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6/2 Evening News: Clyburn Endorses Obama

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AP Newsbreak: SC Congressman Clyburn endorsing Obama
The South Carolina congressman told The Associated Press on Monday that he has started to phone the state's superdelegates to ask them to get behind one candidate. When asked whether that candidate was Obama, Clyburn said yes.
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Obama say he will meet Clinton after race ends
Barack Obama said Monday he has asked Democratic presidential rival Hillary Rodham Clinton for a meeting on her terms "once the dust settles" from their race.
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Obama nears victory; Clinton nearing the end?
Barack Obama pushed close to victory in the marathon Democratic presidential race Monday on the eve of a final pair of primaries amid signs that Hillary Rodham Clinton was preparing to acknowledge defeat.
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Day in Delegates: Obama 4-2
Obama today picked up four superdelegates to Clinton's two. Since the rules committee judgment, Obama has gotten six superdelegates to Clinton's two.

A Superdelegate Flood Coming?
Buzz on the Capitol Hill suggests that has many as 34 of the undeclared superdelegates residing in the House will endorse Obama by Wednesday. As many as 18 of these 34 -- many of them elected to Congress in the last four years -- will come out for Obama tomorrow...
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Obama Camp Not Confident That It Will Be Over Tomorrow
Just a day before the end of the Democratic primary season, Barack Obama's campaign is not yet confident that they will have the delegates needed to clinch the nomination by tomorrow evening.

Michelle Obama Stumps in Montana
On her first of two stops in the Treasure State today, Michelle Obama thanked roughly 400 volunteers here this morning and told them that "the real work begins after Tuesday, and it's going to be fun."

GOP Blasts Obama on Eve of MN Visit
RNC chairman Mike Duncan and Minnesota GOP chair Ron Carey held a conference call with reporters this afternoon to discuss Obama's visit to the state tomorrow -- as well as to argue that McCain will be able to put the state in the GOP column for the first time since 1972.

Clinton to Give Post-Primary Speech in N.Y.
Staffers who have worked for her on the ground in Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana have been invited to attend the event in New York or go home for further instructions, campaign aides said.

Clinton Spokesperson: She Is Not Conceding
"I think its pretty clear that she is not conceding." Elleithee said, "I think its pretty clear that she is staying in this race. She is going, in the coming days, to be aggressively courting uncommitted superdelegates..."
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Clinton Camp: Staff Cuts Aren't Planned
The Clinton campaign is pushing back on the report that it has told the advance staff that their jobs are finished. They're saying "no staff cuts are planned," and are simply giving the staff the option of flying to New York for the "victory party," or flying home and standing by...

Clinton Tells Supporters She Deserves to Get Party’s Nomination
Hillary Clinton told supporters that not only does she now lead her opponent in the popular vote, she is the strongest candidate to take on John McCain in the fall, leading her to the conclusion, “I am the person who should get the support for the nomination of our party.”

Top Donors Debate Clinton's Future
Sen. Hillary Clinton's top money people are staying by her side, but not without some coaxing.

Bill's 'Last Day'?
"I want to say also, that this may be the last day I'm ever involved in a campaign of this kind," the former president said at a town hall at the Milbank Visitor Center.
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McCain Whacks Obama, Courts AIPAC
As the presidential campaigns sharpen their knives for the gelling general-election battle, McCain started the week by courting one of the country's powerful lobbies, wielding the key differences between his Middle East policy and Obama's.
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McCain to try to claim mantle of change
With voters sour on the status quo, Republican John McCain plans to spend the next five months arguing that he has a history of fighting to reform government and that Democrat Barack Obama talks of change with nothing to show for it.

Clinton Messes Up Mayor's Name, Voice Gives Out
“I also want to acknowledge your mayor, Mayor Curt Bernard, where is the mayor?” Clinton asked but realizing something was wrong when the crowd began to jeer and boo. Clinton leaned down to hear what a supporter was yelling to her.

Clinton’s Last South Dakota Gasp
Hillary Clinton rolled into Tally’s Restaurant in downtown Rapid City more than an hour late, but could be forgiven; she’d gotten in the night before around 4am Eastern time. Shaking hands, she got a lot of encouragement from voters who wanted her to stay in the race.

Trading Places: Mother-Daughter Clinton Routine
The senator keeps campaigning, with an assist from Chelsea, on the eve of South Dakota, Montana primaries.

