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5/8 Evening News: Obamamania Sweeps the Hill

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Obama gets big welcome, fresh support on Capitol tour
On the House floor, he was quickly surrounded by well-wishers calling him, "Mr. President" and reaching out to pat him on the back or shake his hand. The glad-handers included a few Republicans and supporters of his Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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Obamamania sweeps the Hill

Obama Picks Up Another Super
The AP is reporting that Obama picked up an endorsement from another superdelegate: Washington Rep. Rick Larsen.
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NC Congressman Endorses Obama
North Carolina Congressman (and superdelegate) Brad Miller today will endorse Obama, according to his office.
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Obama Picks Up Another Superdelegate

Obama Meets With Undeclared Supers
Asked whether he had picked up any endorsements. He said: "Patience, guys. How about letting us just walk to the House? I'm sure I will make myself amply available over the next couple of days, so..." Then he turned to people he was walking with and said, "Welcome to my world."
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Obama calls Edwards delegates in South Carolina
After a morning spent courting superdelegates in Washington, Barack Obama convened a conference call Thursday afternoon to reach out to pledged delegates in South Carolina committed to former candidate John Edwards.

AP IMPACT: The people in Obama's army of small donors
Dozens of Associated Press interviews with donors, and an AP financial analysis show how contributions that make only a soft ka-ching by themselves, arriving in increments of $10, $15 and $50, have collectively swelled into a financial roar...

Obama catches Clinton in Capitol Hill endorsements
Ten months ago, Clinton led Obama in endorsements from legislators, 51-22. Three months ago, she was up 90-62.

Obama: World wants to see U.S. lead
In his first interview since the North Carolina and Indiana primaries, Obama said he thinks the United States' influence around the world has been diminishing.

Cindy McCain says she'll never release her tax returns
"You know, my husband and I have been married 28 years and we have filed separate tax returns for 28 years. This is a privacy issue. My husband is the candidate,"...
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Obama Dons Denim
Standing in the front of the campaign plane, the candidate, prodded by his press corps, stepped into the aisle and turned around twice to show off his jeans (32″ waist, 34″ inseam). Normally the buttoned up candidate sports suits and ties and rarely goes casual.

Obama confident about winning Clinton voters
In the afterglow of his big victory in North Carolina's primary and with the presidential nomination seemingly only 175 delegates away, Sen. Barack Obama predicted Thursday that he could win the votes of Democrats who support his rival Sen. Hillary Clinton.
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Obama's Super-Del Whip: Many Super-Dels Back Obama, But Won't Go Public
"They're uncommitted, but it doesn't mean they're undecided," said Bean, who speaks to super-dels daily. Why go public, she asked, "if it's unnecessary and will alienate a portion of your base?"

Clinton asks supers to commit in private
A Clinton staffer says the campaign is counting the votes of supporters who, for "political purposes," can't go public.

With Friends Like These...
In the 36 hours since Clinton lost the popular vote in North Carolina--and the expectations game in Indiana--a growing number of her supporters haven't been particularly, um, supportive.

Obama: Clinton Lead in WV, KY 'Insurmountable'
"Senator Clinton is a formidable candidate, she is very likely to win West Virginia and Kentucky, those are two states where she's got insurmountable leads. We are going to spend some time there, but we are also going to be going to Oregon, Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico."

Pundits Wonder … What’s Clinton Really Up To?
As Hillary Clinton leaps across the country, potentially spending millions more and bruising Barack Obama in the process, many are wondering what she hopes to accomplish with such a slim shot at being the Democratic nominee.

A Super-Delegate Meets With Hillary And Obama, Comes Away Unswayed
Rep. Tim Mahoney, an uncommitted super-del, is getting aggressively courted by both Hillary and Obama, but to no avail, it turns out.

RNC Opposition Research
I'm told the dossier on Senator Obama is 1,000 pages in length and that Republican researchers spent a few weeks in Chicago recently collecting information on Obama's ties to the Weather Underground" and separately to Tony Rezko...

Bill Clinton: Hillary Can Still Win
"Don't believe all this stuff you read in the press, she can still win this thing if you vote for her big enough," Clinton told a cheering crowd of over 500 packed into the City Hall gym in Phillippi, West Virginia.

Clinton Finds Herself in Cash-Strapped Effort
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s diminished political momentum appears to have had a dampening effect on her fund-raising, aides said.
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McCain Advisor Accuses Obama of Underhanded Reference to McCain's Age
"And so for him to toss out comments like that I think is an example of him losing his bearings as he pursues this nomination," Obama said. The McCain campaign said the "losing his bearings" comment was an underhanded reference to the fact that McCain is 71 years old.
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Obama Says US Commitment to Israel "Unshakeable"
Barack Obama pledged his support for the security and prosperity of Israel tonight at a celebration for the 60th anniversary of the state's independence. "It’s a friendship rooted in shared interests, shared values, and shared history among our people," Obama said.
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Sharpton to Clinton: “It’s Over”
More pressure on Clinton to pull out of the race.

