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Obama Picks Up Maryland Superdelegates
The chairman and vice-chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party are throwing their support behind Sen. Barack Obama on the eve of Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, giving the Illinois senator at least two additional superdelegates.
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Clinton, Obama Spar on Eve of Crucial Primaries
If their moods offer any indication, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are vying as much for the role of underdog and front-runner as they are for votes Tuesday in Indiana and North Carolina Democratic primaries.
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Full Interview: Sen. Barack Obama
COURIC: Well, let me ask you about that Senator. You were opposed to Senator Clinton's plan for a gas tax holiday, the same one Senator McCain proposes. Are you proposing any short term relief for this current gas crisis that is affecting so many Americans?

Union Works to Back Obama in Indiana
The service workers union has a lot of money to spend on behalf of the Democratic candidate.

Play of the Day: Obama's sweet and cheap date
Barack Obama dropped in on a busy coffee shop in downtown Durham, N.C., on Monday and bought 15 slices of cake, announcing to those crowding around him, "I'm treating you."

The Winner (at Least on TV)
Barack Obama and Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” were a much bigger draw in Indianapolis on Sunday than were Hillary Rodham Clinton and George Stephanopoulos on “This Week.”

Tom Hanks backs Obama
But Hanks thinks an Obama presidency could bring about a "seismic shift," and "live up to the great promise once shaped by our founding fathers."

Why a gas tax ‘holiday’ is a bad economic idea
Today, two of the three presidential candidates — John McCain and Hillary Clinton — have proposed a “holiday” on gasoline taxes. It sounds great, but it’s a terrible idea.
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Senate Reality Check on Gas Tax Plans
Clinton's and McCain's separate proposals for suspending the gas tax this summer will very likely run out of gas shortly after hitting the Senate floor later this month. Because it takes 60 votes to pass any controversial bill in the Senate, McCain and Clinton will easily fall short.

Ad Hawk: The Closing Statements
Nothing like a politician's final, pre-election TV ad to tell you what he or she wants voters to remember when they go to the polls. And as if on cue, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton released new spots this afternoon ... that neatly sum up their homestretch strategies...
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Obama: I'm More Trustworthy Than "The Other Candidate"
He said that voters find him more trustworthy than his opponent, and he argued that his biggest potential problems -- his association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for example -- were exposed.
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GOP Gleeful at Obama rocky period
At least now, the Democrats' political phenom is tarnished, and, if he defeats Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination, he will enter the general election campaign not only bruised and battered — but also carrying baggage as he faces Republican John McCain.

John and Elizabeth Edwards Won't Endorse
The Edwardses have finally made their endorsement plans -- or lack of them -- public. In an interview with People, they say there are things they like and dislike about both candidates.

North Carolina, Indiana rewarded for later contests
North Carolina, which holds its primary Tuesday, got an additional 24 delegates for moving its presidential nominating contest from April to May. Indiana, which also has its primary Tuesday, got six extra delegates for keeping its primary in May.

Clinton and Obama Bounce Between NC and Indiana
Meanwhile Obama toured Indiana and courted the white, blue collar crowd, dropping in on a construction site as workers filtered in on first shift with lunch pails and hard hats. Afterward, he hit the buffet at a labor union breakfast in Evansville, Indiana. Running on Fumes
Clinton's ad claims motorists would save $8 billion during her summer "holiday," not mentioning that no economists agree with her. She herself didn't name one when asked in a weekend tv interview.

Daschle Calls Nuclear Option 'Disaster'
Tom Daschle, an Obama supporter, said in an interview today on MSNBC that undecided superdelegates would be more than "ticked" if the Clinton campaign tries to force the so-called "nuclear option" and encourages the Rules and Bylaws committee, which meets May 31st, to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates.

AP IMPACT: More than 3.5 million new voters, AP survey finds
Voter excitement, always up before a presidential election, is pushing registration through the roof so far this year — with more than 3.5 million people rushing to join in the historic balloting, according to an Associated Press survey that offers the first national snapshot.

McCain Repeats He Won't Be Discussing Rev. Wright on the Trail
John McCain said today that Hispanic voters are tailor-made for the Republican message and he also vowed not to make Rev. Jeremiah Wright an issue in his campaign, though he added he won't be the referee for others who choose to.

Obama Camp Pushback on Union Story
However, Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor tells First Read that Obama told the Teamsters his position on ending the government's oversight of the union back in the summer of 2007 -- but the Teamsters didn't endorse Obama until February 20.
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Clinton Continues to Paint Obama as Out of Touch
Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, landed in Indiana Monday and picked up where she left off yesterday – hammering Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., hard on the gas tax.
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No Hillary Clinton endgame
Hillary Clinton is perhaps the first candidate in primary history to run this process in reverse. The longer the race has gone on, the lower the odds have become that she will finish the season leading either in the popular vote or in elected delegates.

