Saturday, May 24, 2008

5/24 Evening News: Campaigning in Puerto Rico

News Items
Obama criticizes McCain on veterans' benefits in Puerto Rico
Barack Obama told veterans Saturday that he can't understand why Republican John McCain opposes legislation that would provide college scholarships to people who have served in the U.S. military.
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Obama’s Campaign Team on the Verge of an Upset
As the marathon Democratic primary campaign nears an end, Barack Obama’s staff is on the verge of vindicating its belief that the eloquent black freshman senator from Illinois was a unique candidate who could win the Democratic nomination...

Obama, Clinton Each Pick Up 1 Delegate in Georgia
Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton each picked up a delegate in Georgia on Saturday as state Democrats selected their delegation to the party’s national convention in Denver this summer.
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Wyoming Add-On Superdelegate for Obama
Also Saturday, Democrats selected the state's sixth superdelegate, state Rep. W. Patrick Goggles of Ethete. Goggles was the only person nominated to be the "unpledged add-on" delegate by party chairman and Obama supporter John Millin.

A co-chair of Clinton's Hispanic council endorses Obama
A California congressman who is co-chair of Hillary Clinton's National Hispanic Leadership Council has defected and pledged his support to Barack Obama, Clinton's rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In Puerto Rico, Dems Pursue Two Separate Campaigns
A sign of just how unusual the Democratic primary battle has become, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both campaigning in the Caribbean this weekend, courting Puerto Rico voters ahead of the territory’s June 1 primary.
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Victim of Sexism? Women Rally 'Round Clinton
Many female Clinton supporters are suddenly galvanized and are angry at what they call blatant sexism in this presidential race.

NYT: GOP worries about trouble in McCain camp
Republicans say turmoil in Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign is preventing him from taking full advantage of Democratic infighting.

Calculating John McCain's biological age
John McCain will turn 72 in August. If elected, that would make him the oldest first-term president in history. Should that worry us? Not necessarily.

Clinton Brings Message of Equality to Puerto Rico
In her first official visit here as a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton came with one promise: that if she is elected president, one of her top priorities will be to give Puerto Ricans equal standing as Americans...
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Clinton clemency flap a non-issue in P.R.
For all the criticism surrounding Clinton clemency episode in '99, nary a word is heard about it as candidates battle for 63 delegates at stake in primary.

Obama Says Clinton Meant No Offense With RFK Comment
This afternoon, Barack Obama responded to Hillary Clinton's comments yesterday when she referenced th assassination of Robert F. Kennedy as a reason she's staying in the race this year. Obama said he believes that Clinton was not trying to be offensive.
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McCain's Holiday Grill: V(I)P Guest List?
Some Wonder if Get-Together With Jindal, Crist, Romney Is Part of VP Selection Process...
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McCain Fundraiser Moved, Amid Protest Threats
Convention Center spokeswoman Alexandria Van Haren says the event scheduled for Tuesday evening is no longer being held at the downtown location and that the fundraiser will be held at an undisclosed site.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 52%, Clinton 44%
Gallup Poll Daily tracking from May 21-23 finds 52% of national Democratic voters favoring Barack Obama to be the party's presidential nominee, compared with 44% choosing Hillary Clinton.

Obama would take California in November, Times/KTLA poll finds
Clinton would also defeat McCain in the fall, but by a smaller margin. The survey comes less than four months after Obama's loss in the state primary.

A Memo to Senator Obama
Given his successes, it's easy to argue that Barack Obama doesn't need advice. But how he'll handle race going forward is by no means a settled issue. Our open letter.

Hillary's Vice-Presidential Tango
This Week in Politics: Are the Clintons making the wrong kind of Veep push? What lessons did they learn from her 2004 feelers to John Kerry?

'Raw Politics': Shhh! The candidate is praying
Not so many years ago, polite people did not talk about sex, religion or politics. At least not in public. They had plenty to do with all three, let me assure you, but they didn't talk about it...

Sympathy for Hillary
And I'd also argue this: Hillary Clinton seems calculating because she isn't very good at it. Her husband is. In my experience, she's more a policy wonk than a calculating pol...but having watched Bill do this--and quite brilliantly, thank you--she has learned the wrong lesson...

Paul Abrams: How To Control the Endgame
If Barack Obama states a date-certain by which he will choose a Vice-President, then a minimum of one week earlier is the date by which Hillary withdraws or is not considered for Vice-President.

The Remark that Lost a Vice Presidency
Were she to be the Vice Presidential nominee or the eventual Vice President, how would we ever forget these comments should something happen to Obama? How could we ever believe that she did not really mean this?

Of Mice and Straw Men
Could it be that Senator McCain doesn't want the public to see the maverick image he worked so hard to create is nothing more than a straw man?

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Anonymous said...

Cris: It is so great to have your blogspot back. Thanks so much for your efforts! And isn't wonderful to have this primary season nearly at an end so we can focus on McCain??? Great to see the things on him added.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting why it must be said "I am a Cuban-American", or words to that effect. This country is made up of people from all over the world, past and present, from the very beginning of its existence and history. If you want to really be an American and believe in this country, then why not say your are an American, not Cuban American, not Mexican American, not Polish American, not Spanish American, not French American, not Russian American, BUT JUST AMERICAN!! I am English, Scot, Irish and Cherokee; but I do not say I am a Scot American, Irish American, etc, I simply state what I am based on my country of birth...American, or for those that came here to become LEGAL chosen country. You can't be is one country, not Cuba and America, just America...the U.S. of A.

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Hi Cris,

I was so disappointed when I read that you were discontinuing your blog. I checked it today thinking that maybe you had found a way to continue, and to my delight, you are back! Your work is greatly appreciated. I was checking in everyday, and I will continue to do so. Welcome back, and thank you for this valuable resource!