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6/11 Morning News: Fact Checking the Tax Claims

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The Fact Checker: McCain vs Obama on taxes
The claim that Obama will "enact" the largest tax increase since World War II is also overblown. The Bush tax cuts will expire automatically at the end of 2010, so it is hardly a question of "enacting" a new tax increase.
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Ripples in the Vice-Presidential Pool
It’s so early in the vice presidential search process that aides to Senator Barack Obama will not even speak of a “list” of names they are working on. But the universe of potential candidates shrank by one name and grew by another on Tuesday.
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New-style candidates hit old notes on economy
For all the efforts of Senators John McCain and Barack Obama to portray themselves as willing to break with party orthodoxy to get things done, the economic debate that opened their general election campaign this week previews a classic clash.
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Obama reaches out to Christian leaders
Barack Obama discussed Darfur, the Iraq war, gay rights, abortion and other issues Tuesday with Christian leaders, including conservatives who have been criticized for praising the Democratic presidential candidate.

Infrastructure Gives Obama Advantage in Iowa Battleground
“John McCain’s problem in Iowa is Obama already has an infrastructure here and McCain doesn’t. He pulled his staff out, he pulled his people out,” said Iowa House Minority Leader Chris Rants, a Republican.

Inside Obama's 50-State Fight
None of that, however, has discouraged Nikki Norton and her band of 40 volunteers from organizing for Barack Obama ahead of the general election. And surprisingly, it hasn't deterred the Obama campaign from formally helping Norton by investing in (Utah)...

Michelle Obama in the hot seat too
They loved to hate Hillary Rodham Clinton. They loved to hate Teresa Heinz Kerry. And now, it appears, conservative voices are energetically taking on Michelle Obama.

Report: Actress Johannson, Obama in Regular Correspondence
Actress Scarlett Johansson said she and Barack Obama are pen pals, and she couldn’t be more delighted.
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Playing the Age Card? Obama Camp Calls McCain "Confused," Jumps On McCain Comments on Iraq
Democrats harped on comments McCain made on the Today show this morning, repeatedly calling the 71-year-old presumptive GOP presidential nominee "confused," seeming to feed into concerns voters might have about the Arizonan's age.
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“Centrist” Democratic Congressman won’t Endorse Obama bc of “Liberal”Record
Fox News has confirmed that Congressman Dan Boren, the only Democrat in the Oklahoma delegation , said yesterday in an interview, that he will not endorse Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president because he is” the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate”.

Republicans compare Obama to failed policies
Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney Wednesday echoed presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s criticism of Barack Obama’s economic strategy comparing it to the ‘failed’ policy pursued by former President Jimmy Carter.

Winning Back Women
A group of women who supported Hillary Rodham Clinton held a conference call to begin a campaign to “sound the alarm” about John McCain’s record on women’s issues as he tries to woo women voters himself.

McCain says gas prices won't drop
"I don't think it's going much lower, and it could go higher," McCain said on NBC's "Today Show." "I don't think so, not when you've got a finite supply, basically, and a cartel controlling it."

The McCain Veepwatch, Vol. 3: Charlie Crist
The Crist-McCain speculation may have grown louder in the wake of the wet 'n' wild Sedona weekend, but it started several months earlier. At McCain's request, Crist reportedly agreed not to endorse a candidate...

After bad press, McCain goes back to town-halls
Following a harsh press assessment of John McCain's recent formal speeches delivered before a teleprompter, the Arizona senator is returning to a format in which he is decidedly more comfortable.

McCain Unlikely To Use Cheney In Campaign
Yet despite that pedigree, Vice President Dick Cheney is unlikely to share a stage with McCain anytime soon-and may not be called on to play any role at all in the 2008 presidential campaign.
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Gen. Clark: McCain Is "Untested And Untried" On National Security
"I know he's trying to get traction by seeking to play to what he thinks is his strong suit of national security," Clark said of McCain while speaking from his office in Little Rock, Arkansas. "The truth is that, in national security terms, he's largely untested and untried.

McCain ad asserts his hatred of war
John McCain, who credits his defiant defense of the Iraq war for his comeback victory in the Republican primaries, is using his first major television ad of the general election to show his dovish side.

Those Loyal to the Clintons Take Note of Who Was Not
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was gracious in her full-throated endorsement of Senator Barack Obama. But that does not mean all is forgiven by others in the Clinton universe.

