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6/10 Evening News: No Vetting the Vetters

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Obama: No Vetting the Vetters
The Democratic candidate dismisses the attacks from his rival over loans granted to a member of his vice-presidential search team.
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Obama's Donation Ban Irks Some Dems
Sen. Barack Obama’s ban on contributions from lobbyists and PACs has irritated Democratic lobbyists and fundraisers, who say that Democratic congressional candidates can’t - and won’t - turn their backs on such a steady stream of campaign cash.

McCain and Obama Sling Mortgage Mess Mud
With the general election campaign now in full swing, the presumptive presidential nominees have wasted little time in trying to taint each other with ties to the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Ohio Gov. Doesn’t Want to Be V.P.
The head of the Buckeye State says he has no interest in being a vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket.
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McCain and Obama Trade Charges on Economy
In recent appearances, the presidential candidates are offering sharply contrasting remedies for the country’s ailing economy.
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Obama, McCain Meet With Religious Leaders
Both Barack Obama and John McCain held separate meetings with various religious leaders today - Obama with with evangelical, Protestant, and Catholic leaders; McCain with Greek Orthodox Archbishop Demetrios.
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Obama Pledges to Campaign in Rural America
“I think that in rural communities, the main job for any candidate including me is to show up and I think that people make a mistake. Democrats oftentimes are just focused on the big urban areas - St. Louis, Kansas City - don’t go to these rural communities, and people don’t get a chance to find out what you’re about,” he said.

Conrad: Obama Considering Ex-Military Leaders For VP
In picking his running mate, Barack Obama has said he intends to keep the process confidential and is "not gonna do it in the press.” But it appears that someone forgot to send the memo to Kent Conrad.
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Democratic Rep. Boren Won't Endorse Obama
Boren is the only Democrat in Oklahoma's congressional delegation and is seeking a third term in his largely rural district.
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Hillary Ghost Hangs Over Obama Unity Event
Party chairman Howard Dean barely completed one line praising the presumptive Democratic nominee, Obama, before showing sympathy to Clinton's complaint that she was treated unfairly during the nomination process.

Obama Humbled by Historic Win
“Ya know, in between the sleepover with seven seven-year-olds and a bike ride, I did reflect on it. And I am extraordinarily proud of what my team did and I think am most of all humbled and grateful to the American people for giving me this opportunity.

New PAC Seeks to Court Christians for Obama
A fund-raiser is being held tonight in Washington for a nascent political action committee that is hoping to reach out to Christian communities on behalf of Senator Barack Obama.

More from Obama's Press Conference
In addition to playing down questions about vice presidential search committee member Jim Johnson, Obama said at his media avail here today that his campaign team was in discussions with McCain's regarding possible joint town halls and debates.

Obama Admits Smoking Cigarettes in Last Few Months
Senator Barack Obama told reporters in St. Louis today that he has fallen off the wagon and smoked cigarettes in the last few months.

Obama switches prediction: now says it'll be Celtics in six
Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama back-tracked on one campaign trail prediction Tuesday, switching his pick in this year’s NBA Finals.

US elections: Barack Obama recruits team to tackle web smears
Barack Obama is recruiting senior staff to a new unit which will combat virulent rumour campaigns on the internet that threaten to cost him votes in the presidential election against John McCain.

Online, Obama Outpaces McCain by Miles
On MySpace, Obama leads McCain more than seven-fold; Obama lists 390,279 friends to McCain's 53,259. The gap is almost similar on Facebook. Obama supporters number at 928,905 while McCain's clock in at 139,749.

Obama the focus in ads far from the trail
“Even ordinary folks like you can buy a Kia! Yes you can!” says the Obama impersonator in a television commercial for Dallas-Ft. Worth area-based Central Kia, which uses a logo that resembles the Obama campaign’s.

Actress has a crush on Obama
Scarlett Johansson tells Politico she has an ongoing e-mail dialogue with the candidate: "It's amazing."

Top Lieberman Campaign Official: We Begged Obama For Help In 2006 -- And He Came Through
A top official on Joe Lieberman's 2006 Senate reelection campaign tells me that Lieberman's staff practically begged Barack Obama to come in and endorse him at a critical moment -- requests that Obama agreed to, helping Lieberman minimize the damage from challenger Ned Lamont...

John McCain Requested and Received Over $60 Million In Pork Projects
"Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, and a number of Republicans who have been criticized by Mr. McCain said he had also advanced his own wasteful projects in Arizona, including...$4.2 million to create a national mediation center in Tucson."

McCain Sharpens Case Against Obama’s Economic Plan
Tax reform is at the center of McCain's plan to boost the ailing American economy.

McCain to Visit Colombia
This will be the 3rd time McCain has visited Colombia , but this trip is a quick one, according to El Tiempo, it will only last one day. The paper also touts McCain in their article as a “strong defender of NAFTA” and American assistance on anti-narcotic operations in Colombia.

McCain aggressively courting independents
Sen. John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, is pushing hard to attract independent voters, arguing that it's the best way to beat Sen. Barack Obama in the fall.

And Who's Vetting McCain's Veeps? A Former Lobbyist, Natch
Culvahouse is a partner at O’Melveny & Myers and despite McCain's past anti-lobbyist posture, A.B. Culvahouse has been in the past a quite successful lobbyist -- though he is not one currently.

McCain pushes for town hall debates
John McCain continued his push for regular town hall-style debates with rival Barack Obama, raising the challenge again Tuesday as his campaign calls for as many as 10 face-offs this summer.

