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5/22 Evening News: Back-and-Forth on the GI Bill

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Obama Responds to McCain on GI Bill
In the back-and-forth over the GI bill, Obama counterpunched with this after McCain played the you-didn't-serve-in-the-military card...
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Obama Fills in For Kennedy
Obama will fill in for Ted Kennedy in giving Sunday's commencement address at Wesleyan University, his campaign says.
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Obama Hints at Naming Clinton to His 'Team of Rivals'
"We've got more work to do. Two more weeks to go. So I don't want to jump the gun." Then, suddenly, he warmed to the idea:...

As Race Wanes, Talk of Obama-Clinton Ticket Grows
Bill Clinton has begun privately musing about the prospect of his wife as Barack Obama’s running mate.

Obama Refines Foreign Policy Position After Backlash
Barack Obama’s willingness to meet Iranian, Cuban and other hostile leaders who would not get face time from John McCain stands as a distinctive element of his foreign policy. Distinctive, yes, but clearly defined? Not quite.

How Obama Ended Up On (And Off) The Michigan Ballot
The argument over what role he played in undermining the Michigan primary -- and whether or not his motives were purely political self-interest or respect for the DNC -- is muddled by the fact that it wasn't technically his choice to participate in the first place.

Obama Veepwatch: Webb for 'Ambassador to Appalachia'?
In an interview yesterday with MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski, self-described "redneck" Virginia Sen. Jim Webb ... bristled at the suggestion that racism accounts for Obama's paltry performance in Appalachia.

NY Gov: Clinton should stop Mich, Fla effort
New York Gov. David Paterson, a superdelegate who supports Hillary Rodham Clinton, said she's showing "a little desperation" and should give up her effort to count votes from renegade primaries in Michigan and Florida.
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Obama to tour key Western states
Barack Obama will travel to three crucial swing states next week, the latest sign the Illinois senator is moving into the general election phase of his campaign.

Playing the Spoiler Role?
The Libertarians say they're not out to ruin McCain's chances. But they could cost him.

McCain to Hagee: 'It's Not Me, John. It's You.'
It's taken almost three months of uproar, but John McCain today finally rejected the endorsement of controversial Texas Rev. John Hagee.
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McCain Opens His Medical Records
If John McCain wins in November, he would be the oldest first elected president in U.S. history. This fact has not been entirely lost on voters.
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Candidates' health can decide an election
Richard Nixon, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy all faced health questions on the campaign trail. What will John McCain's medical records reveal on Friday?

Delegate Dispute Could Alter Democratic Endgame
Hillary Clinton’s campaign is taking a hard-line approach to the seating of the disputed Democratic convention delegates from Michigan and Florida, even as Barack Obama softens his stance on the matter and says he’s ready to compromise.

Wolfson: Even If Florida And Michigan Aren't Seated, An Obama Victory Would Be Legit
That would appear to be a flat-out assertion that Hillary's position is that even if she doesn't get the votes counted as she hopes to, Obama's victory would be nonetheless completely legitimate.

Battleground Florida, Day Three
She came, she saw... and she confused. With its whole abolitionists, suffragettes and civil-right martyrs shtick (read our coverage here), Hillary Clinton's new crusade to "Count Every Vote" made big waves...
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Harold Ickes: Zero Delegates for Obama in MI
On a conference call this morning, Clinton senior adviser Harold Ickes argued not only that Michigan’s and Florida’s delegations should receive full votes at the convention, but that the Michigan's 55 uncommitted delegates should be seated as such, not given to the Obama camp.

Clinton aide denies flip-flop on Florida, Michigan
Senior Clinton adviser Harold Ickes said again today that his vote last summer to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates was not at odds with his current push to have full slates from both states seated at the Democratic convention.

Obama: 'Unshakable commitment' to Israel
The Illinois senator also says he hopes his presidency would help improve strained relations between American black and Jewish communities.

Clinton Camp Says 2026 Number No Longer Relevant For Nomination
Clinton delegate master Harold Ickes says now that the Obama campaign has declared its willingness to seat delegations from Michigan and Florida at the Party Convention in August, the number of delegates once thought to be required to win the nomination is no longer operable.

Florida delegates file lawsuit to get delegation seated
Three of Florida’s Democratic delegates filed a federal lawsuit Thursday in an attempt to force the Democratic National Committee to seat Florida’s delegation at the convention.

Misreading the Cuba Vote
Viewpoint: Appealing to anti-Castro sentiment has long been seen as the ticket to success in Florida. But times have changed...

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama 53%, Clinton 42%
Barack Obama continues to hold a solid lead over Hillary Clinton in national Democratic voters' nomination preferences, 53% to 42%, in Gallup Poll Daily tracking.

Polls: Clinton does better in the swing states
A new series of Quinnipiac polls out of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania appear to bolster Hillary Clinton's argument that she is better positioned than Barack Obama to beat John McCain in the crucial swing states.

Election 2008: Nevada Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Nevada shows John McCain holding a modest lead over Barack Obama in the race for the state’s Electoral College votes.

Newsweek: The Electability Mirage
Too bad Hillary Clinton left the Sunshine State last night--because the "good news" just came in this morning.

MSNBC: Decision '08: One for the record books
How conventional campaign wisdom was blown to smithereens.

Analysis: Party insider Clinton now on the outs
After more than a decade as the ultimate Democratic Party insider, Hillary Rodham Clinton finds herself in a strange place: on the outside looking in, beseeching party leaders to help keep her White House bid alive.

Obama's "Jewish Problem"
The New York Times has a problematic article on Page One today that suggests some Jewish voters won’t back Obama in part because they’re a bunch of racists. Here’s the problem: The article focuses largely on people in their eighties living in retirement villages in Florida...

TIME: What Does Hillary Want?
A graceful exit is never easy in a business as fraught with ego and ambition as presidential politics. Which is why in recent days, quiet calls have started going out to key supporters of Hillary Clinton who are showing signs of wanting to jump ship.

Cafferty:Does Obama have a problem with Jewish voters in Florida?
While the line is the kind that will get a laugh, the point he's making is very serious: Barack Obama could have a problem with some Jewish voters, especially in Florida.

Moving Clinton's Goalposts, Again
Hillary Clinton and her inventive mathematicians see a parallel between Robert Mugabe and George McGovern, who won the 1972 presidential nomination while losing the popular vote.

Hillary's Hostage Crisis
What Hillary's doing now is showing the Obama team and the Party's leaders that she has it in her power to cost them the election in November.

What Game is Hillary Playing?
There is not an ounce of principle in the Clinton position. When they thought they were ahead in the presidential race, they supported DNC rules, but now that they are behind, they don't like them.

Who's Ready on Day One?
As the only one of the candidates who deals in reality rather than fantasy, Obama is the only candidate who will be ready on day one, as "commander-in-chief," or as president.

Using Statistics to Estimate the Michigan and Florida Elections That Didn't Happen
If Michigan and Florida had voted when they were supposed to according to DNC rules, and if both candidates had campaigned there, what would have been the result?

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