Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sen. Obama's Response, CNN Commentary

Excellent rebuttals from Sen. Obama against the 'bitterness' attacks from Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain:

Rebuttal #1 - Terre Haute, Indiana:

Rebuttal #2 - Munice, Indiana:

And also some of the CNN commentary on Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain's tactics in executing this attack:

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Anonymous said...

That first video was inspiring and a great moment by Barack. It's a great ad.

Anonymous said...

Wow, these clips are incredible, especially the commentary on CNN. Never heard it come on so strong.

I'm thinking that out of the three candidates (putting aside politics where you're trying to take advantage of the other), that Obama is the only one that will bring up subjects to us that are difficult to hear and that we really don't want to hear but really NEED to hear. Whether its this comment about people being fed up and bitter or this issue about race, he is not afraid to really speak to what is the heart of the problems we face as a nation and his message is to recognize our problems and then let's all work together to solve them.

There will probably be a number of bashing from both sides on this as I've noticed on many comments to articles, but maybe that is exactly the problem we as America face — we think of ourselves as being separated from each other. I think we must recognize our commonalities rather than our differences and get to work. I must say I am impressed when I hear Obama say that the responsibility of a child is ALL of ours. In the bigger sense, that is really, really true.

I had heard story about Mother Theresa say to someone who wanted to help with trying to use his radio presence to help do a massive fund raising event, but she declined. He was very persistent about wanting to do SOMETHING for her. She declined his offer but told him he could do one thing. She said tomorrow, get up at 4:00am and go out into the city and find someone who's living alone, and convince him he's not alone.

Perhaps this is the message we all need to embrace. Who would be best qualified among these three great Americans running for office who are taking all kinds of crap in the process? For me, it's the one who can inspire and start a movement to make these very, very difficult changes. That is, Obama.