Video: What effect are attack ads having?
In the last week alone, Obama made cameo appearances in 8-10 Republican attack ads across the country, but what kind of effect, if any, is it having on the presidential race? CNN’s Carol Costello reports.

Obama On O'Reilly: "Looking Forward" To Going On The Factor
Is Obama headed to the O'Reilly Factor? It sure sounds like it, according to his interview this morning on Fox and Friends, where he claimed: "We're gonna see if we can fit it in."

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Democrats Tied for Record 12th Day
Barack Obama has a five percentage point edge over Hillary Clinton for the nomination among national Democrats, 50% to 45%, in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from May 2-4.

Totality Of Polls Suggest that Indiana And North Carolina Could Be A Wash
If you look at the totality of all the polls thus far, they suggest that in terms of both the pledged del count and popular vote, an Obama win in North Carolina will be nearly canceled out by a corresponding Hillary victory in Indiana...

Final PPP Poll: Hillary Ahead In Indiana, But Obama Closing The Gap
The final survey of Indiana from Public Policy Polling (D) shows Barack Obama getting some last-minute momentum in this key state, but with Hillary Clinton still ahead. The results, compared to last week...

Poll: Despite Hillary Gains In North Carolina, Obama Still Ahead By Ten
While Hillary Clinton has been able to trim Barack Obama's once-overwhelming lead in North Carolina, it doesn't look like it will be enough, according to a new survey from Public Policy Polling (D).

Rasmussen: West Virginia Democratic Primary
Clinton - 56%; Obama - 27%

Polls: Clinton gets lead in Indiana; Obama holds in North Carolina
According to new CNN surveys of several recent polls out of both states, Clinton's lead increased in Indiana while Obama remained the frontrunner in North Carolina — albeit by single digits.

Indiana Poll: Clinton Over Obama Slightly
The Suffolk University poll found Clinton leading Obama by 6 points, 49 percent to 43 percent, with 6 percent of respondents undecided.

Clinton Supporters Believe Wright Is Relevant to Campaign
Perhaps not surprisingly, there is a significant difference in the way Democrats view this matter based on the candidate they support.

Fear Not, Barack. Stumper Readers to the Rescue!
Last Thursday, I told the good readers of Stumper to imagine they were political consultants newly drafted by Barack Obama to reinvigorate his dispirited campaign. "How should Obama spend the last few days before Tuesday's critical votes in North Carolina and Indiana?" I asked.

Cafferty: How important are Indiana and North Carolina?
The 16-month fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama continues tomorrow in North Carolina and Indiana. ... Here’s my question to you: Considering Barack Obama’s lead, how important are Indiana and North Carolina?

For 2 Primaries, Win-Win, Lose-Lose and Win-Lose Scenarios
For political, demographic and mathematical reasons, Tuesday’s primaries could reshape the Democratic race.

Blitzer: The loser's role
I keep hearing from very worried Democrats this constant refrain. The loser of the Democratic presidential contest ... will have an incredibly important role in determining whether a Democrat sits in the Oval Office next year or John McCain. It depends, they say, on how the loser loses.

Sleight Of Hand: The Legend Of Hillary
Hillary doesn't think she can win, but that doesn't stop her from playing out the Florida and Michigan con, just on the off chance that it will distract folks long enough for her to pilfer the nomination.

Dems Discover NASCAR, Guns and Apple Pie
Where's Annie Oakley when you need her? It's no secret that Hillary Clinton has eagerly transformed herself over the last month or so from a wonkish First Lady (who once mocked wives willing to "stay home and bake cookies and have teas") to a pugilistic working-class pol.

Clinton fate hangs in the balance
The remaining primary election landscape looks favorable to Clinton if she wins either the Indiana or North Carolina contests.

On an Obama/Clinton Ticket: A Response to Andrew Sullivan
Decisions about a VP need to be undertaken with an eye toward November and beyond. There was a time when Huckabee seemed a necessary choice for McCain as his running mate.

Memo to Tom Hanks: Barack Obama Is No Harry Truman
If elected, Obama, could become a magic speaker in the vein of the Big Three; the extent to which he can go off-the-cuff in a Trumanesque manner remains unclear.

Voting Day #17
In other words, not much will have changed from the last four weeks. Has anyone started looking into whether there are direct flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Billings, MT or Sioux Falls, SD?

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