Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hello everyone - due to a family function this week, I have to suspend updating the Cuban For Obama blog until 4/28/2008. Thank you to everyone who continually views this blog - I appreciate your support and expect to be back on track on 4/28.

- Cris

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karitas said...

Oh no - whatever shall we do without you? Ah, well - I suppose you're allowed to have a life outside the blog.... :-) Looking forward to your return. Thanks for the service you do with this blog; it's got to be exhausting at times.

David said...

Oh man! Drudge, Huffington and this site are my first news. Grrrr. Well hope the family thing goes well and thanks so much for all you do. Can't wait until you are back.


Sabi said...

Welcome back! I missed your blog in the past few days as I usually get my daily dose of Obama from you. Thanks for the good work!