energy Fight Continues...

News Items
Obama, McCain Zap Each Other on Energy Proposals
Barack Obama panned his presidential rival’s energy proposals as a grab bag of political stunts, as he and John McCain held dueling campaign stops Tuesday to highlight how they would solve the nation’s energy woes.
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Obama Calls For Streamlined "Government 2.0"
At a town hall meeting focusing on energy reform, Obama said government should become more consumer friendly and accused Democrats of getting too “regulation happy” by inundating the system with red tape.

Largest labor organization poised to endorse Obama
The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest labor organization, is poised to throw its support behind Sen. Barack Obama and launch a broad grassroots mobilization effort in support of the Democratic presidential nominee.

Tiny N.H. town readies for Obama-Clinton
No one cared much about Unity — the town or the ideal — back when more than a dozen candidates were competing in the New Hampshire primary.
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Bill Clinton Offers Support to Obama
"President Clinton is obviously committed to doing whatever he can and is asked to do to ensure Senator Obama is the next president of the United States," McKenna said. It's not clear what Obama might ask him to do. The campaign wasn't specific when asked.
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Obama calls for tighter sanctions on Zimbabwe
"I have spoken with MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai to share my deep concern for the way his supporters are being targeted by the regime, and to express my admiration for his efforts to ensure that the will of the Zimbabwean people is finally respected," Obama said in a written statement.

Obama: I am going to need Clintons
The same day that Bill Clinton’s office issued a statement saying that the former president is “committed to doing whatever he can” for Barack Obama, the Illinois senator said he and the Clintons will be “working closely together over the next couple of weeks to put together a plan.”

Obama Florida Supporters Slam McCain
The Obama campaign hosted a call with Florida legislators to slam McCain as a poor candidate for South Florida who would have a big, uphill climb if he is to appeal to voters there.

Hollywood Stars Hit the Red Carpet for Obama
The campaign trail is taking a detour down the red carpet. Movie stars, big-name directors and other celebrities were expected to turn out Tuesday night to contribute to Barack Obama, who is counting on Hollywood’s reliable support for Democrats, and the Democratic National Committee.

D.L. Hughley: Obama Is ‘Like a Tall Urkel Dude’
Hughley didn’t reserve his barbs for just the Democrats. “And then you’ve got John McCain. And it’s so funny, because you’ve got a guy who’s half-black running against a guy who’s half-dead.”

McCain calls for energy-efficient government
Republican John McCain said Tuesday the federal government should practice the energy efficiency he preaches, pledging as president to switch official vehicles to green technologies and do the same for office buildings.
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Obama camp blasts Black’s terrorism comments
The Obama campaign Tuesday blasted senior McCain adviser Charlie Black’s comments that a terrorist attack would benefit the Arizona senator's campaign, accusing them of viewing terror “through a political lens.”
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D.N.C. Sues McCain Over Campaign Loan
Democrats are suing to embarrass John McCain, who has positioned himself as a campaign finance reformer -- also trying to change the subject from Barack Obama's decision to forgo public financing for the general election.

About 100 Protest McCain in California
The largest assemblage of protestors to gather at a McCain event this election cycle greeted the Arizona Republican this morning in Santa Barbara, California.
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California Official's "Straight Talk" On Drilling
Senator McCain had some interesting company at his environmental briefing today. At most campaign events, people appearing onstage with the candidate support whichever plan he is promoting. But that wasn't the case today.
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Chiding aide, McCain forgets own remark
John McCain wasted no time disavowing comments by an aide who suggested a terrorist attack on U.S. soil would boost his presidential campaign. McCain may have wanted to take a moment to consult the history books before he spoke.

McCain Battles 'Unforced Errors' to Stay on Message
McCain had hoped to spend the early part of this week discussing energy and the environment but instead the Republican presidential candidate found his message muddled when one of his top advisers told Forbes ... that a new terror attack on Americans "certainly would be a big advantage to him."
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McCain and the Internets
His Web gurus try to defend the candidate's lack of dexterity with the intersection between politics and its online connectivity.

