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Rep. Allen Endorses Obama
Maine Rep. Tom Allen endorsed Obama at a press conference this morning. Obama defeated Clinton in the February 10 Maine caucus, winning 15 pledged delegates to Clinton's 9.

Hillary who? Obama acts likes it's over
Exercising his new-found role as the likely Democratic nominee, Obama will instead travel to Missouri, a general election swing state, to begin laying the groundwork for November.

Obama, Clinton Adjust Aim, Target McCain
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stepped up their criticism of John McCain and aimed fewer potshots at each other amid signs the nomination fight is winding down and the Democratic Party is coalescing around Sen. Obama.

Obama Mulls Over McCain Debate Proposal
Barack Obama's campaign is considering a suggestion from John McCain's campaign for the two presidential hopefuls to participate in joint town meetings and debates around the country starting this summer, Obama's chief strategist said Sunday.

West Virginia keeps distance from Obama
“I heard that Obama is a Muslim and his wife’s an atheist,” said Mr Simpson, drawing on a cigarette outside the fire station in Williamson, a coalmining town of 3,400 people surrounded by lush wooded hillsides.

Dogged by Low Poll Numbers, Obama Heads Into West Virginia Unfazed
With news of a new poll showing Hillary Clinton up big in West Virginia, Barack Obama heads there today - on the eve of the primary - for a town hall on veterans' affairs.

Obama's first general election stop: Missouri, Limbaugh country
Sen. Barack Obama won't be in West Virginia tomorrow on Election Day. With his sights set on the general election, he'll be in Missouri.

Clinton Team Acknowledges $20M Debt
With her campaign falling ever deeper into debt, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton spent a rainy Mother's Day seeking votes ahead of Tuesday's primary here, turning a deaf ear to calls for her to leave a Democratic presidential contest she has little hope of winning.
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Clinton adviser: Clinton 'willing' to lend campaign more money

The Note: Secrets of Letting Go
If what we learned in third grade applies to presidential candidates as well as schoolyard bullies, ignoring Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton might make her go away.

Clinton: 'It's Not Over Until the Lady in the Pantsuit Says It Is'
Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke in Grafton, W.Va., on Mother’s Day with her daughter by her side. Clinton read a few messages from supporters who urged her to continue her bid for the presidency.
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Not Over 'Til The Lady in the Pantsuit Says It Is
As Rivals Rest on Mother’s Day, Clinton Pushes On

Finalists: Obama in 30 Seconds Contest
Our judging panel will choose a winner which we'll announce next week. In the meantime, you can view all the finalists and pass them on to your friends and family.
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Celebrities Turn a Critic’s Eye to Selecting New Obama Ad
MoveOn's Obama Ad

McCain hopes to attract young voters
He's a Republican, for starters. He describes himself as "older than dirt." And he makes no apology for an Iraq war that is especially unpopular on college campuses.

Lieberman: Obama's Alleged Endorsement By Hamas Shows "Difference" With McCain
It was only a matter of time, really. If you ever doubted that Joe Lieberman would be using what's left of his "Independent Democrat" credentials to legitimize the GOP's bogus "Hamas endorsed Obama" attack, here he is on CNN doing just that...

The Delegate Fight: Inevitability
This is Clinton's main problem at this point: More and more Democrats are talking about the inevitability of Obama as the nominee.
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Democrats Speak With Certainty About Obama Nomination

West Virginia savors moment in spotlight
When former president Bill Clinton bounded onto the makeshift stage in the volunteer fire department of this coalfields town, the crowd shrieked like they were about to hear an Elvis Presley concert, rather than listen to a 40-minute speech about health care and the economy.

Obama adviser who met with Hamas resigns
Malley is an analyst at the Washington, D.C.-based International Crisis Group, specializing in the Israeli-Arab conflict. He told NBC News that his job "is to meet with all sorts of savory and unsavory people and report on what they say. I've never denied whom I meet with; that's what I do."

McCain Touts Green Policies At Wind Energy Firm - But He Opposed Their Key Legislation
Back in 2005, when McCain had the chance to vote for a bill that would have included the largest expansion of financial incentives to produce clean wind energy, he didn't.

Edwards says Clinton must be careful
John Edwards still says he is remaining neutral in the Democratic presidential race, but the onetime candidate all but said Sunday it is impossible for Hillary Clinton win the Democratic nomination...

Obama's new Kentucky ad focuses on coal
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama launched a new TV ad this weekend featuring an Illinois miner praising the the him for work on coal issues.

Polling Results
Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 47% of the vote while John McCain earns 46%...

Clinton Eyes Big Win in W.V. and New Poll Backs Her Up
A new Suffolk University Poll shows Hillary Clinton with a huge double-digit lead in West Virginia - a 36 point advantage over her opponent Barack Obama. But the most striking figure in the poll is that Clinton is viewed more favorably than Obama...
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Obama Losing West Virginia Primary By More Than Two To One

Clinton creaming Obama in Ky.
U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton enters the final week before Kentucky’s May 20 Democratic presidential primary with a commanding 27 percentage point lead over U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, a new poll shows.

Clinton holds big leads in West Virginia and Kentucky
Even as her campaign appears to be in its final stages, Hillary Clinton is headed for two sweeping victories in West Virginia and Kentucky, the next two states to weigh in on the prolonged Democratic presidential race.

McCain's 7 Steps to Beating Obama
There's no secret document stashed in a safe, but McCain's been giving strategic hints for weeks.

Bush May Be as Harmful to McCain as Wright Is to Obama
George W. Bush may do as much damage to John McCain's chances of being elected as Jeremiah Wright does to Barack Obama's, according to results of a recent USA Today/Gallup poll.

Election 2008: Virginia Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in Virginia finds John McCain leading Barack Obama by just three percentage points, 47% to 44%. That’s a significant improvement for Obama after trailing the presumptive Republican nominee by eleven points a month ago.

Election 2008: North Carolina Presidential Election
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the Tar Heel State find John McCain earning 48% of the vote while Barack Obama attracts 45% support.

Politico: How to end a presidential campaign
There are 50 ways to leave your lover, 13 ways of looking at a blackbird, and at least six ways to drop out of a presidential race.

FirstThoughts: How Hillary Will Close
Everyone seems to be looking for any little hint into how Clinton is closing this campaign. The last thing she wants is for the not-so-funny SNL "sore loser" parody to become conventional wisdom.

Hillary Clinton failed to master the female approach, former mentor says
Scholar and philosopher Jean Houston reflects on where the first viable woman presidential candidate may have gone wrong.

Obama In Kentucky And West Virginia: Why Will He Lose?
And yet despite his status, Obama is no match for Sen. Clinton in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Starting Gate: Winding Down
Is this the way the Democratic nomination battle will end, with a whimper rather than a roar? Now that Barack Obama holds the lead in just about every metric ... the Hillary Clinton “drop-out” watch has begun in earnest.

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