Friday, May 30, 2008

5/30 Morning News: 2 More Supers, FL & MI Meeting Looms

News Items
Texas Democratic chairman, wife endorse Obama
Texas Democratic Party chairman Boyd Richie and his wife, Democratic National Committee member Betty Richie, endorsed Barack Obama for president late Thursday.

Leaders in Congress Seek to Settle on Nominee
Hoping to bring their party’s presidential nomination fight to an end, the two top Democrats in Congress said they were pressing superdelegates who had yet to declare a preference in the race to make their choice public by the middle of next week.
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Flor-igan: Previewing the Meeting
There are 30 members of the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee, and here’s the breakdown: 13 back Clinton, eight support Obama, and nine are uncommitted, including the two co-chairs...
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Campaign Jousting Returns to Iraq War
After a strong push from Sen. John McCain's allies, the war in Iraq has moved back to center stage in the presidential election, with McCain attacking Sen. Barack Obama for making up his mind about the war without visiting the war zone...
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Biden's strength in foreign policy recruited by Obama
Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. yesterday said his one-time presidential rival Sen. Barack Obama has asked him to "play a more prominent" and "deeply involved" role in his campaign, a signal the likely Democratic nominee is looking to burnish his foreign-policy credentials...

Clinton faces new pressure on 2 fronts
Hillary Rodham Clinton is coming under growing pressure from Democratic Party leaders and elected officials to quit the race, while some of her own supporters seem reluctant to rally behind her strategy for salvaging her presidential ambitions.

Democratic Primary Poised For An Ugly End
The Democratic presidential race is heading into a fractious end game as supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton mobilize for a protest Saturday to demand that the party count two outlawed primaries that favored her.

High spirits for a battler who’s low on delegates
She might be lacking in delegates, money and avenues to the Democratic nomination, but if nothing else, Hillary Rodham Clinton has clearly solidified her front-running position as the presidential candidate to have cocktails with.

McCain's Web gap is showing
The video lasts just more than three minutes. But that's long enough to raise some nasty doubts about John McCain's reputation as a straight talker.

Ickes At The Alamo: Clinton's Delegate Counter Warns Of Defections At DNC Meeting
If Ickes and his allies cannot hold all their troops in line, a motion before the RBC to seat all 210 Florida and 156 Michigan delegates with a full vote each would face certain defeat.

McCain proposal for joint action gains support
Gaining ground this political season is a proposed League of Democracies designed to strengthen support for the next president's overseas agenda and ensure a global leadership role for the United States.

Senate’s Allure Drew McCain From Military
But Mr. McCain, the son and grandson of revered Navy admirals, was having second thoughts about following his family’s vocation. He had spent the previous four years as the Navy’s liaison to the Senate, sampling life in the world’s most exclusive club...
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Another pastor complicates Obama’s campaign
Sen. Barack Obama sought Thursday night to extinguish a burgeoning controversy over another Chicago minister who supports him, denouncing the comments of a Catholic priest who said “a whole lot of white people [are] crying” because a black man was within reach of the Democratic presidential nomination.
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Another Pastor Creates Controversy At GOP Event
Monsignor James Lisante, a local religious leader from Long Island, prayed to God as he attacked Obama. “Please Lord, tell Senator Obama that maybe change is a good thing,” prayed Lisante. “And maybe he should think about changing his favorite preacher.”
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David Axelrod on Key Turning Points in Race
The Brody File was in Chicago Thursday and spent the day at Barack Obama's main headquarters. I spoke with Obama's top advisor David Axelrod and he talked to me about some of the key turning points in this wild primary race. Watch above: read below:...

Charlie Black: Obama is a 'Conventional, Liberal Politician'
Charlie Black, one of John McCain's top advisors sat down with The Brody File Thursday evening in Milwaukee, WI. Watch what he told me on Obama's lack of experience. You can read the transcription below:...

Clinton supporters tell her: 'It's an honor, Madame President!'
"A lot of people didn't want this campaign to keep going. They've been trying to tell me to stop running since January — and every time they say it, people rebuke it and keep voting for me. That's what I hope will happen here in South Dakota," she told a cheering crowd...

Clinton Rally Organizers: We'll Back Obama If He's Nominee
"You're not going to write that we're a bunch of hysterical women trying to create havoc, are you?"

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that John McCain attracting 46% of the vote nationwide while Barack Obama earns 43%.

The People’s Priorities: Economy, Iraq, Gas Prices
The latest Gallup Panel survey finds three issues -- the economy, the war in Iraq, and gas prices -- far and away rate as the public's top priorities for the president and Congress to deal with at this time.

McCain Trusted More Than Obama on Economy, Iraq, National Security
When it comes to the economy, 47% of voters trust John McCain more than Barack Obama. Obama is trusted more by 41%.

Election 2008: New York Presidential Election
Fifty percent (50%) of New York Democrats say it’s time for Senator Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race for the White House. Just 43% believe she should keep going.

House Broker
Under the circumstances, it's no surprise that some Hillary loyalists have grown bitter toward Pelosi. In April, nearly two dozen big-league Hillary donors, reacting to Pelosi's warning about superdelegates, fired off an open letter to the speaker...

First Thoughts: Resolving Michigan and Florida
Possible scenario I: We’ve hesitated reporting on every rumor we've heard about a potential compromise, but here’s one plan circulating that seems to be gaining momentum...

Geraldine Ferraro: Healing the wounds of Democrats' sexism
Here we are at the end of the primary season, and the effects of racism and sexism on the campaign have resulted in a split within the Democratic Party that will not be easy to heal before election day.

Editorial: Clinton is top candidate for Dems
Obama could certainly become one of those candidates in the days ahead - at the time of this writing, his mathematical advantage is considerable. His appeal also is clear, and his campaign has been strong. But Clinton is the strongest Democratic candidate for South Dakota.

Another Ranting Preacher?
Barack Obama has another spiritual leader ranting and raving about whites, Father Michael Pfleger. The vitriol is familiar. ... The kicker: Obama gave him — that would be a political donor – a $100,000 earmark. Perhaps that’s a story.

The Note: Of Chaos and Comity
The marathon that has been the Democratic race is now a sprint -- and while the race may be over (and certain powerbrokers seek to set the finish line), the frontrunner is stumbling, again.

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