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6/13 Morning News: Taxes, Continued

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Will the real tax-and-spender please 'fess up?
Economists of various ideological persuasions, however, view Mr. McCain’s assessment as inaccurate or exaggerated. Some question whether Mr. Obama’s tax plan can even be characterized as an increase.

Obama and McCain to meet with Iraqi Foreign Minister
Presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain are expected to meet individually with Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari in the coming days, sources told ABC News on the condition of anonymity because the meetings have not yet been announced.

McCain and Obama Split on Justices’ Guantánamo Ruling
The presidential candidates took differing positions Thursday on the Supreme Court decision granting foreign terrorism suspects at Guantánamo Bay a right to challenge their detention in civilian courts. Senator John McCain expressed concern ... while Senator Barack Obama lauded it.

Obama Campaign Dispatching Thousands
Moving to harness the grass-roots energy that helped win the Democratic nomination, Sen. Barack Obama's campaign will deploy 3,600 volunteers in 17 states this weekend, each committed to six consecutive weeks of full-time political work.

Political Play: No show hands of hands, please
A few hours later, at a $28,500 per person fundraiser at the opulent Chicago home of Sara and James Star, Obama took the same jab at McCain's tax plan. This time, however, he wisely skipped a show of hands from his 60 donors.

Obama: “They’re Even Trying To Make Michelle Into A Scary Person”
Barack Obama told a group of high dollar contributors last night that his critics are trying to paint him and his wife as “scary” people. One donor, Rick Fizdale, added the word, “Hussein” to his name tag in an effort to show solidarity with Obama.
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Obama Risks `Pristine' Image in Question of Public Financing
Barack Obama learned the pitfalls of claiming the moral high ground this week when a top adviser resigned under pressure. His next challenge is whether to forfeit a huge financial edge over Republican John McCain or renege on a promise to accept public-funding limits.

Obama moves quickly to reshape DNC
Obama’s move also seemed aimed at producing minimum conflict: The DNC didn’t immediately fire any of its staff, and Obama’s aides have publicly embraced DNC Chairman Howard Dean’s vision of a party competitive in all 50 states.

Code Pink Founder an Obama Bundler
The founder of liberal activist anti-war group Code Pink -- known for disrupting Hill hearings and interrupted some of Clinton’s events -- is an Obama bundler, reports Politico’s Jonathan Martin.

Obama Rakes in $$ at Chicago Fundraisers
Barack Obama pulled in around $2 million in Thursday night, appearing at two Chicago fundraisers. So what do high rolling donors get for the steep cost of attending?

Obama’s Helmet Moment
The Democratic candidate joked that he worried about being photographed in cycling gear.
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Powell tells B.C. crowd he might vote for Obama
While Mr. Powell served in the administrations of two Republican presidents, he suggested yesterday his support for presumed Republican nominee John McCain is not a forgone conclusion.

Obama's Military Veep Options
Senator Barack Obama's campaign is considering picking a military man as a running mate to compensate for Obama's limited national-security experience. But it's far from clear that military experience raises the prospects for a successful presidency.

Superdelegate Davis slow to endorse Obama
The rise of Sen. Barack Obama, to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee has put most of his party’s faithful on his bandwagon — but not Lincoln Davis, a rural Tennessee Congressman with gubernatorial ambitions.

Campaign: Michelle Obama never used word 'Whitey'
Democrat Barack Obama's campaign said Thursday that Michelle Obama never used the word "whitey" in a speech from the church pulpit as it launched a Web site to debunk rumors about him and his wife.

McCain: You Know, It's Stagecraft
McCain foes are, unsurprisingly, jumping on the fact that the senator's town hall tonight wasn't exactly the gritty, contentious, free-wheeling style that John McCain claims to love, NBC/NJ’s Carrie Dann reports.
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McCain gets early Father's Day present
Sometimes a card and a necktie for Dad just won't do. For Father's Day, Meghan McCain became a Republican.

McCain Aide: Obama Is No Bill Clinton
Political Players: McCain Adviser Nicolle Wallace Also Says Her Candidate Is The Real Reformer

McCains report more than $100,000 in credit card debt
The presidential candidate and his wife Cindy reported piling up debt on a charge card between $10,000 and $15,000. His wife’s solo charge card has between $100,000 and $250,000 in debt to American Express.

Town Hall: McCain's Comfort Zone
This is McCain's arena of choice -- the town hall -- where mixing serious answers with flip comments and the occasional sarcastic insult has become his trademark as much as the smartly crafted speech in front of thousands defines his rival...
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With No Rival At Town Hall, McCain Attacks Oil Companies
After John McCain pushed for over a week for an un-moderated, town hall debate between himself and Barack Obama, tonight’s event notably lacked a key participant. “I think this town hall meeting probably would have been a little more interesting if Sen. Obama had accepted...
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McCain Fights Iraq Criticism at Solo Town Hall Appearance

Crist: McCain's White House bid depends on Florida
Gov. Charlie Crist and two former Republican chief executives who needed support of conservative Democrats to get elected told GOP donors Thursday night that Sen. John McCain's chances of winning the White House will depend heavily on what happens in Florida.

