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5/7 Midday News: The Finish Line is Near

News Items
McGovern, former Clinton backer, endorses Obama
Former Sen. George McGovern, an early supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, urged her to drop out of the Democratic presidential race and endorsed her rival, Barack Obama.
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Politico: Obama takes decisive step toward nomination
Obama’s emphatic North Carolina victory, and a narrow loss in Indiana, extended his lead in the count of delegates to the Democratic National Convention, and in most counts of the combined popular vote.
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Newsweek Analysis: Clinton fails to get needed game-changer
Barack Obama won a resounding victory in North Carolina after the worst two-week stretch in his campaign. And Clinton, fueled by a burst of energy from her convincing win in Pennsylvania last month, barely eked out a win in Indiana.
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Delegate Update: More IN/NC Allocated
The Delegate Counts:
PLEDGED: Obama 1,588-1,422
SUPERDELEGATES: Clinton 272.5-256 (266.5 undeclared)
OVERALL: Obama 1,844-1.694.5

MSNBC Live Vote: Is the Democratic Race Over?
Go vote! Currently it's 80% Obama, 20% Clinton.

Obama weighs next moves, maps out general election strategy
Barack Obama's campaign on Wednesday weighed ways to bring the drawn-out Democratic nominating process to a close while mapping out a strategy that will involve campaigning in battleground states where primaries have already been held.
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Obama Memo to Superdelegates
His campaign outlines the math of the race so far, and seeks to persuade more superdelegates to endorse.

Clinton Clings to Campaign
Hours after squeaking out a win in Indiana and getting trounced in the North Carolina primary, many in the national press were convinced it was the end of the line for Hillary Clinton.
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Hillary (and Bill?) Loan Her Campaign $6 Million More
The Clinton campaign reports today that in the last month Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, has loaned herself $6.425 million in the last month -- bringing her grand total of "loans" to her campaign $11.425 million...
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Back to Michigan and Florida
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign acknowledged this morning that even if all delegates from Michigan and Florida were seated at the Democratic convention, she would not have enough delegates to claim the presidential nomination.

Hillary Holding A Public Event Today, After All
After the media reported last night that Hillary wouldn't be having any public events today -- often a sign that a losing campaign is about to quit -- the campaign sent out a new schedule this morning with a "Solutions for the American Economy" event in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Limbaugh now supports 'weaker' Obama
Claiming success in "Operation Chaos," Rush Limbaugh says Obama "would be the weakest nominee."

Obama bruised in election day basketball game
Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on Tuesday continued his election day tradition of playing basketball—only to get battered after accidently getting knocked to the ground by Alexi Giannoulias, the Illinois State Treasurer.

An NC super for Clinton
A spokesman for Rep. Heath Shuler, who had pledged his vote to the winner of his North Carolina district, tells my colleague Amie Parnes that "he has pledged his super delegate vote for [Clinton], since she won the popular vote in the 11th District."

Polling Results
Obama Beats McCain Among Jewish Voters
Barack Obama is faring better than might be expected among Jewish voters, beating John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily general-election matchups and trailing Hillary Clinton only slightly...

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Obama holds a 47% to 43% advantage over Clinton nationally...

Gallup Daily: Obama and Clinton Both Tie McCain
Gallup Poll Daily tracking from May 2-6, finds both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton going toe-to-toe with Republican John McCain in separate trial heats for the fall election.

Kentucky Democratic Primary
The first Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of that race shows Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama by twenty-five percentage points, 56% to 31%.

Obama Battles Back
With her disappointing split decision, the woman who had been confidently comparing herself to a never-say-die fighter in recent weeks is sounding desperate once again.

Obama Gives Media A Critical Valentine During Victory Speech
In fact, last night's game changer may have been a pander of his own, intended to score with the one critical constituency he had lost in the past month: the political media.

Obama Wins; How Does Clinton Lose?
In retrospect, the decision of Clinton to contest North Carolina and give Obama an expectations victory was costly...

Hillary Clinton's Base?
On HRC conference call, Geoff Garin just said, "We started even in North Carolina among the white electorate and ended (with) a very significant win of 24 points." He called this shift -- white people deciding to vote for the white person -- "progress."

Obama's Next Big Challenge
The troubled road ahead for the man who wants to unite the country but first has to unite his fractured party.

‘The Die Is Cast’
Mark the date: May 20. That night, Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign is planning to declare victory.

Reality Has Well-Known Obama Bias
Hillary has deluded people into thinking her chances of winning the nomination were improving as they were getting dramatically worse.

A Warrior for Another Time
I wonder what might have happened if the ferociousness of the Hillary movement had been in play against Junior in 2000. And would she have allowed herself to be swiftboated the way Kerry did?

End Game: Clinton's Exit Strategy
What do President Bush and Hillary clinton have in common? Neither had an exit strategy ready. The curtain on the long Clinton Broadway campaign is coming down. It hasn't hit the floor yet, but it's real close.

Hillary Clinton's To-Do List
#11: Pray.

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