Sunday, June 15, 2008

6/15 Evening News: Obama: Fathers, Take Responsibility

News Items
Obama's Father's Day Message
Barack Obama delivered a passionate speech on fatherhood today at a south side African American church, where he called on men to take greater responsibility for their families.
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Study: Americans use Net to delve into politics
Americans dissatisfied with political sound bites are turning to the Internet for a more complete picture, a new study finds.
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Gingrich: McCain Won't Win On Experience
American voters will not reject Senator Barack Obama for president based on his experience but rather on his policies, says a Republican observer, who also predicted that if the GOP insists on campaigning against him on that basis they will lose.
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McCain Meets With Iraqi Foreign Minister
John McCain hosted Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari at his Arlington, Virginia, headquarters today, as their two countries work to hammer out an agreement on troop levels in Iraq.

3 likely candidates express little interest in VP
Two former senators and one sitting governor thought to be possible candidates for vice president on Sunday expressed minimal interest in the job but didn't remove themselves from consideration. Been there, done that, said one.

Rove: ‘I’d Pick Romney’ as McCain’s Running Mate
“Romney is already vetted by the media, strong executive experience both in business and in government, has an interesting story to tell with saving the U.S. Olympics, and also helps McCain deal with the economy...

Democrats eye Lieberman's criticism of Obama
Joe Lieberman is fast becoming the Democrats' public enemy No. 1.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama-McCain Race Reverts to Virtual Tie
Voters are closely divided between Barack Obama and John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking conducted June 12-14, with 44% of national registered voters favoring Obama for president and 42% backing McCain.

President Bush Job Approval
For the seven days ending June 14, just 31% approved of the way the President is performing his job. Sixty-seven percent (67%) disapproved. Those figures are unchanged from a week ago and match the lowest level of approval ever recorded.

32% Angry About Immigration, but Not Mad at Immigrants
One-third of U.S. voters are still angry about illegal immigration, an issue that neither presidential candidate has made central to his campaign. But, voters blame Washington, not immigrants.

McCain has diluted his rare reputation
It wasn't too many years ago that "maverick" was the cliche of choice in describing him. But that term didn't even make the list this year when voters were asked by the Pew Research Center to sum up McCain in a single word. "Old" got the most mentions...

Arianna Huffington on the Media, McCain, and Obama
Last week I interviewed Arianna Huffington on two central topics in Right is Wrong. I couldn't help getting her candid opinion on Barack Obama as well.

Learning to be Michelle Obama
As Catherine Donnelly climbed the stairs to her dorm room at Princeton University over a quarter-century ago, the Louisiana freshman felt ready for whatever lay ahead. But then she met Michelle.

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