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6/11 Evening News: VP Vetter Resigns

I apologise for the lateness of this update. I was celebrating my little brother's graduation - he was valedictorian. :)

News Items
Johnson resigns from team vetting Obama veep
A manager of Democrat Barack Obama's vice presidential search team resigned Wednesday amid criticism over his personal loan deals.
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Obama Takes on Credit Industry, McCain
Obama also hit McCain for what he called a lack of proposals for helping people hit hard by the credit card debt.
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Two Obama Conference Calls Respond to McCain's PA Speech
“What happens to our infrastructure … He’s right when he said he doesn’t understand the economy. … [it] Would cost Pennsylvania millions.”

Obama Dials Back the Pace of Events
His campaign post-primary season is running at a slower pace.

Union Critical of Obama’s Top Economics Aide
Labor union leaders criticized the hiring of Jason Furman, an economist closely associated with Robert E. Rubin, saying that “Rubinomics” focused too much on corporate America.

Obama's 'Cybergenic' Edge
Hillary Clinton lost to Obama because her campaign didn't take cyberspace seriously. In early 2007, I found myself at a dinner with Clinton chief strategist Mark Penn and, asking him about his cyber-strategy, I was astounded to hear him scorn the idea that Hillary would ever blog.

Libya’s Gadhafi Criticizes Obama for Israel Remarks
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi criticized Barack Obama on Wednesday, accusing the U.S. presidential candidate of not living up to his campaign slogan of “change” because of recent comments on Israel.

Clinton Supporters Fall in Line Behind Obama, Despite Reservations
Prominent supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton are embracing Barack Obama, literally and figuratively, even though some remain bitter about her loss in a presidential primary process that they feel treated her unfairly.

Does Obama Really Not Mind High Gas Prices (As Observed by GOP)?
“Yesterday we heard the Democrat nominee for president suggest that rising gas prices aren’t the problem,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a speech on the Senate floor.
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Ferraro praises Obama
"Well, he said, 'Yes, we can.' And he didn't wait for someone to give it to him, he worked hard and he earned the nomination," said the former New York congresswoman, who became the first woman on a major party's presidential ticket as Walter Mondale's running mate in 1984.

Political Play: Now, a word from Obama
Sen. Barack Obama gave dozens of eighth-grade girls a graduation to remember Wednesday when he unexpectedly walked onstage in the middle of their ceremony.

McCain 'Confused' on Foreign Policy
Seizing on the phrase "not too important,” the Obama campaign, the Democratic Congressional leadership, and unofficial Democratic dean Sen. Joe Biden have all weighed in, condemning McCain as “out of touch” with the wishes of the American people and their military leaders.
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McCain Surrogates Blast Back at Obama
Lieberman complained of "reflexive attacks," saying that opponents are engaged in "another partisan attempt to distort John McCain's words."

John Cusack speaks out against John McCain
"I know my opinion doesn't matter more than anyone else's and I just make films," he told The Associated Press in a phone interview Wednesday. "But I do feel you have to speak out, and that's what I'm doing."
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McCain Reminds Pennsylvanians of Obama's "Bitter" Comments
John McCain courted voters in this important swing state by reminding them of Barack Obama’s comments that small town Pennsylvanians “cling to guns or religion” because they are “bitter.”
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New Gang of 14 won’t back McCain
At least 14 Republican members of Congress have refused to endorse or publicly support Sen. John McCain for president, and more than a dozen others declined to answer whether they back the Arizona senator.

McCain reluctant to talk about Vietnam
For McCain it represents a tension between his attempt to remain humble about his story of courage and survival and the desire by his campaign to turn his experience into a political asset.

McCain: Cutting casualties in Iraq is primary goal
Avoiding casualties in Iraq is more important than bringing troops home, Republican John McCain said Wednesday, feeding an outcry from Democrats who quickly declared him to be out of touch with the public and the needs of the military.

Clinton Supporters to Women: Don't Vote for McCain
"In order to advance the progress that women have made in the last decade and in order to improve the lives of women and their children, the last thing in the world that women need to do is vote for John McCain."

McCain’s Daughter Writes Illustrated Bio of Dad
Meghan McCain just finished writing a flattering children’s picture book about her father’s life, set to come out just as Senator John McCain accepts the Republican nomination.
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Couric on the Media and Clinton
During her "Notebook" segment of the CBS Evening News, Katie Couric reflected on the media treatment of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Intense Bid to Court Clinton Fund-Raisers
In Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s once-vaunted fund-raising network, there is at least some resistance to supporting Senator Barack Obama.

