Friday, May 9, 2008

5/9 Morning News: Obama Catches Clinton in Superdelegates

News Items
ABC: Obama Takes Lead in Superdelegate Tally
Sen. Barack Obama moved into the lead today in the last category that Sen. Hillary Clinton had claimed to have an edge -- support among the Democratic Party's superdelegates.
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Obama wins endorsement of government employees union
The American Federation of Government Employees endorsed Barack Obama Friday, giving the Illinois senator fresh momentum toward capturing the Democratic nomination for president.

Obama picks ups 3 superdelegates, union endorsement
The movement of Democratic superdelegates to presidential hopeful Barack Obama gained steam Friday with endorsements from a union president and two congressmen, including one who switched his backing from rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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Edwards Still Won’t Endorse
In two television interviews this morning, Edwards has kind words for both Democratic candidates but says Obama has a better chance of defeating McCain.

Obama Seeks To Unify Party For November
Sen. Barack Obama began taking the first steps to unify the fractured Democratic Party for a general-election battle against Sen. John McCain, even as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton continued to insist that she has the backing of a broader coalition that could carry the party to victory...

For Hillary Clinton, no 'clear path to victory' -- nor to an exit
She's darting around the country like a full-fledged presidential candidate, but within Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's circle of advisors and donors, the conversation has turned to how she can make a dignified exit from the race.
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Short of Cash, Clinton Is Forced to Cut Spending
The once-formidable fund-raising machine of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton has begun to sputter ... Clinton advisers and donors said Thursday, with spending curtailed on political events and advertising as Mrs. Clinton seeks to compete in the last six nominating contests.
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McCain, Obama trade jabs over Hamas
Barack Obama and John McCain have pledged a civil campaign, but a war of words erupted yesterday over McCain's suggestion that the terrorist group Hamas prefers Obama for president.
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McCain pushed land swap that benefits backer
Sen. John McCain championed legislation that will let an Arizona rancher trade remote grassland and ponderosa pine forest here for acres of valuable federally owned property that is ready for development, a land swap that now stands to directly benefit one of his top presidential campaign fundraisers.

Mountain State's an uphill climb for Obama
The location of Democrat Barack Obama's just-opened headquarters here says a lot about the challenges facing him and this community as voters prepare to go to the polls in Tuesday's primary.
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Clinton Urges Supporters to Ignore Calls to End Her Campaign
Hillary Rodham Clinton, defying electoral math stacked against her, is urging supporters to ignore predictions that her White House bid was over.

Clinton calls for debate in Oregon
Campaigning in her third state of the day on Thursday, Hillary Clinton again called for a debate with Barack Obama, arguing that many of the issues faced in Oregon are not the same as the rest of the country.

McCain Enters Union Crosshairs
Organized labor is paying more attention to Republican John McCain as Democrat Barack Obama solidifies his status as the front-runner in the Democratic contest against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama Plays Taboo
The marathon Democratic primary means stressed out candidates—so how do they relax? In the case of Democratic frontrunner Senator Barack Obama it seems as though board games are his choice for a break.
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G.O.P. Web Site Attacks Obama
The R.N.C. debuts a new video and site flipping the "Yes We Can" slogan of Barack Obama on its head, by repeating "Can We Ask."

McCain’s Vote in 2000 Is Revived in a Ruckus
Two “West Wing” actors are backing up Arianna Huffington’s account of a Los Angeles dinner party, where she says she heard John McCain say that he had not voted for George W. Bush in 2000.

Obama Camp Faces Major Obstacles In Plan To Help Clinton Pay Off Debt
Top officials of the Barack Obama campaign are privately exploring ways to help Hillary Clinton discharge her debts and pay back the $11.43 million she has loaned her organization, but they are running into two major stumbling blocks.

Polling Results
Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama holds a 50% to 42% advantage over Clinton nationally. That’s the first time Obama has reached the 50% level of support since April 15...

Thinking About November
Assuming that Mr. Obama is the nominee, he’ll lead a party that, judging by the usual indicators, should be poised for an easy victory — perhaps even a landslide. Yet Democrats are worried. Are those worries justified?

Starting Gate: And So It Begins
The challenge for the general election might not be staying positive – it might be figuring out how to make it look like the other side went negative first.

Clinton's Long Goodbye Dooms the Ickes Gameplan: Amity Shlaes
Last week, Harold M. Ickes seemed like Hillary Clinton's only angel. This week, it is becoming clear that he is her undoing.

How Obama Learned to Win
Our colleague Michael Weisskopf explored Obama's political roots in Chicago, which is where he learned what it felt like to lose and what it takes to win.

Don't Expect Clinton to Quit Before Superdelegates Decide
Party strategists sketch out at least three scenarios for a possible end to the Clinton campaign.

First Thoughts: Where's the Flood?
Since Tuesday, Obama has picked up eight superdelegates to Clinton’s net of one. But that’s not quite the superdelegate flood many had expected after North Carolina and Indiana. What’s going on here?

Bill Clinton Switches to Obama
Sources close to the former president said that Mr. Clinton had been mulling such a defection as early as the night of the Iowa primary, but that he only decided to make his decision public today.

Cindy McCain--Playing Nice
So I believe her when she says she doesn't want this to be a negative campaign. I believe she believes it's not worth winning if that's the way you have to do it. I just don't believe that is the way her husband's friends and supporters will see it.

For Superdelegates, Electability Isn’t Enough
However, the larger reality is that the electability argument doesn’t matter. For one thing, most Democrats remain optimistic about Election 2008 and believe that either Democratic candidate will win this year.

Russert: Painful period for Clinton campaign
I talked to a lot of active Clinton supporters and I asked them what they thought. Based on my reporting, what I learned was I could not find an objective Democrat who did not think the race was over – that Barack Obama would be the Democratic nominee.

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