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4/27 Sunday News: We're Back!

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Obama discounts race as a factor in presidential election
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said Sunday that race is not the reason he is struggling to attract working-class votes and insisted he can win over uncommitted superdelegates ...
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Obama wraps up day with hoops, and his team wins 15-5
And he proved to be effective, scoring four baskets that included a nifty left-handed three-pointer, along with four rebounds and a couple of steals.
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Obama Picks Up Superdelegate
Senator Barack Obama, who spent the day campaigning In Indiana in advance of the state’s May 6 primary, collected the endorsement of an Arizona superdelegate today.

Obama team remains unshaken and unstirred
After Sen. Barack Obama’s third major primary loss and endless media coverage dedicated to dissecting the apparent weaknesses of his candidacy, one of the most striking elements of his campaign this week was what’s missing: any hint of internal upheaval.

At Home in Midwest, Obama Explains Why He Refused Debate Challenge
The presidential hopeful answered a few questions before entering the predominately African American eatery -- and explained why he won't agree to rival Sen. Hillary Clinton's weekend challenge for a one-on-one, Lincoln-Douglas-style debate without a moderator.
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Obama visits Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame
Obama also got tested at one exhibit, where he was challenged to make a shot. His first shot was an air ball, but his second hit nothing but net. Obama then autographed a basketball, but with a note of modesty. "You don't have to put it out unless I become president," he said.

Obama: 'I've been taking some hits'
Sen. Barack Obama used a question during a campaign event Saturday to explain his unusual approach to politics. ... “I’m not interested in fighting people just for the sake of scoring political points.” “If I’m going to fight somebody it’s going to be fighting over the American people and what they need.”

Ad wars: Obama buys more, Clinton sets tempo
When it comes to campaign commercials, Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are going where no candidate has gone before.

Obama on the Air in Kentucky
Barack Obama has this new ad running in Kentucky, a stock ad he's long used to promote his work on ethics reform and his independence from special interests in Washington:

N.C. Stations Won't Air Controversial Ad Linking Wright And Obama
"I just don't think it's appropriate to be on our air," the general manager of one of the stations told the paper. "I think it's offensive, and I'm not real comfortable with the implications around race."

Obama Campaign Looks To Push Turnout Over 50 Percent, Says Race Won't Be A Problem
On May 10th, the Barack Obama campaign will launch what it is trumpeting as an "unprecedented 50-state voter registration and mobilization drive" called Vote For Change. ... Deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand suggested the campaign hoped to push turnout in the general election above 50 percent.

Obama presses on gas, windfall profits tax
Barack Obama on Thursday blamed high gasoline prices on Washington and a political establishment that he says hasn't stood up to oil companies, his two rivals for the presidency included.

Now, this is campaign fatigue
Voters may be weary of Dem primary, but that's nothing to candidates, staff ...

Obama Decries the Campaign Bickering
As Obama campaigned in Indiana this weekend, he talked about his attempts to avoid the kind of divisive politics that he says have shaped this country over the last 20 years. It's a central part of his "new politics" argument.
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Indiana a 'Tie-Breaker'? Well...
Obama told reporters Sunday that Indiana was important, but declined to call it a "tie-breaker" as he had before.

Video: Obama in Anderson, Indiana
Barack takes a question from a veteran in Anderson, Indiana on April 26, 2008...

Is Race Slowing Obama's Momentum?
And while Democratic leaders seem increasingly inclined to suggest quietly that Clinton will not be the nominee, some are also starting to express concern about Obama's weaknesses among a key Democratic group ...

The story behind Clinton's record haul
Clinton camp crafted a fundraising narrative too compelling to overlook yet also impossible to independently verify.

Clinton lobbies superdelegates after Pennsylvania win
"Her pitch was that she had just had a substantial victory in Pennsylvania and her campaign had raised quite a bit of money because of it," said Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma. "There wasn't a hard push or a hard sell.

Two Keystone-State Asterisks
The only problem: now that 100 percent of precincts have reported, it appears Clinton won Pennsylvania by 9.3 percent. In other words, no double-digits. She performed exactly as everyone expected--not better ...

McCain Blasts Obama on Hamas
Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan responded ... "We want to take Senator McCain at his word that he wants to run a respectful campaign, but [it] is becoming increasingly difficult when he continually tries to use the politics of association and makes claims he knows not to be true ...

Keith Olbermann Apologizes For Crack About Hillary
As I've noted here before, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann has a bizarre tendency to listen to the substance of criticism against him. Even more strange, considering that he's a top-shelf media star, is the fact that he apologizes for his conduct when he's wrong.

The Note: Jeremiah's Jeremiad
Pennsylvania was Sen. Barack Obama's chance to salt away his lead, answer the demographic questions about his candidacy -- and put the Rev. Jeremiah Wright in his rearview mirror. It was a nice thought.

Elitist? Obama Says Nah - He's Got "Street Cred as a Down to Earth Guy"
It's not every day that a candidate's fashion sense makes its way into a press availability, but today in Indianapolis, Indiana, Barack Obama had to defend his wardrobe choices, making the case that he is not an elitist.
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DNC Officials Huddle With Clinton, Obama Campaigns
In an attempt to kick start the general election contest before the party has picked its nominee, Democratic National Committee officials have met in recent days with the top campaign brass ... to brief them on the committee's plans in the coming months.

Rev. Wright Discusses ‘Public Crucifixion’ at Sunday Services
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the embattled pastor of presidential candidate Barack Obama, gave a 45-minute sermon on Sunday that included a reference to his “public crucifixion” for past comments from the pulpit.

Polling Results
Losing Ground
After losing Pennsylvania and a difficult month of scandals, Barack Obama's double-digit lead over Hillary Clinton has dropped to 7 points in the latest NEWSWEEK Poll.

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
In the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, it’s Obama 48%, Clinton 42%

Gallup Daily: Clinton and Obama Remain Tied at 47%
Gallup Poll Daily tracking finds that national Democratic voters' preferences for their party's nomination remain evenly split, with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each receiving 47% support.

IN Poll: Obama's Narrow Lead
In a new poll in Indiana, Obama leads Clinton by 3 points. As has been a trend throughout the primary process, Obama led among urban and suburban voters, while Clinton led among rural voters.

Obama's 'Otherness'
The most successful presidents have always been open and hopeful, sunny and optimistic about the promise of American equality and opportunity. But there has long been a dark side to democratic politics, a willingness to play on prejudice ...

Karl Rove: Dear Senator Obama ...
President Bush's former senior adviser offers advice for fighting the 'elitist' label.

Inspiration Versus Degradation
Everyone has to apologize for their pastors, their doctors, their mothers, their fathers, their churches, their social affiliations. