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5/13 Evening News: Clinton Wins, But Does It Matter?

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Clinton trounces Obama in West Virginia
Hillary Rodham Clinton coasted to a large but largely symbolic victory in working-class West Virginia on Tuesday, handing Barack Obama one of the worst defeats of the campaign yet scarcely slowing his march toward the Democratic presidential nomination.
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The Obama Camp's Memo on WV
The Obama campaign has issued its own West Virginia memo, which makes three points: 1) Clinton is going to win West Virginia BIG; 2) Obama has already picked up more superdelegates in the last week than Clinton will gain from West Virginia...

The Clinton Camp's Memo on WV
Hours before the West Virginia polls close, the Clinton campaign just released a memo that tries to raise the stakes of today's contest, which Clinton is expected to win by a considerable margin.
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Another Three Supers For Obama
Obama has now picked up 25 ... this past week. That's more delegates certainly than Clinton will net out of the West Virginia's 28 delegates at stake. And If Obama rolls out four more, he'd have gained more superdelegates in the past week than there are delegates at stake in West Virginia.

Obama begins fall campaign in earnest
But on Tuesday, Obama gave the clearest sign yet that he considers the Democratic presidential nomination in the bag, and he's not waiting for a Clinton concession speech to start campaigning all-out against Republican Sen. John McCain.
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MSNBC Live Vote: The Impact of the W.V. Primary
Right now about 72% say the results will not be enough to change the outcome of the nomination battle. Go vote!

‘Almost Nominee’ Status Keeps Obama in Limbo
As Senator Barack Obama prepared for defeat in West Virginia, his aides said he was still feeling like a winner — but not quite like a nominee.

Romer: Time for Supers is 'Right Now'
Former Colorado Gov. Roy Romer said he's endorsing Obama now because he believes all superdelegates should get on the record "right now.” It’s "now time to turn to the general."

Delegate Update: W.V. Allocations
NBC NEWS has allocated 22 of West Virginia's 28 delegates so far -- 16-6 for Clinton.

McGovern Urges Obama, Clinton To Unite
Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton should stop beating up on each other in the remaining Democratic contests and focus their ire on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, George McGovern said Tuesday.

If You Could Read Lips...
In between votes today on the Senate floor, each senator huddled with their supporters, spent a little time with their opponent's supporters ... Many of the conversations were animated and appeared lighthearted. But other talks seemed more serious.
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Obama: Don't fund independent groups
Major donors concluding that Obama wants to cut off funds to outside groups, especially media 527s.

The Stumper Superdelegate Watch, Part V of ???
So where does the superslugfest stand? Mere moments from a TKO--in Barack Obama's favor.
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Obama and Working-Class Whites
The anticipated outcome of today’s contest in West Virginia is prompting a fresh review of Barack Obama’s difficulties winning support from working-class white voters in this year’s Democratic primaries.

Before Bitter-Gate: What Obama Said Hours Earlier About Guns
"We need sensible gun laws," said the Senator. "I just got back from Montana where just about everyone has guns. In that culture, fathers and sons bond over hunting. You can't take that away from rural America....

Dodd: Dems Have Ceded Process To Cable TV
Sen. Christopher Dodd, who failed to draw support in a crowded field of presidential hopefuls, criticized the Democratic Party Monday for "ceding the process" to cable television news programs eager for a two-candidate contest.

Obama Returns Flag Pin to His Lapel
Like the American flag that Francis Scott Key famously wrote about, the one on Barack Obama’s lapel keeps appearing and disappearing.

Hagee Apologizes to Catholics in Letter
Controversial McCain endorser Pastor John Hagee, who has come under fire for comments he’s made about victims of Katrina as well as the Catholic Church, today apologized to the Catholic Church with "deep regret."
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Clinton's wealth rose fastest among lawmakers, report finds
Propelled by her husband's post-White House earnings, Sen. Hillary Clinton's average net worth soared from red ink to $30.7 million between 2000 and 2006, the fastest financial climb among members of Congress who arrived without assets, a watchdog group reported Tuesday.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains Democratic Lead, 50%-44%
Gallup Poll Daily tracking from May 10-12 finds Barack Obama ahead of Hillary Clinton, 50% to 44%, in national Democratic voters' presidential nomination preferences.

OR Poll: Obama +20
Obama enjoys his biggest lead. The poll (May 8-10, 400 Dem LV, MoE +/- 4.8%), conducted by Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall for the Portland Tribune and KPTV News 12, shows Obama with a 20-point lead over Clinton.

