Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hi everyone. As you have likely noticed, there haven't been any real updates for the past 48 hours. I've taken this time to evaluate how feasible it would be to continue maintaining this blog (it takes me at least 45 minutes for each news compilation). If anyone has any ideas on how to better optimize the process, please let me know. I'll be looking into it myself, with hopes of being able to resume for the general election.

For now, here is the list of news sources I scoured - sorry I won't be able to do the compilations for you anymore...

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ali1265 said...


I'm going to miss you but I understand. You've done a really good thing here. I wish more would have supported your blog both in time and money. Anyway best of luck to you and hope to hear from you again hopefully during the General Election.

All the best,


LexusOakland said...

Wow... I've kept your blog on my favorites list both at home and at work; for those few minutes I just HAD to know what was going on... you've done a great job and I will miss you!! I hope you come back for the big one!!

karitas said...

Oh no! But hard to blame you. This has been an amazing service, so thank you. One thought: perhaps you could just post the absolute "must-see" stories/videos (you know, rather than a totally systematic presentation of every version of the same story - which has been impressive but no doubt hugely time-consuming for you). You seem to have a great knack for posting the video clips that are racing around the internet - clips that I don't seem to stumble across otherwise.

Regardless, thanks for all you've done. Maybe you can have some free time again now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your service! It was one of just a few sites I check almost EVERY DAY! You will be missed! I always wondered how in the world you made the time to do this. It's quite a large job! Thank you kindly,

Barbara said...

Hi Cris,

Thank you for sharing all of your hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting! I always knew that you would be up to date when other news sources were not.

Take care and maybe we will see you for the General :)


Saffoula in Seattle said...

Thanks so much for all of your hard work! I have really enjoyed your site and will miss it. I agree with the suggestions of Karitas - maybe just post the key stories and videos that aren't a part of the official campaign site. All the best to you! Go Barack!

T said...

Hi, Cris!

Thank you for all the time you've put in on this -- Cuban for Obama is the first site I've checked every morning ever since I discovered it back in March. You have provided a real service to many people, and I hope you know how much your efforts have been appreciated.

That having been said, I understand what it's like to realize that you need your time for other things. But just in case, I'll keep your bookmark on my toolbar on the chance that you might come back after a break. :)

Thanks again,

Sarah said...

I can't tell you how much I have relied on your web site to compile the issues and polls each day. The service you have provided has really been invaluable to me. I have tried to procure the information on my own and been dismally disappointed with the wide variance of quality and relevance. Google news-Election pales in comparison to your blog.
I hope to see you back for the general election campaign, but as BO is reminding us, the general election campaign starts now. GOTV, campaign events, GOP smear campaigns and attack ads have already begun (as you have documented on your blog) and they look to continue until November.
While I understand the time consuming nature of your compilation, I want you to know that I value your work and would be willing to financially support it if that would help. Mine alone would not be sufficient to compensate you, but will all our Obama friends it might. Your blog has been an integral part of my daily routine. I will miss it.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Yours is one of my home pages and I've trusted it for months to find the news that I might have missed otherwise. But I understand it is a huge time commitment. Thank you so much for all of you've done. Your blog will be missed!
Fort Worth

erica said...

I'll miss you too. I check your site every day. It is, by far, the best source of Obama news. Good luck. I'll keep checking your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all you do! Your blog was a one-stop-shop that I relied on to stay connected with what was going on in Obamaland! I'm not a blogger, but I felt compelled to let you know how much your work is appreciated! Best wishes...and PLEASE if nothing else, come back for the general election!

Anonymous said...

I must compliment your hard work! I bookmarked your site and told others about it because it was so helpful to me. I wondered how you had time to put all of that info. together. We news junkies had only to come to your site and we knew everything that was happening!!! We all understand and thanks for keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

Obama hasn't won the primary yet, why do you stop? I'm saddened.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand , you create this wonderful thing and then you just leave it? If you are sick, or having some kind of personal problems OK I see, but what's 45 minutes? I spend hours and hours on my computer every day...Anyway, thanks for what you have done so far and good luck to you... I'll take you out of my list......

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for doing this for so long! It was a HUGE service to all of the Obama supporters out there. We will miss you greatly, but I certainly understand.


Darcie Olson said...

Thank you and loved your blog - please come back during the general election we will need you

Darcie Olson
Bulldog of Costa Mesa, CA

Ariane said...

Hi Cris, Thank you so much for all your work, I'm sorry you won't be able to continue but understand it is very time consuming.

Perhaps there is a way the task could be shared among a few people you trust to do as thorough a job as you have - - like each might handle different days of the week? What do you think of that idea?
Otherwise we hope to see you later this year.

Anonymous said...


You made it so convenient to find all Obama info in one place. I check you blog at least twice a day. I didn't comment until now hoping you will change your mind. However, I understand and appreciate you challenge. Thanks for all the good work!

San Francisco

isonprize said...


You have been wonderful, fabulous, fantastic, excellent. I wish I could come up with even more words to describe how great your work has been. You are the MAN!!

You might consider contacting the Obama campaign. You definitely need to get paid to do this! I would click a "donate" button if you had one.

What I am gonna do now???? Where am I gonna get my daily, ridiculously UP-TO-DATE(!) Obama fix from now?

Withdrawal is going to be brutal.


I'm an OBAMA mama!!

Osmany said...

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