Wednesday, May 7, 2008

North Carolina / Indiana Primary News Coverage

CNN: Indiana: Results Counties Exit polls
CNN: North Carolina: Results Counties Exit polls

AP: Obama wins most delegates in Tuesday's primaries
AP: Obama inching closer to Democratic presidential nomination
AP: Clinton declares victory in Indiana
AP: Obama wins N.C. primary, Clinton wins Indiana
AP: Obama says N.C. win is victory against division
NW: Obama Battles Back
NW: Obama shows resilience in nearly clinching the nomination
ABC: Clinton Squeaks Indiana Victory; Obama Decisively Wins N.C.
ABC: Exit Poll: White Working-Class vs. Change, Blacks Lift Obama
ABC: George's Bottom Line: Same Story, Different States
TPM: Hillary Wins Indiana, Networks Say
TPM: Obama's Popular Vote Gains Wipe Out Hillary Gains In PA
TPM: Is Hillary Running Out Of "Game Changers"?
The Caucus: After the Vote, There’s the Spin
NYT: Obama Wins NC Decisively; Clinton Takes IN by Slim Margin
NYT: Clinton Vows to Continue Her Run
CNN: Obama wins N.C., Clinton squeaks by in Indiana
MSNBC: Clinton Apparently Wins Indiana
FOX: Clinton Wins Indiana, Obama Takes North Carolina
CBS: Obama, Clinton Split Key Primaries
CBS: Analysis: Clinton Barely Hangs On
CBS Horserace: Exit Poll Peak
CNN Ticker Stream:
- Late deciders go for Clinton
- A few keys to Obama’s N.C. win
- Clinton seems to be facing a ‘trust gap’
- Clinton viewed as attacking unfairly
- The electability argument falls flat
- Exit polls: Half of Clinton's supporters won't back Obama
- Exit polls: Red/blue divide shows in North Carolina
- Exit polls:Rural, suburban Indiana leans for Clinton
- Exit polls: Nearly half in both states say Wright an issue
- Exit polls: Clinton losing African-American support
- Exit polls: For Indiana voters, it’s the economy
MSNBC FirstRead News Stream
- Watching Lake County
- Delegate Update: NC / IN
- Obama, The 'Presumptive' Nominee?
- Clinton Declares IN Victory, Asks for Money
- Obama Delivers NC Victory Speech
- Why Indiana Has Closed
- The Scene from the Clinton Camp
- Anti-Hillary, Anti-Wright Take Tolls
- Exit Polls: Those Early Voters

Speech Transcripts
Raw Data: Obama Victory Speech in North Carolina
Raw Data: Clinton Speech in Indiana

Obama Victory Speech in North Carolina

MSNBC's Russert: 'We Now Know Who the Nominee Will Be'

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