Rocking the Vote and More
Who better to help steer Senator Barack Obama’s campaign in its national voter registration drive than ... Melissa Etheridge?

Feinstein Stays Firm to Clinton
The California senator said she heard "conviction" in Clinton's voice during their conversation. "She feels she owes a deep debt of gratitude to the people that support her -- who support her intensely."
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Hillary Wants Solution to MI, FL
The Clinton campaign has just released a letter than Hillary Clinton penned to Obama, asking him to join her to find a solution to resolve the controversy over the Florida and Michigan delegations.
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Obama Floated Idea Of Voluntarily Capping Donations
"One thing that I am considering, and my advisers might not like this: I may limit campaign contribution amounts per person to less than the federal limit in the general election."

Clinton Continues to Tout Electability
Calling West Virginia “a test” for herself and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton made her case to local voters and those watching elsewhere that she is most electable in the fall.
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Clinton: West Virginia a must-win for Democrats
Hillary Clinton told West Virginia supporters Thursday morning that any Democratic nominee needed to win their state to claim the presidency — and that every successful candidate since Woodrow Wilson had.

Clinton Touts Her Support Among Whites
The issue of race may once again be creeping back into the forefront of the Democratic primary battle.

Carter: Tough Luck, Florida And Michigan
Former President Jimmy Carter isn't on board with Hillary Clinton's argument that the disputed delegates from Florida and Michigan must be seated.

McCain Targets Obama’s ‘Inexperience, Lack of Judgment’
John McCain, appearing to accept Barack Obama as his likely opponent in November, told FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly on Thursday that he will run his general election campaign by exploiting what he sees as the Illinois senator’s “inexperience and lack of judgment.”

Pelosi Pressured?
The House Speaker deflects questions about additional pushes by mega-Hollywood donors to let Senator Clinton keep on going.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Clinton, Obama Remain Closely Matched
The latest three-day rolling average for Gallup Poll Daily tracking finds Democratic voters nationwide evenly divided in their preference between Barack Obama (47%) and Hillary Clinton (46%) for the presidential nomination.

Election 2008: Missouri Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Missouri shows that John McCain retains a significant lead over his likely opponent, Barack Obama. McCain attracts 47% of the Show-Me State vote while Obama earns 41%.

Stumper: Why Florida and Michigan Won't Matter in the End
Finally, there's the stubborn little fact that Clinton completely opposed recognizing Michigan and Florida until after the primaries--i.e., when she realized might need their delegates to win the nomination.

Will Obama Win Enough White Votes to Beat McCain?
Apparently white people hold a grudge: ever since Democrats pushed for African-American voting rights and integration, most whites haven't voted for a Democratic president for over 40 years.

Flawed Messengers and Wooden Soldiers: Why Obama Beat Clinton -- and Why He'll Beat McCain, Too
In the end, I believe the Clinton vs. Obama match-up all came down to a hard-to-pinpoint, never discussed, but desperately important matter: the personal authenticity of two human beings.

McCain: Not Feeling Like a Million Bucks
Of the many differences between John McCain and Barack Obama, here's the one that may prove most consequential come November: McCain has to come to the money; with Obama, the money comes to him.

Blitzer on Obama: He seemed at ease
Having interviewed Senator Barack Obama on several occasions in recent years, I must say he seemed very relaxed and at ease when we spoke in The Situation Room today. On earlier occasions, he often seemed more wound up and intense.

Cafferty: Should Obama offer Clinton the V.P. spot?
Now that Barack Obama appears on the verge of becoming the Democratic nominee, the buzz about a so-called "dream team" is starting up again.

Obama's Vice-President
Virginia Senator James Webb should be the Democratic candidate for vice-president.

Should Hillary Drop Out? Absolutely not!
It's highly unlikely she'll prevail at this point, but she ought to stay in the race through the rest of the primaries. They wouldn't stop a football game in the last quarter.

Cafferty: What will Clinton do now?
Democratic strategist Bob Shrum tells The New York Times that now the only decision left for Hillary Clinton is how she wants to end this.

Deafening Silence on McCain, Hagee and Parsley
Many bloggers and activists seem to have succeeded in getting the media to again do what it is supposed to do: cover the issues that matter most to people.

The Single Hardest Thing For Candidates To Understand
The single hardest thing for any candidate to understand is that the consultant class that rules the legacy side of the Democratic party are, as a group, absolutely incompetent.

Hillary Clinton and the Veepstakes -- A Logical Move for Her
With the last chances of winning the nomination slipping away, the question increasingly arises whether Clinton should hope for the number two spot. The answer is a clear yes.

Hillary Dropped the Ball
Senator Hillary Clinton has not moved on a complaint she received in 2002 sent by my company, Freedom N.Y., Inc., alleging racial contract discrimination by the Department of Defense.

America's Favorite
Cindy McCain won't release her tax returns. I could say a lot of things about this, like the sheer arrogance of it and implication that the first lady doesn't have a public responsibility.

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