EXIT POLLS: The Race Factor in West Virginia
Racially motivated voting ran somewhat higher than elsewhere: Two in 10 whites said the race of the candidate was a factor in their vote, second only to Mississippi.

Early W.V. Exits: It's the Economy
Seven-in-10 Clinton voters support her idea to suspend the gas tax for the summer. Obama opposes the plan, often calling it a "gimmick," and a little more than half his voters agreed.

West Virginia Exit Poll Peek
We have our first peek at some of the exit polling results. Most voters made up their minds at some time before last week – a period which has been dominated by talk of Hillary Clinton’s ability to continue in the race.

Schneider: A clear rift in the party exists
West Virginia exit polls appear to show the prolonged Democratic presidential race has produced a clear rift in the party, at least for now.

Exit Polls: Clinton gains edge among independents
Eighteen percent of the voters in today's Democratic contest identified themselves as independents; they went for Clinton over Obama, 53 percent to 40 percent.

Exit polls: West Virginia voters want Democratic race to continue
Despite a week of intense media speculation about whether Hillary Clinton will drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination, early exit polling in today's West Virginia Democratic primary shows 70 percent of the voters would prefer the campaign to continue.

Schneider: More sobering news — the value gap
The West Virginia exit polls show more sobering news for Democrats about the deepening division within the party. We asked the voters whether each candidate shared their values.

Schneider: Change vs. experience
But here is the surprise: Obama and Clinton nearly split those voters who named change as the most important quality, 53 percent for Obama and 45 percent for Clinton. That margin has been much wider in other states.

Schneider: Gender gap is back
In early exit polls, 55 percent of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are women, and 45 percent are men. How about Barack Obama’s voters? Just about the reverse...

Schneider: Gas tax suspension proves popular
According to the exit polls, 63 percent overall think it’s a good one. But while 72 percent of Clinton’s backers think the proposal is a good idea, just 43 percent of Obama’s agree.

A Floor Fight?
Just the threat of a convention floor fight gives Hillary a weapon to use both in private and in public.

Obama defeat shows need for coalition
John Edwards registers 7 percent of vote, suggesting deeper dissatisfaction with both candidates, though Clinton used results to bolster her case.

ALTER: Clinton's Last Stand
In private, negotiations will open between the Clinton and Obama forces. Even if Obama has reached the magic number of 2,025 delegates needed to nominate (Clinton is now claiming the real number is higher), the Clintonites will have plenty to talk about...

Clinton’s Universal Bargaining Chip
Speculating on the possibility that Hillary Clinton could drop her bid in exchange for Barack Obama’s embrace of universal health care.

Should Obama Worry About W.VA?
His lead still seems insurmountable, but some wonder Clinton's win with white blue collars could spell trouble...

The Long Vice Presidential Selection Waiting Game
Will Barack choose Hillary to be his running mate, or Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, or NM Gov Bill Richardson, AZ Gov Janet Napolitano, or the less likely Chuck Hagel or Sam Nunn?

Could Obama Be the Next Postmodern Hero?
Barack Obama embodies the contradictions it takes to be a postmodern hero. There's substance behind the image, ideas behind the rhetoric, and a man behind the politician.

Six Reasons Why Obama and Clinton Would Each Say "Yes" to VP
Those who say Hillary Clinton won't accept the Democratic Party vice presidential nomination are assuming that she wants all or nothing.

What Do Obama/Clinton, Kennedy/Johnson and Nixon/Rockefeller Have in Common?
Am I the only one still alive who covered the 1960 Conventions? Why is the media working so hard to brand Hillary a loser and drum her out of what is likely to be a fair fight on the Convention floor?

In Defense of Being Educated
Most politicians tend to present why they are the best, what they can offer to the public to make their constituency a better place. Hillary is proudly saluting that her appeal is to the dumber voters.

Confidence v. Presumptuousness
The Obama campaign did not campaign in any of the five states yet to cast votes for the Democratic nominee today (a morning event in Kentucky was cancelled due to Senate votes), opting to visit Missouri and Michigan, states that will be key for a Democratic victory in November.

Blitzer: The primary race has made Obama stronger
There is no doubt that Barack Obama is a better campaigner today than he was when he started this run for the White House nearly a year and a half ago.

Superdelegates Under the Desk
What is it about the Clintons that puts the fear of God in these hard-nosed political people? Why are Rahm Emanuel and the rest of the undecided superdelegates so fearful of finally ending this thing?

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