Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6/17 Evening News: Obama - Bin Laden Free Due to GOP Tactics

News Items
Obama: Bin Laden free because of GOP tactics
Democrat Barack Obama says he'll take no lectures from Republicans on who will keep America safer. GOP rival John McCain's campaign criticized Obama Tuesday for speaking approvingly of the successful prosecution of terrorists.
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Obama Gets the Gore Ticket Question
Speculation about another turn by Gore in the vice presidential role...
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Obama and Clinton Together Again at June 26 Fundraiser
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will make a joint appearance June 26 at a fundraiser in Washington, DC. This will be the first time that Clinton has joined Obama on the campaign trail since she conceded to him the Democratic presidential nomination earlier this month.
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Obama promises tuition tax credit
Obama said he would give students a $4,000 tax credit to help pay tuition and fees in exchange for 100 hours of community service. The campaign said the program would cost $10 billion a year.
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Obama on Vet Drug Tests: 'Outrageous'; Meanwhile WH Slams ABC News Report
Senators Barack Obama (D-IL) and John Cornyn (R-TX) are calling for an investigation after an ABC News/Washington Times report revealed that veterans are being recruited for government tests on suicide-linked drugs.

Obama to visit Iraq, says he's firm on troop withdrawal plans
While Sen. Barack Obama says he'll visit Iraq and Afghanistan before the election, he's staying consistent with his plans to start withdrawing U.S. troops almost immediately should he become president.

Obama Hits McCain on Gitmo, Drilling
During a brief press conference aboard his plane, Obama hit McCain on his stance on habeas corpus rights for Guantanamo Bay detainees and on off-shore drilling.
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Axelrod Visits Senate Democrats
David Alexrod and David Plouffe are slightly unknown quantities to many senators. And senators, with a lot riding on this campaign, are not big fans of unknown political quantities.
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In China, Coverage Focuses On Obama's Race
America may be discussing whether Barack Obama is tough enough to field a 3 a.m. phone call, but for the Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper, the real issue is his race. "Obama's skin color is the biggest focal point of this year's U.S. election," said the opening line...

Obama Seeks Labor Support From AFL-CIO Leaders
The presumed nominee is scheduled to meet with AFL-CIO leaders on Wednesday. The nation’s largest labor organization has yet to endorse Obama, although its eventual support is all but certain.
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Obama on Patti Solis Doyle
"Patti Solis Doyle I think is a terrific experienced campaign hand. She's from Chicago. Her brother and I organized on the southeast side of Chicago when I first moved to Chicago as a community organizer, so I've known the family for a very long time...
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Pro-Obama groups defy senator's wishes
Pro-Obama groups are ignoring calls by the Illinois senator for independent groups to direct their resources to the national party and his campaign instead of acting independently on his behalf, planning a massive operation aimed at boosting Democratic turnout in November.

McCain Camp Hits Obama for Terrorism Remarks
Supporters of Sen. John McCain seized upon comments about terrorism made by Sen. Barack Obama ... saying his approving words about the prosecution of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings indicated a naïve, pre-9/11, and dangerous view of how to combat terrorism.
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McCain Calls for Break With Past on Environment
In a speech, John McCain stresses that he will not pursue the environmental policies of the Bush administration.

McCain's Slogan: "Reform, Prosperity and Peace"
Charlie Gibson asked John McCain this question during an interview: "On what three issues, principal issues, do you think this election will turn?" McCain responded, "Reform, prosperity and peace." Now those three words ... have become the official McCain campaign slogan.

McCain talks offshore drilling, oil conservation
Republican Sen. John McCain called for a clean break from Bush administration energy policies on Tuesday, then promptly pivoted to accuse campaign rival Barack Obama of supporting recycled measures that failed in the past.
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New president means big changes at Pentagon
With more than 140,000 U.S. troops still in Iraq and another 34,000 fighting in Afghanistan, the upcoming election marks the first time in 40 years that a new president will take office during a time of war.

DNC wants McCain investigated
Democratic Party officials plan to file a new lawsuit to compel federal regulators to investigate whether Sen. John McCain violated election laws by withdrawing from public financing.
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AFSMCE, MoveOn ad targets McCain
A major labor union and the liberal organization MoveOn.org are joining forces to air a provocative new ad portraying John McCain's Iraq policy as a prolonged presence that would involve a new generation of Americans.
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More Than Half Of 'Democrats For McCain' List Have GOP Ties
In an effort to demonstrate his broad political appeal, Sen. John McCain on Saturday released a list of "prominent Democrats and Independents" who were supporting his candidacy. The whole concept was disputed from the get-go.

Kerry: McCain Bin Laden Argument 'Phony'
Kerry argued, however, that it is wrong for the McCain campaign to ascribe this reading of the al Qaeda leader's rights to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., since any president would be bound by last week's 5-4 ruling on the rights of Guantanamo detainees to access federal courts.
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Targeted Outreach: Michelle Obama Checks Out The View
On Wednesday, Michelle Obama co-hosts The View, perhaps one of the more effective platforms to reach white suburban female voters. Could another appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show be in the near future too?