McCain to Visit Colombia Next Week
Republican presidential candidate John McCain said Tuesday he wants to show his support for Colombia’s anti-drug efforts and a pending free-trade agreement with the U.S. by visiting the South American ally.

McCain: Clinton will have 'enhanced influence' in the senate
On the day Hillary Clinton returned to the Senate for the first time since abandoning her presidential bid, her Senate Republican colleague John McCain said Clinton will probably come back to her day job with greater political clout.

McCain offers free ride to supporters
John McCain is offering a free ride on the Straight Talk Express to supporters who make a contribution to his campaign over the next week.

Embattled McCain Adviser Absent on Campaign Trail
An adviser to John McCain who claimed that a terrorist attack would be a “big advantage” for his candidate has dropped off the campaign trail ... Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s camp continued Tuesday to lambaste Charlie Black for the remarks published in Fortune magazine.
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Hillary Clinton returns to the Senate
She came, she saw, she hugged. Hillary Rodham Clinton returned to Congress Tuesday for the first time since suspending her presidential campaign, to a loud round of applause and hugs from Democrats as they try to bridge the rifts left by a long, bruising presidential primary.
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Pelosi on Clinton: 'She May Run Again'
Speaker Pelosi said that Clinton benefited from being a woman with the strong support she received from women voters and that perhaps she takes another shot at the White House.
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Polling Results
Poll shows Obama with a double-digit lead
According to a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, Obama holds a 12 point lead over McCain in a head-to-head match up, 49 percent to 37 percent. But when third party candidates ... are added to the list, Obama's lead over McCain extends to 15 points...

Gallup Daily: Obama Holds Slight Edge, 46% vs. 43%
Voters' presidential preferences remain closely divided between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain, with Obama maintaining a slight edge, 46% to 43% in June 21-23 Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

SurveyUSA: Indiana: Obama and McCain in Statistical Tie
In an election today in Indiana, Barack Obama takes 48% of the vote, John McCain 47% of the vote -- a statistical tie...

Early Voting Creates Polling Challenges
The percentage of voters who DON’T vote at the polling place has been consistently growing. As many as one in five voters may have voted before Election Day in 2004, and even more are likely to do so this year.

Obama right to drop public financing
I strongly suspect that if Obama had agreed to tie both hands behind his back going into the general election, the word "naive" might be thrown around once or twice, possibly more than "hypocrite" is now.

Obama Slaughters the Seal
Once, Barack Obama only threw people "under the bus"--Samantha "Monster" Power, for example, or Jim "Countrywide" Johnson. But that got boring. So now he's moved on to symbolic objects.

The Hole in Their Resumes
But they are alike in one important way: Neither one has ever run a business. Neither one has ever really engaged in the game of capitalism, worried about meeting a payroll, or taken a real risk with money.

The Audacity of 'Nope': McCain's Misleading Attacks on the Obama Energy Plan
Team McCain's attack may be novel--it's not everyday you hear a Republican demanding more government intervention from a Democrat--but, sadly, it's totally misleading as well.

Symbolismville, U.S.A.
Talk about symbolic overkill. When Barack Obama's press office announced yesterday that Obama and Hillary Clinton would hold their first joint rally this Friday in "Unity, New Hampshire," where "both candidates received exactly 107 votes... in the primary," I reflexively sought out the most convenient wall to bang my head against.

Dobson, Black and Rove… But what about McCain, Obama?
Every presidential campaign brings these flare-ups when partisans let fly with criticisms about rival candidates (sometimes off the wall, as these seem) and naturally enough, the news media focuses in. But I wish that storms like these would pass quickly.

Blitzer: Obama is on an ambitious quest
Barack Obama says he’s going to run a 50-state race for the White House. His aides say he will aggressively seek to make inroads in some of the traditionally Republican presidential states. It’s an ambitious quest but one that would be made easier if he raises hundreds of millions of dollars.

Cafferty: Would a woman V.P. help McCain get Clinton supporters?
Polls suggest Obama leads McCain when it comes to women, but what if McCain picked a woman as his V.P.?

Will Pro-Choice Women Back McCain?
Activists contend that most women have only a fuzzy sense of his views on abortion. And that's just the way the GOP wants it...

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