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5/27 Morning News: Memorial Day Messages On Iraq

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Memorial Day Draws Two Messages on Iraq
Senator Barack Obama addressed a separate audience of veterans and received vigorous applause when he declared, “As many of you know, my intention is to bring this war in Iraq to a close and to start bringing home our troops in an orderly fashion.”
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Obama urges grads to pursue public service
Filling in for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and tying himself to the family's legacy, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama urged college graduates Sunday to "make us believe again" by dedicating themselves to public service.
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Obama: When (Ex-)Dictators Attack
The campaign finally got a favor from one of these rogue leaders the potentially presumptive Dem nominee wants to meet with. Fidel Castro attacked Obama for pledging to keep the embargo in place if elected.
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Obama about to clinch victory, aide says
Barack Obama will formally capture the Democratic presidential nomination soon after next week's final primaries, the Illinois senator's top campaign aide is predicting.

Weekend Delegate Update: Obama 6-1
Obama picked up six delegates to Clinton’s one over the weekend. He got one from Alaska (former Gov. Tony Knowles 5/25), Wyoming (W. Patrick Goggles 5/24) and Georgia (Stephen Leeds) and three from Hawaii...
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Obama gains three superdelegates from Hawaii

Obama, McCain are dueling out West
The top Democratic and Republican presidential contenders, Barack Obama and John McCain, brought their campaigns to the deserts of the American West on Monday, kicking off what is shaping up to be a fierce contest for the region in November.
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Daschle Stars in New Ad for Obama
Former senator Tom Daschle has emerged as a leading surrogate and spokesman for Barack Obama. The latest proof: The former Senate Democratic leader is starring in a 30-second spot called "Straight"... (Video available at the link)
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Obama uses Daschle to make blue-collar pitch in new SD spot

McCain to Make a Rare Appearance With Bush
President Bush and John McCain will appear together at a fund-raiser in Phoenix Tuesday, the first time in nearly three months that the Republican presidential candidate will be seen beside the man he hopes to succeed.

Mac Puts the Shush On Bush
John McCain is ratcheting up his presidential campaign, but one person you won't see by his side is President Bush.
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McCain Defends Opposition to GI Bill
McCain, R-Ariz., addressed a largely veteran crowd of nearly 1,000 at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial, using the opportunity to talk about the prospects of victory in Iraq, as well as his views on a so-called "21st Century GI Bill."
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Worries in G.O.P. About McCain Camp Disarray
Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign is in a troubled stretch, hindered by resignations of staff members, a lagging effort to build a national campaign organization and questions over whether he has taken full advantage of Democratic turmoil...

Fukuyama backs Obama for US presidency
He is one of America's most famous neo-conservatives and his ideas on the spread of democracy have informed the Bush administration's foreign policy. But Francis Fukuyama, ... is now a sharp critic of US President George W Bush and has even come out as a supporter of ... Barack Obama for president.

Dem Rivals Hit Campaign Home Stretch
Sen. Hillary Clinton ended a three-day campaign swing across Puerto Rico the same way many Americans mark Memorial Day - with family, friends and a salute to the sacrifices of military men and women.
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As Clinton Staffers Look Ahead, Some Wonder If Campaign Is Winding Down
Could it be possible that after all this time, the once perceived inevitable Democratic nominee will be bowing out to make way for the junior senator from Illinois? The numbers are important, but visual cues may tell the real story.
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Obama supporters planning DNC counter-protest
Supporters of Barack Obama’s presidential bid are planning to demonstrate outside the Saturday meeting in Washington where Democratic officials are slated to debate the seating of the Florida and Michigan delegations at the party’s summer convention.
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Protest planned before hearing in Florida lawsuit

What’s the Criteria For McCain’s VP? Not What You’d Expect.
Was Bobby Jindal belting out show tunes? Did Mitt Romney show off his funky chicken? Probably not, but Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.Car., had little fun with all of the speculation about John McCain’s Memorial Day get together...

On the Trail, One Aide Looms Over Obama
In the last year, Barack Obama has learned a thing or two about running for president, and Reggie Love has learned a thing or two about Barack Obama.

Clinton Accepts A Debate Offer in Puerto Rico
Hillary Clinton said today that she would accept a debate offer from a major Spanish language television channel in Puerto Rico in the coming days because she said, “the issues facing Puerto Rico are serious and deserve a serious debate."

Clinton Modifies Trademark Pantsuit for Puerto Rico Beach Visit
Was she wearing a bathing suit you ask? Not quite, but she did ditch the turquoise pantsuit she wore to church this morning in favor of an island-chic, pink floral tunic with white pants.

Clinton Parties in PR, Acknowledges the Odds
Eager to put her controversial remarks about Robert Kennedy's assassination behind her, Sen. Hillary Clinton took off to Puerto Rico this weekend, where she shimmied to Enrique Iglesias, swigged from a bottle of Presidente beer and once again proclaimed her determination to continue her longshot campaign.
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Bill Clinton Has 'Never Seen a Candidate Treated So Disrespectfully Just for Running'
Former President Bill Clinton in South Dakota today delivered a harsh critique of how his wife has been treated during her presidential bid, telling the crowd that he has "never seen a candidate treated so disrespectfully just for running,"...
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Pros and cons of veepstakes favorites and dark horses
Who gets second billing on the presidential ballot?

