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5/23 Evening News: Obama Defines His Policy re: Cuba

News Items
Obama Outlines Cuba Policy
Says He Would Keep Embargo But Allow Family Travel, Would Meet With Castro "At A Time And Place Of My Choosing"
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Clinton regrets RFK assassination remark
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton quickly apologized Friday after citing the June 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in defending her decision to keep running for the Democratic presidential nomination despite increasingly long odds.
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Clinton Folks Deny Reports of Veep Talks
Clinton campaign officials Howard Wolfson and Terry McAuliffe tell NBC News that reports of talks between the Clinton campaign and the Obama campaign over a possible vice presidential role are totally false. (The Obama camp confirms this as well.)
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CBS4's One-On-One Interview With Barack Obama
When asked about the DNC's decision to strip Florida of its presidential delegates because the state held an early primary, Obama said he was confident that Florida's delegates will count.

Two More Edwards Delegates for Obama
NBC NEWS confirms two more Edwards pledged delegates have pledged to vote for Obama. So far, 12 Edwards pledged delegates have said they will vote for Obama, since Edwards endorsed Obama last Wednesday.
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Obama adds two superdelegates, one's a former Clinton backer
Costa said electability had helped drive his decision. “In my opinion, it is clear that Senator Obama will be the strongest presidential nominee for the Democratic Party,” Costa said in the statement released by the campaign.
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Dems Turn Up Heat on McCain Over Military Commitment
Democrats are turning up the heat on John McCain in the one area that’s been relatively sacred this campaign season — military commitment.

Obama to release doctor's statement
This just in: Sen. Barack Obama's campaign plans to release a summary of their candidate's health early next week. The summary will be from his primary care physician. A campaign source said there will be no surprises in the information.
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Clinton Camp Using Republicans to Make Their Case
Also just this week, Clintonites -- from Bill Clinton to Terry McAuliffe, to the candidate herself -- cited Karl Rove, of all people, to help make their case that Clinton is the strongest general election electoral map candidate.

Is Bloomberg On McCain's List? What About Obama's?
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg famously flirted with a presidential run before apparently concluding that it wasn't a good idea. Now he is being discussed as a possible vice presidential candidate – if not by the likely nominees themselves, at least in the media.

Memorial Day Weekend Preview: 7 new superdelgates
Obama will be in Florida, Puerto Rico, Connecticut and New Mexico. Clinton will be in South Dakota and Puerto Rico. And we have new superdelegates being named in 4 states, Alaska, Georgia, Wyoming and Hawaii...

McCain Changes Tone on Other Pastor?
John McCain’s tune toward evangelical pastor Rod Parsley has changed in three months’ time.

Hagee Says His Words Were Twisted
The Christian televangelist John Hagee is tried to clarify comments he made about the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler that ultimately led John McCain to reject Hagee’s endorsement. “I have dedicated my life to combating anti-Semitism and supporting the state of Israel,” Hagee said...
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Bush begins raising money for McCain
President Bush starts raising money for John McCain's campaign next week, but with the three fundraisers closed and McCain attending only one, there will be almost no chance for the public to see the outgoing and incoming Republican party leaders together.
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Pelosi Says Women Won't Suffer a `Step Back' If Clinton Loses
Clinton, 60, a New York senator, is "bigger than all of it'' and has shown "courage,'' Pelosi, a California Democrat, said in an interview with Judy Woodruff broadcast on the PBS NewsHour last night.

Lieberman, Graham Violating McCain Campaign's Ethics Rules?
Two of Sen. John McCain's top campaign chairmen are serving on the board of an independent organization that is behind a new attack ad against Sen. Barack Obama, an apparent violation of the Arizona Republican's new conflict of interest policy.

Cindy McCain Releases 2006 Tax Returns
Cindy McCain, who two weeks ago said she would never make her tax returns public, revealed Friday that she had a total income of more than $6 million in 2006.
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McCain Leads! (In Missed Votes)
Through last week, McCain had missed a nice, round 60.0 percent of Senate votes so far in the 110th Congress. After Sen. Tim Johnson (D-S.D.), who was absent for several months following a brain hemorrhage, comes Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)...

Romney downplays VP chances
"I don't think there's much likelihood that I'm on that list, to tell you the truth," Romney says of McCain's VP choice.

Lieberman's Step-Son: I'm Voting For Obama
So where does Rabbi Tucker fall on Obama, whose foreign policy bona fides were bashed by his stepfather in a recent editorial? Actually, he's backing Obama. Apparently, Obama's associations aren't a problem for him...

