Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strongest Rebuttal Yet

Barack addresses the United Steelworkers Union in Steelton, regarding Hillary Clinton's recent disingenuous remarks about him.

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CLeduc said...

"Voters who live in small cities and towns gave somewhat less weight to taxes (29%) than their rural counterparts."

In southwestern PA where there are a lot of the small PA towns:

"but the local populace leans to the right ideologically, creating opportunities for GOP candidates to do well here. Gun control has less support in the region, and there is more support for a muscular foreign policy. The older, more culturally conservative population finds the concept of "English only" more attractive. … More likely to think protecting gun owners’ rights should take priority over gun control. More likely see military strength, not diplomacy, as the best path to peace. The use of second languages in public schools and official communications tends to be rejected, in favor of making English the official language. ... Casey’s more conservative views on social issues like abortion might explain his big lead in the Senate race here "

So in 2006, the gun control issue went higher and the tax issue fell in importance in small PA towns. They're more against abortion (a conservative faith/morality issue) and they tend to not like any second languages around more than other PA areas.

In San Francisco, someone asked Obama why he wasn’t getting more support from the middle class in PA. Is it "elitist" to answer his question on the basis of the known facts? I don’t think so.