In radio ad, McCain jabs Obama on Cuba talks
"Instead of talking to Raul Castro, John McCain insists that all political prisoners be freed," Martin-Perez says, adding that McCain supports the men and women who "fight for Cuba’s freedom."
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Cindy McCain won’t serve in husband’s administration
Mrs. McCain, the wife of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, told NY1 that while she would want be an “advocate” for issues like education as first lady, she has no plans to serve in an official post.

McCain Calls Arizona a Swing State
It's the Senator's Home Turf, but It's Not Safe Ground in November...

McCain Greeted by Antiwar Protesters at DC Speech
It might have taken Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) a while to figure out how to deal with hecklers, but he seems to have nearly mastered it at this point.

Primaries over, Democrats promote unity
Dean pointed to the DNC staff on the ground in all 50 states since the 2004 elections — just hours after Barack Obama's deputy campaign manager, Steve Hildebrand, made a similar boast in a fundraising e-mail.
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Ron Paul Plans Rally Near GOP Convention
The Texas congressman with a devoted following has tentatively reserved the Williams Arena at the University of Minnesota on Sept. 2, the second day of the GOP convention.
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Gates: Next president likely to take 'sensible approach' to Iraq
No matter who winds up being the next president, he is likely to "take a sensible approach" to the Iraq war, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told CNN in an exclusive interview Tuesday.

Webb's rebel roots: An affinity for Confederacy
The Virginia senator's statements of understanding of the Confederate cause have the potential to alienate African-American voters.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama’s Lead Stabilizing
Barack Obama has a 48% to 41% lead in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking presidential election trial heat, based on June 7-9 polling.

Obama Enjoys Polling Bump Since Clinching Nomination
Barack Obama seems to be registering a belated bump in the polls since securing the Democratic nomination a week ago.

Polls: Obama up by 4
Barack Obama appears to have increased his lead over John McCain in the race for the White House, though the two presidential hopefuls continue to be locked in a close fight, according to a new CNN poll of polls.

Election 2008: Georgia Presidential Election
John McCain still holds a substantial lead over Barack Obama in Georgia, according to the first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state since the Democrat clinched his party’s presidential nomination.

61% Say Obama, McCain Wives Influence Vote
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 22% of voters say it is very important. Only 11% say it is not at all important.

Don't bet on a '50-state' campaign strategy
But even with the Colorados and Nevadas and Virginias becoming the 2008 campaign's frontier states, will either campaign truly employ a "50-state strategy?" Don't bet on it.

Obama's Geeky Get-Up: Bad Fashion, Good Politics
In 2004, John Kerry was mocked mercilessly for riding his $6,000 carbon-fiber road racer in spandex shorts because it reinforced his image as a rich, out-of-touch Frenchman. Obama's bike moment just makes him look like a normal American dad.

Sticks and Stones May Break their Bones. Will Names Ever Hurt Them?
Less than a week has passed since the start of the 2008 general-election season, and already John McCain and Barack Obama are calling each other nasty names.Like "George W. Bush." And "Jimmy Carter."

Just Say No
Sure, I can understand abstaining during the work week, Senator. But "veto[ing] every single beer"? That's taking the whole "not running from President Bush's record" thing way too far.

Advice to Obama: Take a break
Even so, there is a growing question of whether Obama should keep on campaigning in the way he is. I was surprised when I learned that he was hitting the road for two weeks to advance his economic views in key states.

Should Obama help Clinton pay off her debt?
The other possibility floated around is for Barack Obama to pitch in. Although campaign finance laws prohibit him from transferring money from his campaign to hers… his campaign could ask supporters to chip in or he could hold fund-raisers on her behalf.

The next president's national security challenge
Both campaigns are beginning to ramp up their rhetoric. While McCain tries to paint Obama as soft on national security, and Obama tries to characterize his opponent as merely staying the course that President Bush has set, there are certain realities they both have to face.

Blitzer: White House hopefuls worlds apart on the issues
If you had a chance to watch the John McCain and Barack Obama speeches this week laying out their respective economic strategies, you saw two very different approaches to dealing with what the American public sees as the top issue in the campaign.

What Would Ann Do?
McCain wants to overturn Roe v. Wade, opposes basic family planning programs, and voted against insurance coverage for birth control. He has a zero percent voting record from Planned Parenthood.

Scarves, Daps, and 8 Other Sure-Fire Signs of Terrorist Sympathizers
Terrorist fist jabs and terrorist scarves -- the Right has become a red-faced, tantrum-throwing brat screeching because it's not getting its way. This is all they have.

McCain The Cad: A Study in Republican Hypocrisy and Why Obama Will (or Should) Win the Family Values Vote
Evangelicals will have to reach a new level of hypocrisy to support McCain. The military code states you never leave a comrade behind -- but that's exactly what he did to his wounded and disfigured wife.

How Obama Can Win the White House
Bush and the GOP's domestic fumbles are potentially Obama's biggest selling point. He must repeatedly remind voters that they should be mad about the economy.

Two Firsts
Many moving things have been said about how so many girls now believe that they can be anything they want because of Hillary -- but there's also an impact on boys, like my own two sons.

Why Do Women Give McCain a Zero?
We've created McCain's Clinic, a sneak peek at what a women's health clinic could look like if McCain were elected.

John McCain's $60 Million in Pork
Today he claimed "I am proud never to have sought or obtained an earmark for my state of Arizona, and my state of Arizona is proud of me for it." This is simply not true.

Obama-McCain: The Early Results
If McCain can lose six points running against no one, it should raise major caution signs to Republicans about what happens when he's actually challenged.

How Obama Can Win
But the doubts Barack Obama faces are far more existential than the more superficial questions raised about most candidates. They go to his very core as a person and call into question his values, his worldview, and even his patriotism.

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