Democrats Still Struggling With Whole 'Party Unity' Thing
It was billed as a post-primary unity event at Democratic National Committee headquarters yesterday. But the unity fell apart before the opening "thank you all for coming."
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Special-interest access abounds in campaign
Presidential races tap into the same political circles that keep lobbyists employed and the revolving door spinning. Obama and McCain have a long way to go to free themselves of insiders and special interests.

GOP Operative Releases Obama Muslim Ad
Less than a week into the formal general election campaign and Republican operatives have already pulled the Is-Barack-Obama-A-Muslim? card.

Deconstructing the Bump
Um, people: This is a common gesture, and its use is not limited to Democrats with unusual names.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 48%, McCain 42%
Barack Obama continues to hold a lead over John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking -- 48% to 42% in June 8-10 polling of registered voters nationwide.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows Barack Obama attracts 46% of the vote while John McCain earns 41%.

Election 2008: Michigan Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports poll in Michigan shows Barack Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%.

Obama Gains Among Women After Clinton Exit
Since Hillary Clinton decided to concede the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama last week, Obama has established a lead over Republican John McCain in general-election polling. Obama's gains have come more from women than men, though he has picked up among both groups in recent days.

Teasing Today's NBC/WSJ Poll
Here's one question from today's NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that we're releasing early: 59% say it's more important to have a president who will focus on progress and moving America forward, versus 37% who would rather the president protect what has made America great.

FirstThoughts: The Turnout Effect
After crunching numbers for the last several months during the Clinton-Obama contest, we’ve been experiencing mathematical withdrawals now that the Dem race is over.

Pick your battleground states
The debate over what constitutes a battleground state isn't just taking place between Barack Obama and John McCain.

Vote for McBama
When it comes to America's obvious domestic problems (retirement programs, immigration, energy policy) neither John McCain nor Barack Obama has offered real solutions.

The Johnson Test
Jim Johnson, the man Barack Obama has picked to lead his vice-presidential vetting team, has gotten preferential treatment for personal loans from Countrywide Financial, a company Sen. Obama and others have blamed for helping to create the subprime mortgage mess. How big a deal is this for the Democratic nominee?

The Charisma Machine
The enthusiasm Obama arouses is surely amazing, but it is also contained and confined. In fact, it doesn't even move most of the Democrats. When crunching the numbers in all of the primaries, Michael Barone has found that Obama carried white voters in only two places...

Mr. Right?
But it was hardly inevitable that this revolt would translate into enthusiasm for the Democratic standard-bearer. After all, you could see similar signs of unhappiness four years ago, and none of that translated into mass defections to the John Kerry camp.

The Note: Back to Earth
So far, this vaunted match-up between two different kinds of politicians has fulfilled the Seinfeldian vision. OK -- that's not quite fair: It's not that the campaign is now about nothing...

Starting Gate: Not Easy Being Green
Now, Barack Obama is coming under fire from the GOP for questionable mortgage loans received by Jim Johnson, the Democratic Party’s professional vice presidential vetter. This is a new experience for a candidate who in many ways ran against the system.

Commentary: We should vote on the first Saturday in November
But why is Election Day on a Tuesday? Why in the world do we continue to insist on voting on a weekday when we are supposed to be encouraging as many people to vote as possible?

Analysis: Democrats woo disaffected evangelicals
The group's stated mission: to attract financial support from moderate evangelicals, Catholics, Protestants and Hispanic Catholics committed to electing Sen. Barack Obama president.

Adele M. Stan and Shireen Mitchell: A Feminist Focus Includes Everybody
Sure, sexism played a role in Clinton's defeat, but so did the simple fact of the peculiar moment in history at which she made her bid -- one on the brink of generational transition and of weariness with war.

Hillary and Big Brown: The Inevitables
So much for sure things in politics and horse racing. Pundits and gamblers, take note: life isn't yet as predictable as it seems.

Obama: The Real Pro-Life Candidate
McCain and the "pro-lifers" may have sanctimony on their side, but that has proven ineffective at preventing abortion. Obama has the opportunity to go on the offensive and change the debate.

The Other Forty Percent
Everyone knows what the "right" answer is to the question of whether you would be willing to vote for an African-American for president. The "right" answer is yes. What's surprising is not how many people say yes, but how many don't.

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