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6/22 Sunday News: Obama Preps National Ad Push

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Obama plans national push on ads, turnout
Senator Barack Obama is drawing up plans for extensive advertising and voter-turnout drives across the nation, hoping to capitalize on his expected fund-raising advantage over Senator John McCain to force Republicans to compete in states they have not had to defend in decades.
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Ohio Governor, a Former Clinton Backer, Stresses Obama’s Electability in State
Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland received a standing ovation Saturday night when he predicted the state will again tip the race for the White House — this time, delivering it to Democratic presidential nominee-in-waiting Barack Obama.

Obama wants energy speculator crackdown
The Democratic candidate's campaign singled out the so-called "Enron loophole" for allowing speculators to run up the cost of fuel by operating outside federal regulation. Oil closed near $135 a barrel on Friday -- almost double the price a year ago.
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Barack Obama has huge advantages, unforced errors
Just as Republican pollsters had expected, Obama took the lead in national polls and edged ahead in some key statewide matchups after he became — finally — the nominee. He hired staffers in virtually every state and hinted that he could raise perhaps $500 million for the fall campaign.

Obama Polishes His Resume
Obama has released his first post-primary ad, a 60-second spot that's airing in 18 battleground states. In effect, "Country I Love" is Obama's first ad of the general election campaign, and as such it invites scrutiny.

MoveOn: Sen. Obama must filibuster FISA
Group seeks to hold Obama to promise he made in primary, but hasn't yet confirmed he'll keep.

The candidate unveils a new symbol that Republicans deride as going too far
Barack Obama has styled himself as "the audacity of hope" candidate, but on Friday he unveiled a new campaign seal that his critics say is simply audacious -- not to mention presumptuous.

McCain attends services at Phoenix church
The Arizona senator's presence at North Phoenix Baptist Church was unannounced, and many of the hundreds of members appeared not to notice as he sat alone during the 90-minute service.

McCain Searches for Message, Keeps Heat on Obama
Despite what ought to be an early advantage nationally for Democrats because of the Republican Party's brand issue, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain is keeping the race close, bouncing around from town hall to town hall.

McCain: Obama Opposition to NAFTA Mere Political Posturing
Obama, on the campaign trail in Florida, shot back: “What’s interesting to me is that he chose to talk about trade in Canada instead of in Ohio or Michigan. … I think Senator McCain should have shared some of his views there to American voters.”

How McCain's Public Financing Two-Step Helps Obama
Which is to say this messiness may be a big help for Obama in his attempt to make it look like neither he nor McCain were married purely to the public financing system.

Getting personal with John McCain
In an offbeat interview, the St. Paul Pioneer-Press finds out what John McCain TiVos and why he loves wrestling.

Tom Ridge not ruling out a VP run
Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, appearing on 'Fox News Sunday,' said he wouldn't rule out being Sen. John McCain's vice president — if asked — but would have to first discuss a policy position that sets him apart from the Arizona senator: Abortion rights.

One Person's Flip Is Another's Flop
This past week both presidential candidates made remarkable reversals of long-held positions, opening themselves up to accusations of flip-flopping by the opposing campaigns. But is changing one's position wisdom or opportunism? Practicality or pandering? It all depends on whom you ask.

NBC: Brokaw Gets "Meet the Press" Through Election
Veteran news anchor Tom Brokaw has agreed to moderate NBC's "Meet the Press" through the November election to fill the vacancy created by the death of Tim Russert.
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Clinton praises Obama's greenhouse policy, sort of
Former President Bill Clinton offered faint praise for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's energy policy on Sunday, saying he preferred it to that of Republican rival John McCain.

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows Barack Obama attracting 47% of the vote while John McCain earns 40%. When "leaners" are included, Obama leads 49% to 42%.

Gallup Daily: Election Preferences Are Stable
National registered voters' preferences for the general election remain closely divided between Democrat Barack Obama (46%) and Republican John McCain (44%).

63% Say McCain Sees U.S. as Fair and Decent Society, 45% Say Obama Holds That View
As for Barack Obama, views of how he perceives the nation are more evenly divided. Forty-five percent (45%) say that Obama views our society as generally fair and decent while 39% think the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee sees society as generally unfair and discriminatory.

3 in 10 Americans admit to racial bias
Lingering racial bias affects the public's assessments of the Democrat from Illinois, but offsetting advantages and Sen. John McCain's age could be bigger factors in determining the next occupant of the White House.
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Will the Real Flip-Flopper Please Stand Up?
He's watched. He's waited. And now, finally, his moment has come. John Kerry--soldier, senator, disappointing Democratic presidential nominee--can at long last to do what he has dreamed since Nov. 2, 2004 of doing. Utter those two cursed words. "Flip flopper." About someone else.

Will Bob Barr Be The Ralph Nader Of '08?
A fiery former Republican congressman who gained national prominence for doggedly pursuing impeachment of President Bill Clinton has some Republicans worried he will play spoiler in a tight presidential contest.

Progress in Iraq Raises Questions About Both Candidates’ War on Terror Policies
Barack Obama’s goal to bring troops home from Iraq as soon as possible if he is elected president doesn’t take into account progress on the ground that could be set back with a premature withdrawal, supporters for John McCain said Sunday.

Analysis: McCain's uphill battle on illegal immigration
Obama's campaign says Sen. John McCain has contradictions of his own, namely on illegal immigration. ... "No, I would not ... because we know what the situation is today ... that people want the borders secured first," he said.

Can McCain claim the Ron Paul votes?
It’s not clear where his million-plus voters and their potent fundraising potential will go next — but don’t expect it to be Obama.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Flacks McCain, Offers Hysterical Histrionics On Meet The Press
Consider this Graham's audition reel for Days Of Our Lives, where he insists that "The reason John McCain is going to beat him is because John has put the country ahead of the desire to win."

Two Republican Contenders Whose Similarities Are Mostly Skin Deep
They are war heroes with the injuries to show for it. They are known for hurricane tempers and caustic wit. They are among the oldest men to seek the presidency.

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