Congressman to McCain: Stop Using My Song!
Proving that campaign vetting should extend beyond vice presidential contenders (or those vetting the potential veeps), McCain sparked the ire of the song's co-writer, the founding member of Orleans and current New York congressman, John Hall.

Caroline Kennedy brings discretion to veep search
Caroline Kennedy lives a very private life with a very public profile. It's the perfect skill set for her newest assignment. As part of Barack Obama's vice presidential search team, Kennedy must function with the utmost secrecy...

Media Charged With Sexism in Clinton Coverage
But many in the news media — with a few exceptions, including Katie Couric, the anchor of the “CBS Evening News” — see little need for reconsidering their coverage or changing their approach going forward.

Reagan, Johnson families offer to host candidates for town halls
It looks like everyone is getting into the joint-town hall mood. Nancy Reagan and two of Lyndon Johnson’s daughters have invited Sens. McCain and Obama to town hall meetings at the two presidential libraries.

Huckabee joins Fox as Contributor
As the former embedded FNC producer with the Huckabee campaign, it might be a little strange for me running into him in the hallways, or at the Fox News Christmas party, now that former GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee has joined Fox News Channel as a contributor.

McCaskill interested in VP?
Is ardent Barack Obama supporter Claire McCaskill interested in the No. 2 spot on the Illinois senator's presidential ticket?

In California, a House Divided Stands Strong
Of all the supporters behind the two presumptive nominees for president this year, none are quite as intriguing as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican who has thrown his support behind Senator John McCain, and the governor’s wife, Maria Shriver, a Democrat and vocal backer of Senator Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton fanatics keep fight alive
Some of Hillary Clinton's die-hard supporters are plotting to stop Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, or more realistically, at the polls in November.

The Democratic pols, Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Kent Conrad of North Dakota, both received the highly favorable loans under the designation "Friend of Angelo," a reference to embattled Countrywide head Angelo Mozilo, Condé Nast Portfolio reported.
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Dems Not Backing Obama? Rahm Will Deal With It
As the man who guided (and pressured and arm-twisted) Democrats to historic congressional gains in 2006, what is Rep. Rahm Emanuel doing now about party members like Rep. Dan Boren who have balked at publicly endorsing Sen. Barack Obama?

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Barack Obama attracting 47% of the vote while John McCain earns 40%. When “leaners” are included, Obama holds a five-point advantage, 49% to 44%.

Poll: World has more confidence in Obama
People around the globe widely expect the next American president to improve the country's policies toward the rest of the world, especially if Barack Obama is elected, yet they retain a persistently poor image of the U.S., according to a poll released Thursday.
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Election 2008: Minnesota Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Minnesota the state shows that Barack Obama leads McCain by double-digits, 52% to 39%. That’s the third straight month with virtually identical poll results.

Olbermann: McCain should know better
Thoughts, offered more in sorrow, than in anger. For two full days now, the Senator and his supporters have been outraged at what they see as the subtraction of context from this extraordinary remark.

Make the Election About Iraq
We know Obama hasn't been to Iraq in more than two years, but does he not read the papers? Does he not know anything about developments on the ground? Here is the "nothing" that Iraqis have been doing in the past few months...

Obama, Liberalism and the Challenge of Reform
Is Barack Obama really a force for change, or is he just a traditional Democrat with a patina of postpartisan rhetoric? That question is surprisingly hard to answer.

McCain Incoherent on Energy
For a politician whose forte has never been domestic policy, McCain has a peculiar taste for complex, verging on unworkable, regulatory schemes...

Full Metal McCain
Haunted by the ghosts of Vietnam, the one-time maverick has transformed himself into just another liberal-bashing fearmonger...

First Thoughts: The Week that Was
Phew, so the first week of the Obama-McCain general election is now over. What did we learn? So far, neither campaign is good at driving their own message of the day (did you know that this was economy week for Obama?)

The Note: Swift Lessons
As Fresh Challenges Emerge, Obama Learns From His Predecessors

Huck Yeah
If the first rule of picking a running mate is to risk as little harm to the ticket as possible, then Mike Huckabee shouldn't be John McCain's first choice for veep--or his second, third, or fourth, for that matter.

Analysis: For Obama, Johnson Episode Reflects Tensions in Standing for Change
Barack Obama rose to clinch the Democratic nomination on a platform of change, but when it came time to kick off the search for a running mate, he turned to the insider’s insider.

The Early Word: Friday the 13th Edition
The economy continues to dominate the campaign trail.

Analysis: The Economy And The Clinton Vote
Armed with Hillary Clinton’s endorsement, this week Barack Obama began trying to make inroads with her supporters, and also to start making his general election case on the economy. His chances of success in both cases are linked.

Cenk Uygur: As Good As It Gets for McCain
McCain won't be able to come back against Obama because he's got nothing in his arsenal. He will just keep slip sliding away until he gets routed in November.

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