Convention Perks Lure Big Corporate Donors
The host committees for the Democratic and Republican national conventions are using the promise of VIP perks and access to help them rake in nearly $100 million to subsidize what some campaign finance watchdogs have termed "the biggest and longest political ad...

For Now Sans Clinton, Democratic Women Rally
But for the other ten Democratic women in the Senate, today it was time to "put our lipstick on, square our shoulders and suit up for change."

Dodd Denies Preferential Treatment by Controversial Mortgage Lender
Sen. Chris Dodd on Tuesday denied any attempt to seek preferential treatment in the refinancing of two mortgages with Countrywide Financial Corp., while acknowledging that he was a VIP customer. But he said he didn’t think that meant he would get special treatment.
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PM Veeptstakes Watch
Rudy Giuliani showed up in a McCain press release on Obama/terrorism. Joe Biden did the same on the Dem side. And John Kerry joined the Obama conference call.
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GOP convention button asks, ‘If Obama is president…will we still call it the White House?’
The company that makes the buttons boasts providing “Patriotic and Republican Products.” Another button they sell features a picture of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), with the phrase: “Life’s a b**ch, don’t vote for one.”

Biden: I'd Make a Great President, Secretary of State, Vice President
Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.) enthusiastically confirmed Tuesday his aspirations in a Barack Obama administration, telling reporters that he doesn't want to join the ticket — but would take it if asked.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Race Remains at Obama 46%, McCain 42%
Barack Obama's lead over John McCain in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update remains 46% to 42% for the second day in a row.

Poll: Fired-up factor favors Obama
According to the poll, two-thirds of Obama supporters, or 67 percent, say they're extremely or very enthusiastic about voting for president this year. But only about one-third, or 34 percent, of McCain supporters feel fired up.

Underwhelming post-Clinton bounce for Obama
CNN Polling Director Keating Holland said, “Hillary Clinton's decision to suspend her campaign and endorse Obama seems to have produced little or no bounce for Obama.”

A Disconnect
The people I talked with seem to think Obama had been unwise to hire someone who had profited so mightily from his Washington contacts. Still, the general assumption seemed to be, of course, any new president will need to hire people who know the town, who are "wired" and get around.

A Gore's Endorsement? Yawn. A Gore Endorsement in Michigan? Interesting...
That said, there's at least one thing about the Gore endorsement worth noting: the location. ... One of two states where the Democratic primary process was derailed by disagreements between the national party and its local satellites ...

Commentary: McCain's Position on Torture Could Alienate Base
Of course, not all Americans think using those techniques is torture… Or, if it is, is wrong. But enough do so that Congress passed a law against using them and President Bush signed it… Although he made clear he didn't necessarily think he had to obey.

Republican Chuck Hagel a good choice for Obama V.P.?
Barack Obama has already made history in this campaign, but what if he does it one more time by picking a Republican as his V.P.?

Blitzer: McCain, Obama worlds apart on taxes
This is but one tax issue on the table right now. The two presidential candidates disagree on several others. Obama has proposed a $1,000 tax cut for middle class workers. But the big issue for both will be whether to roll back the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003.

Postcards to the Next President
295 people have already participted in my traveling public art project "I Wish to Say," in which I set up an office -- complete with a manual typewriter -- and invite passersby to dictate postcards to the next president.

Jason, We Hardly Knew Ye
Does Jason Furman, the Obama campaign's new economic policy coordinator, really favor privatizing Social Security and cutting corporate taxes? Nonsense.

The Big Unmentionable
The former president's absence from Hillary's photo album brings the campaign full circle. So poor Bill, who has temporarily dropped from sight, sustained a double humiliation.

Obama Separates The Men From The Boys
In his Father's Day sermon, Obama made big progress with three tough voter groups, and all without making the slightest reference to any of them.

How Obama Can Win Over Seniors and Turn the November Election Into a Democratic Landslide
The key to neutralizing the natural advantage McCain holds with seniors is to convince them that Obama wants "safe change" -- that he himself is "safe" and predictable.

Offshore Drilling Comes Up Empty
John McCain's call to increase offshore drilling is not a pragmatic, short-term solution. Will the media report on how little oil is off our coasts and how long it would take to get it into people's gas tanks?

Third Term
John McCain had George Bush's foreign policy before George Bush. This is not just some campaign line -- it happens to be the truth.

Obama Calls for Probe of Vets Used as 'Guinea Pigs' in Drug Tests
Barack Obama showed again today that he is determined to get and keep the Iraq vet vote and the ballots of those who care about them.

Is 'Choice' The Magic Bullet for Barack Obama?
The choice issue has real potential to move female voters to Barack Obama -- there is a clear cut distinction between him and McCain and women are now listening.

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