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5/28 Morning News: Colorado Superdelegate for Obama

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Colorado Superdelegate for Obama
Today, Colorado Democratic Party Chair and superdelegate Pat Waak announced her support for Barack Obama, citing his electability and strong support in Colorado....

Candidates Urge End to Darfur Violence
In a rare show of bipartisan unity, the three presidential candidates lent their names to a newspaper ad Wednesday accusing the Sudanese government of genocide in the Darfur region and urging an end to the violence.
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Presidential candidates sign joint statement on Darfur

Breathless speculation marks veepstakes
This year, the search for No. 2, could shape up as something much more than a temporary summer diversion before the conventions.

No RBC protest from Obama camp
Supporters have been told not to counter Clinton protests at the Rules & Bylaws committee meeting.

First Thoughts: Over the Top
As NBC’s Tim Russert reported on Nightly News last night, the Obama campaign will claim a majority of all delegates -- whether it’s 2,026, 2,210, or a number in between -- next Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Party Leaders Hopeful Dean Can Strike a Deal Over Disputed Delegations
Howard Dean’s drive toward party unity will be put to the test this weekend when the Democratic Party meets to hash out one of the most divisive wedges of the primary season.
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Dems Seek to Avoid Meltdown

Like McCain, Obama Raises Money Away From Cameras
Barack Obama will hold a fund-raiser here this morning and despite his criticism of the closed nature of John McCain’s fund-raiser with President Bush yesterday, cameras will not be allowed to attend this morning’s event. One print reporter will be allowed as a pooled reporter.

McCain Appears (Briefly) With Bush After Fundraiser
President Bush’s fundraiser for John McCain last night produced all of 15 seconds of video of them together at the Phoenix airport (and you can bet the Democrats will be showing that video a few hundred times before November), but raised around $3 million for the Republican Party.
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McCain Accepts a Hand From Bush, at Arm's Length
FOX: McCain and Bush: Gone in under 60 seconds
Bush Helps McCain Raise Millions in Arizona

The Early Word: A Glimpse of McCain’s Foreign Policy
Senator John McCain's put distance between himself and President Bush on foreign policy Tuesday, but accepted the president's fund-raising help, reflecting a tension likely to continue through November.

Clinton Casts Wide Net of Exaggeration, Claims to Lead in “Every Poll”
During an evening rally in Montana’s largest city Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton explained to the crowd why she should be the Democratic Party’s nominee, but what ensued was a list of overstatements and exaggerations as she made her case.

Clinton still insists she's more electable
Her chances of securing the Democratic presidential nomination narrowing by the day, Hillary Rodham Clinton asserted Tuesday that she would be a stronger candidate than Barack Obama to square off against John McCain in November.

While Campaigning in Montana, Clinton Reveals Secret Service Codename
Perhaps it was her surroundings or even the altitude, but at an outdoor rally set among evergreens and snowcapped mountains, Hillary Clinton disclosed the codenames assigned to her and her husband by Secret Service...

Straight Talk Express stalls in Hollywood
McCain may be winning Ben Stein's money, but experts say he still lags Obama in Hollywood support.

Starting Gate: McCain’s Undertow
After John McCain effectively wrapped up the Republican nomination, he paid a highly public visit to the White House to receive the blessing of his party’s leader for the last four years. Since then, McCain has done everything he can to erase that image...

Clinton Battles On, McCain and Obama Battle Each Other
The general election bout has begun with Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain sparring with each other, ignoring Hillary Clinton's efforts to stay in the ring with them.

Obama competitive against McCain with key voters
Barack Obama has done poorly in the Democratic primaries with women, Catholics and others who will be pivotal in this fall's presidential election. Yet early polling shows that with several of these groups, he's competitive when matched against Republican John McCain.

Stark Contrasts Between McCain and Obama in Judicial Wars
The presidential election, lawyers and scholars agree, will offer voters a choice between two sharply different visions for the ideological shape of the nation’s federal courts.

McCain’s about-face on Yucca
If a man told you for years that he didn’t love you, essentially had no regard for you at all, and then suddenly, when he needed you, told you he adored you, would you fall for it?