On global warming, it's McCain v. GOP
GOP must choose to embrace McCain's ideas or stick with Bush's hands-off approach.

A guide to undisciplined messaging
Politico has created a list of dirty words and phrases that are better left unsaid on the general election campaign trail.

The Campaign for Puerto Rico
In other words, Puerto Rico's June 1 Democratic primary is the kind of contest that Hillary Clinton's campaign would dismiss as meaningless if Barack Obama were favored to win it. But Clinton is favored to win it easily, so she's casting it as an important test of strength...

McCain honors service of Hispanics in new ad
John McCain’s campaign continued its pitch to Hispanic voters on Memorial Day in a new web ad paying tribute to the service and sacrifice of Hispanics serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Same Joke, More Regret
Note to pundits and politicians: Assassination jokes just don’t go over well, as a Fox News Channel commentator found out this weekend.

Polling Results
Lee Newspapers poll: Obama holds big edge over Clinton in Montana
Obama leads Clinton by 52 percent to 35 percent among likely Democratic voters, with 13 percent undecided in the poll, which was taken May 19-21.
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Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that John McCain attracting 47% of the vote nationwide while Barack Obama earns 44%.

Election 2008: Minnesota Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Minnesota the state shows that Barack Obama leads McCain by double-digits, 53% to 38%. That’s virtually identical to the election poll results from a month ago.

Six in 10 Democrats Confident of Victory in 2008 Election
A new Gallup Panel survey, conducted May 19-21, finds 61% of Democrats saying they are confident their party will win the election, including 35% who are "very confident." Meanwhile, only 39% of Republicans are confident, with only 13% saying they are very confident.

Gallup Daily: Clinton Maintains Lead Over McCain
Gallup Poll Daily tracking from May 20-24 finds Hillary Clinton maintaining a significant 49% to 44% lead over John McCain when registered voters are asked about their preferences for the fall general election, while McCain has a slight 47% to 45% advantage over Barack Obama.

Nominating system 'irrational'
Clinton claim to be ahead depends entirely on a tally for Michigan primary...

First Thoughts: Did HRC Stay Too Long?
Given the thud with which Clinton's RFK flub was received, it's starting to become clear that perhaps she erred in deciding to stay in the race this long.

Pastors pose problems for McCain and Obama
Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, both seeking to use religion to their advantage in the presidential campaign, have learned painful lessons about the risks of getting too close to religious leaders.

No Clear Map For Clinton's Political Future
Clinton, Kennedy continued, must decide where her heart lies. "She's got great capacity -- she was a good senator before, and she can be a great senator in the future," he said. The question, he said, is "what she does with this experience."

How small stories become big news
Clinton's RFK comments provide an example of modern journalism as a hyperkinetic child.

The Frenzy for Campaign Money
Painful contradictions abound. Senator John McCain, who made a career of attacking big-money abuses in politics, has had to send five top campaign aides packing after their lucrative professions as special-interest lobbyists, capital insiders and money bundlers became too embarrassing to ignore.

Bush: An asset or a liability for McCain?
That's the question being asked Tuesday as the president prepares to make his first campaign appearance with the presumptive Republican nominee later Tuesday at a private fundraiser in Phoenix.

Business to McCain camp: What role?
What part, if any, are members of the business community to play in the Republican's campaign?

Clinton could face uneasy Senate return
When Hillary Rodham Clinton made a rare stop in the Senate last week, she spoke from a lonely outpost at the end of the Armed Services Committee dais, eight empty chairs emphasizing the gulf between her and real Senate power at the chairman’s spot.

Hope vs. Fear
So, Barack Obama slowly moves towards locking up the nomination and begins to turn his sights on John McCain.

The era of big Clintons is soon over
When Hillary Rodham Clinton finally exits the 2008 Democratic presidential race, she will end a decades-long, power-couple streak of unique political energy, savvy ideas, colossal policy flops and raw ambition dressed in pants suits and briefs, not boxers.

Not The Best Of Times for Obama
The New York Times and other mainstream media pundits are convinced that John McCain is in dire straits and everything is going swimmingly for their favorite son Barack Obama. But is this right?

A proposed solution for Fla. and Mich.
In an Ideas piece, a Clinton supporter proposes principles that should guide the DNC's Rules Committee.

Obama Will Give Reform in Cuba a Nudge if Not a Shove
In declaring his administration would meet with the Raúl Castro regime without preconditions, Obama was not being naïve but impeccably realistic.

Is McCain's Appeal Doomed?
Dropping the national GOP brand -- current and would-be presidents included -- is in the individual self-interest of many Republican candidates.

No Longer Staring Into the Abyss of an Obama-Clinton Ticket
Clinton's increasingly desperate quest to show something for her decades of campaigning has taken on a vaguely insane turn, for which we should be grateful, even as it makes us queasy.

Obama in Florida: Hooray for Substance!
In a campaign that's dully repetitive, Obama did something worth noting. He took his politics of engagement to Florida and presented it to the bulwarks of the Cuban embargo.

Harkin: McCain too 'military'
Republican presidential candidate John McCain's family background as the son and grandson of admirals has given him a worldview shaped by the military, "and he has a hard time thinking beyond that," Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Ia., said Friday.

Jim Johnson, NAFTA, and Barack's Short List for Vice President
Jim Johnson is vetting VP picks for Obama, which is a curious choice because he helped John Kerry and Walter Mondale with this process. No one would mistake Johnson for any kind of change agent.

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