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5/1 Evening News: Picking Up a Texas Super

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Obama Picks Up TX Super
Clinton has picked up two superdelegate AFL-CIO state presidents in the past two days. Obama just picked up his own superdelegate AFL-CIO representative: Texas state vice president John Patrick.

Bloomberg Praises Obama on Gas Tax
He praised Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (first time since congestion pricing died a predictable death in Albany) and Barack Obama for opposing "one of the dumbest ideas" he says he's ever heard.

Andrew on His Switch
Former DNC Chairman and superdelegate Joe Andrew drew a sharp line in the sand between himself and Clinton and called for the rest of the superdelegates -- and Democrats in his home state of Indiana -- to “heal the rift in this party...
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Superdelegate Defection Jolts Clinton Camp
Hillary Rodham Clinton was jolted Thursday by the defection of one of her longtime superdelegate supporters, a former national party chairman who urged fellow Democrats to “reject the old negative politics” and unify behind Barack Obama.

Obama Campaign Moving Joe Andrew All Over Indiana Today
The Obama campaign is working very hard today to maximize the impact of the big surprise endorsement they received today from former DNC chair Joe Andrew -- he's hitting no less than three Indiana media markets today.

Organized labor divided on Clinton, Obama
Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have aggressively courted organized labor, but unions are divided between the Democratic candidates.

Outside Groups Go On Indiana Spending Spree
The SEIU is spending half a million on an ad for Obama in Indiana -- and earlier today a pro-Clinton 527 brought its spending on an anti-Obama ad to over a million dollars.

Minister’s Comments Hold Little Sway in Indianapolis Enclave
People interviewed in Indianapolis say the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’s highly publicized comments, and the responses that have followed, will have little bearing on their vote.

Hillary Wants to Go Until June
In a “Nightline” interview set to air tonight, Senator Clinton said she had not spoken to Andrew, and defended a possible fight to the finish between her and Obama.

Clinton May Be Hopeful, but Obama Rolls On
Barack Obama has continued to pick up the support of superdelegates at a quicker pace than Hillary Clinton, leaving her with dwindling options.

Obama Reveals Top 10 ‘Surprising Facts’ on Letterman Show
Barack Obama’s critics say it’s what you don’t know about him that matters. With a little help from talk-show host David Letterman, the senator is opening up.
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Giving the People What They Want
We've already enumerated the reasons why the gas-tax holiday proposed by John McCain and seconded by Hillary Clinton is a preposterous idea ... But that's not stopping Clinton and McCain. On the trail today, both candidates continued to push the tax break, chiding their opponents...

Obama May Levy $15 Billion Tax on Oil Company Profit
"The profits right now are so remarkable that one could trim them 10 percent or so, which would turn out to be somewhere in the $15 billion range,'' said Jason Grumet, an adviser to the Obama campaign.

Indiana another Pa.? Illinois neighbor Obama hopes not
"People are a little more familiar with me in Indiana," says the senator from next-door Illinois, claiming a better chance than he had in Pennsylvania, where Hillary Rodham Clinton beat him convincingly last week.

Michelle Defends, Re-Introduces Her Husband
Michelle Obama spoke to the heart of the conservative attack against her husband Wednesday morning, telling a room full of Obama supporters that it was incumbent on them to get the true picture of who her husband was out to undecided voters before Tuesday's primary.

A NC voter sizes up Obama, Clinton, and finally decides
Her latest project was deciding whether to vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic primary Tuesday. Now she's made her choice and voted by absentee ballot.

Clinton Says Calls to Drop Out Are 'Just Idle Talk'
"I haven't spoken to him," Clinton said. "But, you know, people can decide however they want to decide. That's up to them. But anyone who believes this is bad for the party I just think is not paying attention...

Democrats in New Mexico squabble over superdelegate
A group of Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters, including four New Mexico superdelegates, has accused the state Democratic Party of breaking national and state party rules when it nominated a 12th superdelegate.

Clinton Camp Plays Electability Card
Citing some recent polls, the Clinton campaign is making this argument to Democratic superdelegates: that Clinton -- not Obama -- is the most electable Democrat in November.

Jackson calls for an Obama-Wright 'cease-fire'
"There’s so much pain in this whole process," he said. "It may be premature to get a reconciliation — at least we can have a cease-fire and get back on the agenda items that matter to the American people."

Clinton Picks Up Four NY Supers
Clinton picked up four more New York superdelegates--all add-ons named at the state's convention, taking place today.