Reagan Aides See Echo Of The Gipper In Obama Diplomacy
Aides to and biographers of the nation's 40th president universally note that he had a preference for one-on-one engagement. And in describing the foreign policy of their former boss (or subject) they employ language that reflects, almost point by point, much of the rhetoric coming from the Obama campaign.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama Leads Clinton 51% to 44%
Barack Obama remains the leader in national Democratic voters' nomination preferences, 51% to 44%, over Hillary Clinton, but his lead has fallen below double digits for the first time in six days in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

Election 2008: Pennsylvania Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Pennsylvania finds Barack Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 43%.

Election 2008: New Hampshire Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in New Hampshire shows Barack Obama with 48% while John McCain earns support from 43%.

Polls: Obama Improving In Key General Election States
Survey USA has an Ohio poll suggesting a sizable 9-point lead for Barack Obama in a matchup against McCain.

Ohio VP Matchups
Here’s the table of matchups from Ohio, where before asking about Vice Presidential possibilities, we find Barack Obama leading John McCain by 9 points.

CBS: Dem Strategist Sees Challenges For Obama
Well, he's got to win them somewhere in the general election. And it is a serious problem. I mean, he’s probably not going to win West Virginia. He's got to win Pennsylvania, Ohio...

Todd: Civil war waiting for losing '08 party?
NBC's Political Director explains what happens to the GOP should McCain lose in '08, and explores the Dems' destiny should potential nominee Obama fail.

Did Obama's Foreign Policy Start With a "Gaffe"?
But was the July 23 debate really the first time Obama promised to meet with unsavory leaders? I asked Obama spokesman Ben Labolt whether he could point to earlier instances.

Obama's Metastatic Gaffe
After that, there was no going back. So he doubled down. What started as a gaffe became policy. By now, it has become doctrine. Yet it remains today what it was on the day he blurted it out: an absurdity.

The Accidental Foreign Policy
Barack Obama has always been an independent thinker. ... But as a presidential candidate articulating what he might do in office, his real break with convention may have begun with a gaffe.

Cafferty: Concerned about McCain’s health?
McCain has been treated for a range of health issues that are common in older people, like having pre-cancerous skin lesions and benign colon growths removed. He also has degenerative arthritis from his war injuries...

Secretary of State Biden?
Now Biden, who has been to foreign policy in the Senate what Ted Kennedy has been to domestic policy (almost anyway!), is emerging as a major consigliere to Barack Obama—perhaps with his eye on State once again.

McCain spends months on standby; Democrats rev up
Republican John McCain has been slow to take advantage of his potential head start for the presidency against Democrats, who are better organized and generate more excitement among voters.

Clinton and the Delegates: A Friendly Reply to Rachel Maddow
If the Dems ran primaries on a winner-take-all basis like they once did, like the electoral vote is handed out in the general election, Clinton would have already won the nomination with over 2,000 delegates.

Hillary's Demise Was All About Iraq
Had Sen. Clinton used her Senate re-election race in 2006 to admit her vote was wrong, she would now be preparing to accept the Democratic nomination for president.

Should She Stay or Should She Go?
If we do not see a concession by early June, we can assume that Senator Clinton and her advisers have made the mistake of believing their own spin.

Fear of Islam Hurts Obama in Kentucky
One might have thought that the Wright scandal would have extinguished Obama's rumored connection to Islam. Instead, it has only strengthened the spurious claims about his faith.

NY Times: Bush Appeasement Attack Directed Toward Israel As Well
The paper makes the very important point that when Bush's appeasement attack was directed not just against Obama, but the leadership of the Jewish state of Israel as well.

For a "Change-Turnout-New Voter" Election, Bill Richardson Should Be VP Choice
History tells us that few people vote for a ticket because of the vice-presidential candidate. However, Bill Richardson could change the electoral map -- now, and for two generations.

Could Hillary Win as an African-American Male?
The increasingly demented Hillary has come up with a real nuclear option -- the only way to neuter the presumptuous pretty-boy who hijacked her party...

An Angry McCain Shows Just What Type of Dirty Campaign He's Running. Somewhere Karl Rove is Smiling
McCain offers himself as a candidate who wishes to run a more respectful campaign, but his actions of the past few weeks have been same Rovian tactics we've come to hate these past eight years.

I'm Going to Disagree with Arianna -- and Scream for Clinton to Step Down
Just the other day I was willing to hug it out and even push for an Obama/Clinton ticket. Now I see Clinton will go to any lengths, including the discussion of assassination, to get what she wants.

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