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6/12 Evening News: Obama Slams McCain on Taxes

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Obama Slams McCain on Taxes
“No matter what he says, both of us favor tax cuts. The difference is that Sen. McCain wants to continue a Bush tax code that rewards wealth, and I want to reform our tax code so that it rewards work,” he said to applause.
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McCain, Obama head into the thick of it
Democrat Barack Obama's campaign as the candidate representing change has run up against Washington realities as he was forced to abandon a key figure in his search for a vice presidential running mate. But the Johnson resignation was just one of a thicket of top issues...

Obama Refines Iraq Attack on McCain
"First of all, that means he's not thinking about the extraordinary burden that families are under on two or three or four tours of duty. But he's also not thinking about taxpayers who are spending $10- to $12 billion a month in Iraq...

The Obama Veepwatch, Vol. 4: Hillary Clinton
Odds: Not likely. Clinton brings more pluses to the ticket than any other contender--but she also brings more minuses. For every possible positive, in fact, there seems to be an equal and opposite negative.

Obama Asked to Appoint George W. Bush as Ambassador
“When you’re elected president and you’re busy at making all kinds of political appointments, I would like to request that George W. Bush be appointed US ambassador to Iraq,” the man asked. The crowd laughed loudly.

The Meaning of Life According to Barack Obama
"And now life for me revolves around those two girls. And I think about what kind of place am I leaving for them. And you know look, the truth is that Michelle and I have been incredibly blessed and so you know as long as God’s looking over my girls, they are going to be okay.”

Michelle Obama becomes GOP target
Democrats expect a concerted effort to cast Michelle Obama — and, by extension, Barack Obama — as an unpatriotic radical.

Economists? Who, Those Guys?
It looks like McCain is not worried about losing the occasionally inaccurate-economist vote.

McCain Camp Hits Obama on Gas Prices
The McCain campaign held a conference call to hit Obama on his stance on gas prices, accusing him of having said in an interview with CNBC’s John Harwood that Americans should “somehow get used to higher gas prices.”
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McCain Calls for ‘Reform, Prosperity and Peace’ at Town Hall
The presumptive GOP nominee, fighting charges that he wants to drag on a war in Iraq with no end, stressed that he is seeking long-term stability in the region and accused Democratic rivalBarack Obama of wanting to surrender “defeat.”

McCain Shifts Focus To Obama's Other Veep Vetter
Not content with one of Barack Obama’s vice-presidential vetters, Jim Johnson, resigning yesterday, John McCain reminded reporters that another member of his vice-presidential selection committee, Eric Holder, should be scrutinized as well.
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McCain renews joint town hall invite to Obama
Sen. McCain called on Sen. Obama to take up his invitation to co-host town hall meeting today, despite the fact that the Democrat will not be in NYC tonight for his first proposed joint appearance.

McCain, Obama on Guantanamo Ruling
“We should pay attention to Justice Roberts,” McCain said, adding, "It is a decision the Supreme Court has made and now we need to move forward.”
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McCain targets message to Clinton backers
McCain reached out to Clinton's base this week by resurrecting Obama's controversial comments during the primaries that blue-collar voters "bitter" about the nation's economy were "clinging" to guns and religion.

Late Words: From D.C. to the Windy City
The D.N.C and the Obama campaign aim to create a happy political marriage as they merge operations; Ron Paul exits stage right.
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One down, more to go for Republicans aiding McCain
Having worn down Barack Obama in one dispute this week, Republican operatives are helping John McCain hit other targets, sometimes without waiting for his cue.

Fox Forced to Address Michelle Obama Headline
In referring to the candidate's wife, the network used a slang term that many found offensive.

Berlusconi Likes McCain — (It’s an Age Thing)
The Italian prime minister jokes about the Republican candidate during a meeting with President Bush.

McConnell Continues Assault on Obama Over ‘Gradual’ Gas Hike Statement
The slam is part of an ongoing assault by Republicans to pin Democrats for not supporting offshore and increased domestic drilling even though gas prices have risen now to more than $4 a barrel.