Temper Temper
McCain, he said, “doesn’t have the temperament to be the president of the United States. Everyone who’s ever worked with John McCain knows of his temper. It’s explosive to say the least.”

Reid says primary calendar 'fundamentally flawed'
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told a group of Michigan Democrats that the current primary system is "fundamentally flawed" and he supports changing the 2012 primary calendar to reduce the influence of early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Carville: Gore would make a great vice president…again
Democratic strategist James Carville told CNN Wednesday that former Vice President Al Gore should reprise his role as the No. 2 on a Democratic ticket.
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Clyburn shrugs off Clinton backlash talk
Rep. James Clyburn tells Politico that if he's persona non grata in the Clinton camp, he doesn't know it.

Fox News calls Michelle Obama "Obama's baby mama"
During a segment discussing conservative attacks against Michelle Obama, the wife of presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, the network described the former as "Obama's baby mama."

Polling Results
NBC/WSJ Poll: Post-primary bump for Obama
Days after becoming his party’s presumptive nominee and receiving an endorsement from his chief rival ... Democrat Barack Obama has opened the general election campaign with a six-point edge over Republican John McCain, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Southern Baptists remain wary of McCain
The survey, taken before the Democratic field was settled, found McCain winning 59 percent of the evangelical vote, compared to President Bush's 65 percent at the same juncture in 2004.

Michelle Obama Viewed More Unfavorably Than Cindy McCain, Poll Finds
More voters have reservations about seeing Michelle Obama as first lady than Cindy McCain, a new poll finds.

Poll shows Obama picking up Clinton voters
A new poll out Wednesday suggests Barack Obama is picking up support among older female voters, a demographic that largely voted for Hillary Clinton in the prolonged Democratic primary race.

Election 2008: Washington Presidential Election
Barack Obama has jumped far ahead of John McCain in Washington, but most voters there don’t want Hillary Clinton as his running mate, a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey has found.

Getting to Know Him
What Obama's selection—and termination—of Jim Johnson as a veep vetter tells us about the Democratic candidate...

Should candidates’ spouses be off-limits?
So what is fair game when it comes to the nominees’ spouses? After Tennessee Republicans recently went after Michelle, Barack Obama said they should “lay off” his wife. But it’s not the first time critics have picked on potential first ladies...

I'll fully admit that once the campaigns--and the MSM, which is always hungry for "breaking news"--amplify these blips into full-blown battles, all kinds of absurdity ensues.

Can McCain Come from Behind in Pennsylvania?
That was three days before the Pennsylvania primary. Today, I returned the Constitution Center for a John McCain town hall--and found only a few hundred McCainiacs stationed before a sign that read "Citizen's Cafe" in a repurposed corner of the building's second floor.

Blitzer: Awkward Iraq news for McCain campaign
One of the most awkward developments for Bush administration and McCain campaign officials to defend is the appearance of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in Iran, embracing and kissing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

How to Pick a Veep
There's no right way to choose a No. 2. McCain and Obama have to decide what matters most: heft, diversity, party unity, regional balance, buzz — or a combination of all five...

Analysis: Crossing the Clintons
One after another, they jumped ship and left Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign to back her Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama. And while the chapter on her campaign may be closed, there are still open wounds over those who've crossed the Clintons.

Chris Weigant: The 269-269 Electoral Tie Scenario
So what would happen if the Electoral College tied? Well, it goes to the House of Representatives. And since the Democrats have an advantage in the House, you'd think "President Obama." But you'd be wrong.

Did John McCain Just Say What I Think He Said About Iraq?
So the crusty old Senator from Arizona thinks it's "not too important" when, if ever, our troops return home, huh?

J-Lo Backing Obama?
Lopez would be the latest -- and most famous -- among the throng of Latino celebrities that have already come out in support of the Illinois Senator.

Call to Action: Who Will Speak for Obama?
Who will provide the flashlight, the superglue, the call to action, the call to unify for the Party? Will it be Howard Dean or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid?

Obama's Internet Money Machine and the Future
Obama's fundraising has been celebrated as turning of the tables on the kind of money politics that has dominated America. But before we were on top, many of us wanted campaigns less expensive, not more.

The McCain Miracle
A year ago this summer, the McCain campaign was a bankrupt political joke; the political class only mentioned it to speculate when it would be mercifully euthanized.

Details on the Night Obama Backed Lieberman in 2006
In case you have any doubts about an earlier Huff Post link today about Barack Obama being asked by (a now) ungrateful Joe Lieberman's team...

The Lady Vanishes
After a year and a half directly in the spotlight, where has Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton gone?" They're currently taking some time off as a family," said one spokesperson.

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