Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama in 2004 - Same Point, Better Phrasing

This 2004 video shows Sen. Obama talking about the same issue of rural and working class Americans and the Democratic party. This was just after he was elected to the senate. He makes exactly the same point but explains it differently. It does a good job of showing how much his comments have been distorted by Sen. Clinton and Sen. McCain.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cris,

As always, thanks for the great coverage.

I think that Obama shows a lot of respect to us when he speaks to us as the adults we are. Unfortunately, in this opportunistic environment of spin, words are twisted to reveal things that were not intended.

Hopefully, those most offended by his truthful remarks are people who would not be voting for him in the first place.

Hillary will milk this cow on all four teats. You can bet on it.

Have a nice Sunday,


Cleduc said...

You know not only does this video clearify and confirm what he meant, it struck me as remarkable how the book they discussed four years ago lays out the reaction:

What's the Matter with Kansas? (2004) is a book written by American journalist and historian Thomas Frank's_the_Matter_with_Kansas
"So the central idea of the book answers the question as to why these social conservatives continue voting with the Republican Party, even after their social issues never go anywhere and when the economic policies which result, "end their way of life." He says that this coalition is held together because of the belief of the social conservatives in a "liberal elite" which does not actually exist. This elite, according to Frank, does not respect the social conservatives or their "culture," disrespects family values and is responsible for just about everything that they see wrong in the world. Frank describes what he calls the "Plenty Plaint." He says that this is the device the social conservatives use to outrage their voters. The Plenty Plaint catalogues "ridiculous examples of liberal intolerance, such as discrimination against Christians or silly mascot issues." He says Bill O'Reilly uses this in his television show where he "gets indignant one day about the Insane Clown Posse and indignant the next about the man-boy love association." By using "explosive" social issues like gay marriage to blame the "liberal elite," the social conservatives remain in the Republican coalition, even against their own economic interest."

Amazing to read something from 2004 like that given what has recently transpired with Clinton & McCain leaping on the "elitist" label just as predicted.