Clinton's youngest supporters see glass half full
For all the older supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton who may have been depressed, deflated, wistful or angry about her exit from the presidential race, there's an upbeat 17-year-old who doesn't feel the dream of a woman in the Oval Office has slipped away.

Take Huckabee Off The List?
He may have been something of a long-shot to get on John McCain’s ticket for the general election in the first place, but news that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has signed a one-year deal with Fox News as a political commentator may mean at least he thinks there’s little chance.

‘Incredible McCain Girl’ Riffs on Candidate’s Reputation as Hot-Head
In what looks like a trailer for an upcoming movie pitting John McCain’s fit blonde going ballistic green vs. the Obama girl, the latest video shows the Incredible McCain Girl playing off the media’s depictions of the presumptive Republican nominee as temperamental and hot-headed.

Rezko: Feds pushed for dirt on Obama
Tony Rezko accuses federal prosecutors of improperly pressuring him to implicate Obama in a corruption case.

Will Republicans Use Footage Of Wright In Attack Ads? They Won't Say...
This is kind of fun: Check out how Republican National Committee chair Robert Duncan bobbed, weaved, ducked, and dithered when asked directly by reporters if the GOP would rule out use of footage of Reverend Wright in attack ads.

Polling Results
Obama Brightens World's View of U.S.
People around the world are hoping a new president in the White House will bring positive change to US foreign policy — and more trust Sen. Barack Obama rather than Sen. John McCain to "do the right thing" in world affairs...
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Poll Suggests Obama Is Putting North Carolina In Play
Barack Obama's promise to make a play for North Carolina -- a state that has consistently voted Republican since 1980 -- might just have some potential to really pay off, a new poll from Rasmussen suggests.

Change: The International Edition
There's no such thing as too much change--either in your couch cushion or, apparently, in Washington. Obama says "Change We Can Believe In"; McCain responds with "The Change You Deserve." The times, it seems, are a-changin'.

Expertinent: Will 'Obama vs. McCain' Change the Map?
Well, if you look at where the polls are right now, it's going to be just as close as it was the last couple of cycles. That said, if anyone wins by a large margin, it's more liable to be Obama.

What do close Obama-McCain polls suggest?
A highly unpopular Republican president, an equally unpopular war in Iraq, a battered GOP brand, economic worries, $4 dollar plus gasoline. It seems like this election should be tailor-made for a Democrat, especially one who’s promising change.

More Evidence of An Obama Bounce, Other Thoughts on The Fall Election
There should no longer be any doubts about Obama's ability to put together a winning coalition; polls show that this electorate will look very different from any pollsters have seen before.

A Warning to My Old Republican Friends: Screw Up The Obama Moment and You're History -- Literally
The Republicans are going to look as out of touch a few years from now as did the isolationists and "America First" folks after World War II.

Coulter: McCain a "Lickspittle" Unworthy of "Kissing Bush's Behind"
Rather than back McCain, right-wing pundits seem poised to turn him into a cartoon effigy of all they claim is wrong with American liberalism.

Running Mates and the New Electoral Map
This year, unlike 2000 or 2004, vice-presidential nominations are part of a broader endeavor by each candidate to frame the electoral map and even to change the direction of their party.

Obama's Victory: Three Key Endorsements
Before we're totally submerged by Obama-McCain comparisons, it's informative to consider turning points in Obama's brilliant campaign: three critical endorsements.

The Opening on Exiting Public Financing that Obama Has Been Waiting For?
McCain says that there's nothing he can do to stop 527 groups from attacking Obama. Bad news for Barack? Not necessarily.

Cindy McCain Is No Baby Mama
As discussion swirls around 'fist-bumps' and so-called 'news stations' labeling the next potential First Lady as 'Obama's Baby Mama' let us all be very clear: racism is not ok just because it's on Fox.

Michelle Obama is Nobody's "Baby Mama"
Michelle Obama is no "baby mama". I still am dumbfounded by what an offensive, insensitive, racially charged reference Fox News made.

McCain, Obama Have Some Base Building to Do
For the first time in 40 years, the Democrats and Republicans are each on the verge of nominating a candidate who failed to attract even half of their party's primary vote.

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