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6/21 Saturday News: Obama & McCain Fundraising Tied in May

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McCain sneaks up on Obama in money race
John McCain raised almost as much money as Barack Obama in May, placing him virtually on the same financial footing as his Democratic rival — a level of parity that would have been unimaginable just a few months ago.
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Obama Says Republicans Will Use Race to Stoke Fear
Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama said on Friday he expects Republicans to highlight the fact that he is black as part of an effort to make voters afraid of him.
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Hagel says he'd consider VP offer from Obama
A Republican senator said Friday he would consider being Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's running mate if asked — an unusual offer in a country where politicians do not cross party lines for such a high-profile position.
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Obama Raps McCain on Flood Prevention Programs
With communities in the Midwest still under water, Democrat Barack Obama on Saturday criticized Republican John McCain for opposing federal spending on flood prevention programs and opened a new debate in the White House race.
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Obama-Clinton Smiley Time Scheduled Even While Tensions Simmer
Asked about progress in retiring Clinton's debt, Obama campaign communications director Robert Gibbs said, "it's been a much talked about issue in the fact that nobody can just write a big check and hand it over."

Obama Plans National Push on Ads and Turnout
Senator Barack Obama is drawing up plans for extensive advertising and voter-turnout drives across the nation, hoping to capitalize on his expected fund-raising advantage over Senator John McCain to force Republicans to compete in states they have not had to defend in decades.

Obama Making Christian Push
With the Democratic presidential nomination in his grasp, Sen. Barack Obama is making a full-throttle push for centrist evangelicals and Catholics.

Obama camp adds women to top ranks
The move appears aimed, in part, at reversing running a male-dominated campaign organization.

Obama sets sights on Nevada, New Mexico
The Senator from Illinois is scheduled to hold a campaign event in Albuquerque on Monday and Las Vegas on Tuesday. CNN considers Nevada a battleground or swing state as both parties think they can win Nevada in the general election.

Ohio Democrats to get pro-Obama message
Democratic governors who won in states that twice backed George W. Bush have lessons to offer presidential nominee-in-waiting Barack Obama, one of those governors planned to tell Ohio Democrats on Saturday.

When the Obama logo and presidential seal collide
Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama sat down in Chicago Friday morning to discuss the economy with visiting Democratic governors, but all eyes were on the Illinois senator’s podium bearing, what might be described as, a quasi-presidential seal – a new Obama campaign logo.

Elian Gonzalez’s Relative Plans Protest During Obama’s Florida Visit
The Elian Gonzalez controversy is resurfacing on the 2008 campaign trail, as a great-uncle of the Cuban boy speaks out against two Barack Obama advisers who played a role in the dispute eight years ago.

Deconstructing Obama's Friday Press Conference
So after breaking his principled pledge to enter into the public financing system for the general election, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., held a press conference Friday. Somewhat surprisingly, very few of the questions were about this flip-flop on taking public funds.

Obama: I'll Fight To Strip Telecom Immunity From FISA
Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., issued a statement in support of the House's update of FISA, but said he would try to strip a provision granting immunity to telecommunication companies when the bill comes to a vote in the Senate next week.

Obama alienates the editors
After his turnaround on public financing, editorial boards turn on him.

Ready to attack Obama, if some money arrives
Man behind 1988 Willie Horton ads has so far failed to raise much money...

McCain vs. McCain?
Apparently, John McCain in person and John McCain on paper are two very different things today.

In Search of Cindy McCain
She may be the next First Lady. But Cindy McCain hasn't been living her life hoping and waiting for that day.
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Sparks Fly at Black Caucus Meeting
Most of the meeting was cordial, and after a presentation by Obama's pollster, many members of the CBC had nothing but pleasant exchanges with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. But not everyone.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 46%, McCain 44%
At the start of the long summer in which John McCain and Barack Obama will hone their messages and strive to fill their campaign coffers before the crucial fall campaign season, the two are nearly tied in national voter preferences, 46% for Obama and 44% for McCain.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Barack Obama attracting 46% of the vote while John McCain earns 40%. When "leaners" are included, Obama leads 48% to 43%.

GA Poll: Obama Bounce
In a new Insider Advantage/PollPosition poll in Georgia, McCain and Obama are statistically tied, with Libertarian candidate Bob Barr winning 6% of the vote.

49% Say Government Should Regulate Internet
Nearly half of Americans (49%) believe that the federal government should regulate the Internet the same way it does radio and television, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national survey.

Trust on Issues
That number has not changed over the past two weeks. On this issue, half of voters (50%) trust the Democrats more and 36% trust the Republican party more. Among unaffiliated voters, the Democrats enjoy a twelve-point advantage.

Analysis: McCain hampered by campaign missteps
By any name, Sen. John McCain is hampered by missteps and self-generated controversy in the early days of the general election campaign for the White House.

Clinton, Obama could help each other financially
Hillary Rodham Clinton needs Barack Obama's donors to help retire her sizable debt. Obama, who's forgoing public funds for the general election, could use her donors to boost his ample fundraising.

It’s Not About the T Shirts
The United States, it turns out, can still shock and awe the world, albeit not in the way the Pentagon might have intended. This election has reminded Europeans—favorably—of America's origins as a revolutionary state, one founded on some very European ideals.

What Obama Should Say On Iraq
The Democratic candidate needs to implement a serious policy based on his long-held views, but informed by the conditions on the ground today.

Mr. Obama’s Washington
He wants to change the culture there. But it's hard to fix a place you've never really known.

Blitzer: What's wrong with a politician who changes views?
There’s nothing wrong with people changing their minds. We all do it – all the time. But as Luke Russert reminded us at his father’s funeral this week, politicians have a hard time admitting that they ever change their minds.

Does it matter that Obama’s rejecting public funds?
Barack Obama has become the first major-party candidate to opt out of public financing since Watergate. It’s no big surprise. When it comes to fund-raising, Obama is a virtual ATM machine.

Five places Obama and Clinton should go
When Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton stump together, they'll choose towns that offer maximum political benefits.

McCain’s immigration zigzag
In an Ideas piece, Martinez says McCain's Hispanic loss looks to be Obama’s gain.

The Facts in Iraq Are Changing
As we enter the second half of the campaign year, facts are undermining the Democratic narrative that has dominated our politics since about the time Hurricane Katrina rolled into the Gulf coast -- most importantly, the facts about Iraq.

How to Hit Obama
Leaders of Sen. John McCain's campaign are looking toward "527s" as their principal means of attacking Sen. Barack Obama because they have been given a green light by McCain.

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