Candidates spend $195 million on campaign ads
The presidential candidates have spent almost $195 million on television ads so far in this extended primary season, with the Democratic contenders shelling out the bulk at about $136 million, an analysis of political advertising shows.
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The Obama Veepwatch, Vol. 3: Wesley Clark
Odds: Strong--precisely because he's a Clinton loyalist. Actually, on paper Clark may be the only veep candidate who meets every single one of Obama's requirements. He's white. Check. He's Southern. Check.

McCain: 'Never Count a Clinton Out'
McCain responded by launching into a particularly effusive paragraph of praise for the New York senator, noting her groundbreaking candidacy in the Democratic primary.
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Superdelegates: We Haven't Heard From The Obama Campaign
But at least three uncommitted superdelegates have confided to The Huffington Post that, even with the nomination all but wrapped up, the Obama campaign has not made any recent overtures to try and turn their support before Tuesday's polls close.

McCain's Top Strategist Lobbied For Iran-Linked Firm
But the bid ultimately fell through, in part because of objections over the China oil industry's ties to Iran, a country in which it had already invested tens of millions of dollars.

Dean Suggests Media's Sexism Hurt Clinton
Now Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean has taken up the argument, twice this weekend alleging sexism in coverage of the New York senator.

New Ad: Clinton Has More Votes Than Any Primary Candidate In History
The Obama campaign disputes that characterization, which depends on excluding caucus states and not awarding any "uncommitted" votes to Obama from Michigan, where he was not on the ballot.

Obama’s Ex-Church Has Won $15M in Federal Grant Money
FOX News has learned that over the last 15 years, Trinity has received at least $15 million in grants from the federal government — in other words, taxpayer money.

Feds to watch for voting rights violations in South Dakota
Federal election monitors are being dispatched to South Dakota to protect Native American voting rights on Tuesday, the final day of primary elections in the Democratic presidential nomination race.

Clinton aides float convention fight
Ickes reviews tactical options, including challenging Michigan delegation.

Bill Clinton: Purdum a "Sleazy" "Slimy" "Scumbag"
Former President Bill Clinton today unleashed a salty stream of epithets to describe former New York Times reporter and current Vanity Fair writer Todd Purdum, calling him "sleazy," "dishonest," "slimy" and a "scumbag."

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Both Democrats About Even With McCain
Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are running about neck and neck with John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking trial heats for the presidential election. Clinton holds a slight edge over McCain, 47% to 45%, while Obama ties McCain at 46%.

Not Exactly Rocking the Vote
For most general-election presidential candidates, such a setup wouldn't sound particularly weird. But as far as I can tell, Rich's appearance marks the first time this cycle that a musical act has opened for John McCain on the trail. Where's the love?

Analysis: Jewish Voters And Obama
Looking ahead, support for Clinton in the Democratic primaries may not indicate a problem for Obama in November among the country’s Jewish voters.

Obama and the Clintons: Blood, Sweat and Tears
While Senator Obama tries to reach out, Senator Clinton's spouse continues his rage against the coverage of his wife's campaign.

Will Clinton go gracefully when the time comes?
If you’re looking for clues, try this one: Hillary Clinton will give her post-primary speech in New York tomorrow night. The thing is: New York is not voting, Montana and South Dakota are.

Blitzer: Renewed talk of 'dream ticket'
At the end of the nearly two-hour debate, I raised the so-called “Dream Ticket” question to the two candidates. It was the first time they had been asked that question directly: Would they consider running together on the same ticket? Neither made any commitment, but neither ruled it out.

Breaking the glass ceiling
Hillary Clinton's candidacy is a profound accomplishment that could be belittled by an eleventh-hour blame game.

GOP unwise to call Obama inexperienced
In an Ideas piece, South says in comparison to Bush, Obama "looks like a veritable Gulliver."

Bill Kristol on Obama: No Smoking Gun, But Plenty of Cheap Shots
Bill Kristol is desperate to find an ad hominem way to smear Barack Obama, and the New York Times continues to oblige this war mongerer and professional propagandist.

This May Be the Last Time, Bill Doesn't Know
After Bill Clinton's "I want to say also, that this may be the last day I'm ever involved in a campaign of this kind" statement in South Dakota, here's how I picture his final primary morning.

Hillary's Eternal Last Gasp
Sexism doesn't explain why Hillary lost and neither does the false accusation that the media preferred Obama as the Hillary-ites endlessly drone.

What A Long, Strange Primary Trip It's Been
Sexism doesn't explain why Hillary lost and neither does the false accusation that the media preferred Obama as the Hillary-ites endlessly drone.

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