Obama Says He Erred in Speech
Obama's campaign said yesterday that he had erred in naming the camp but not in describing the role of his great-uncle, who partook in the liberation of Buchenwald.
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Obama corrects gaffe on kin's participation in freeing Auschwitz
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RNC hits Obama over Auschwitz claim, Obama camp responds

Dem lawyers: Fla., Mich. can't be fully restored
A Democratic Party rules committee has the authority to seat some delegates from Michigan and Florida but not fully restore the two states as Hillary Rodham Clinton wants, according to party lawyers.
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Florida, Michigan Deal is Near

McCain Urges New Arms Pact With Moscow
Senator John McCain distanced himself from the Bush administration on Tuesday by vowing to work more closely with Russia on nuclear disarmament and to move toward the elimination of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe.

Fiorina Buttresses McCain on Economy, Touting Tax Cuts, Trade
By John McCain's own admission, the economy isn't his strong suit. The ace up his sleeve may be a polished corporate executive ranked six times as the U.S.'s most powerful businesswoman, who's also among the most controversial.

Democrats Miss Marks to Finance Convention
The Democratic Party is struggling to raise money for its convention in Denver on Aug. 25-28, with fund-raising by the host committee falling far short of the party’s goals and lagging behind the Republicans’ efforts for their convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Polling Results
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that John McCain attracting 47% of the vote nationwide while Barack Obama earns 43%.

McCain Seen as Candidate Most Likely to Reach Across Party Lines
If John McCain is elected President, 61% of voters say it’s at least somewhat likely that he will reach across party lines and work effectively with both Republicans and Democrats. Fifty-two percent (52%) say the same will be true if Barack Obama is elected President.

Hillary Clinton’s Swing-State Advantage
In the 20 states where Hillary Clinton has claimed victory in the 2008 Democratic primary and caucus elections (winning the popular vote), she has led John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily trial heats for the general election over the past two weeks of Gallup Poll Daily tracking...

California Poll: Same-Sex Marriage is OK
A majority of California voters now support same-sex marriage and oppose amending the state constitution to outlaw gay marriage, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

Where Are The "Big" Issues?
Controversies over who endorsed whom, or what a candidate may or may not have said, or even who each candidate knows and likes have somehow supplanted the war in Iraq, the mortgage crisis, and health care.

Just Say Yes
There is a very easy way for Barack Obama's team to avoid floor fights at the Democratic National Convention. Just say yes.

The Note: Trails Mixed
Paths Point the Way for Clinton -- But She's Reading Different Signs...

Can He Take a Frisk?
“You’re a natural, like me. I was for hope; you are for hope. I was for change; you are for change. I took the Camelot sword from J.F.K.; you took it from Teddy. I would have been with you from the beginning except for that little deal I had with Hillary.... (This is a fictional conversation between B.Clinton and B.Obama. :))

Can Obama redo the map?
A Globe analysis of six traditionally Republican states where Obama has signaled he can compete suggests that his confidence has validity, but only to a point. Obama, above, campaigned in Nevada yesterday.

The Problem With Talking to Iran
There is, of course, nothing wrong with wanting to talk to an adversary. But Mr. Obama and his supporters should not pretend this is "change" in any real sense.

CNN Commentary: No graceful bow-out for Clinton
Lest anyone think the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination is going to end peacefully in June, forget about it.

Ku Klux Klan Won't Endorse Obama
Noting her strength with the broad swaths of people who have no intention of actually voting for her, Clinton also feels Obama's weakness with people who hate both of them with a passion should give unpledged superdelegates pause.

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Anonymous said...

Video: Barack Obama Mural Defaced

Anonymous said...

Rules are rules but Hillary doesn't follow the rules. I mean, do we really want Bill and Hillary back in the White House again? Let's take a look here at some things they have said which reflect their true character:

Bill: "I have never had sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

Hillary: "I was under Bosnian sniper fire."

Bill: "I put it to my mouth but I never inhaled."

Hillary: "I regret mentioning the RFK assassination but I was thinking about Ted Kennedy lately."

Bill: "I can't understand why the media is so mean to Hillary."

Hillary: "I care about party unity."

Please .... why don't the super-delegates end this now and pledge their votes to Obama. The man has presidential campaigning to do.