Democrats Abroad Say, ‘Yes We Span’
Barack Obama supporters abroad are taking his message of unity and bridging gaps to world-famous bridges.

RNC Hits Obama on Gas Taxes
The gas-tax debate continues -- this time with a new Republican National Committee Web ad blasting Obama for not supporting a gas-tax holiday, while also noting that he supported a state one while in the Illinois legislature.

Fresh swarm of superdelegates about to arrive
Unpledged add-ons can be called superdelegates because they both have the same voting rights — the only difference is that superdelegates are selected before the primaries and caucuses, while unpledged add-ons are selected after the state has voted.

Obama’s Break With Wright Puts Black Pastors in Difficult Position
Sen. Barack Obama’s break with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is putting black pastors and their congregations in a difficult position, their loyalties divided between a politician who could be the first black president and a celebrated preacher who many believe has been vilified.

Howard Dean On Fox News Sunday, Dems On Competing Sunday Shows
Michael Calderone reports that Howard Dean will return to Fox News Sunday for the first time since 2003...

Iran Protests to U.N. About Clinton Comments
Iran has lodged a formal protest at the United Nations about comments by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton that the United States would “totally obliterate” Iran if it attacked Israel with nuclear weapons, the state-run news agency, IRNA, reported Thursday.

Pro-Hillary 527's Spending On Anti-Obama Indiana Ad Now Tops $1 Million
The American Leadership Project -- the 527 put together by big Hillary-backing unions and major donors -- sank another $200,000 today into the ad they're running in Indiana attacking Obama on the economy, ALP spokesperson Jason Kinney just confirmed to me.

Sidney Blumenthal Uses Former Right-Wing Foes To Attack Obama
A decade later, and now acting as a senior campaign advisor to Senator Clinton, Blumenthal is exploiting that same right-wing network to attack and discredit Barack Obama.

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Clinton 49%, Obama 45%
Hillary Clinton has edged ahead of Barack Obama, 49% to 45%, in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update.

Obama Up 7 in NC
The second poll today is out showing Obama up just seven points in North Carolina, down from his double-digit leads leading up to the primary. (Mason-Dixon was the other).

Clinton’s vs. Obama’s Strengths in the General Election
Gallup Poll Daily tracking over the past month indicates that the 2008 presidential election could be another nail-biter of the sorts seen in 2000 and, to a lesser extent, 2004. Both Democratic contenders are closely matched against John McCain in trial heats for the general election.

National Poll Shows Clinton Almost Pulling Even With Obama
A new Pew Research Center poll shows Barack Obama’s national lead over Hillary Clinton narrowing, adding to the evidence that recent presidential campaign controversies could be hurting him.
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Exit Wright
The preacher's brand of hate has haunted the Democrats for decades. An Obama win would silence it for good.

Decoding Electability
Electability is like obscenity: you know it when you see it. In other words, the only way to prove that you're electable is by, you know, getting elected--which doesn't make it the most useful yardstick for people ... still trying to decide who to vote for. But try telling that to Hillary Clinton.

Two Ads
Both of Tuesday's primary contests will turn on Clinton and Obama's opposing positions on a temporary gas tax cut, instead of the recent media attention on Obama's former pastor.

I'm Just Sayin': Open Letter to Superdelegates
There is only one decision you can make that will keep the Democratic Party intact, demonstrate integrity and lead to a victory in November.

Pop Quiz, Hotshot: How Should Obama Seal the Deal?
Whether you think this is a PR problem or a real sign of weakness, one thing is clear: Barack Obama has seen better days. So what would you do differently?

Blitzer: Should Clinton's swing state edge be a factor?
But the polls are significant because they could influence those still-undecided superdelegates – and perhaps even some decided superdelegates who can change their minds.

Daniel Altman: The Deal: Hillary and Obama's "Granita Pact"?
In 1994, the British Labour Party, having lost election after election, was looking for a new leader. It was also trying to avoid the sort of prolonged strife that is now driving Democrats crazy.

What Obama wishes he could say
Thrown off his game by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright uproar, Barack Obama’s strongest answer to Hillary Rodham Clinton is one he won’t give: Senator, do you really want to get in a contest with me over who has more unsavory personal associations?

Michigan's Fake Primary Produced Fake Results
More than 700,000 Michigan Democratic voters, who could have been expected to participate, stayed home rather than vote, because they understood there was no real Democratic election choice.

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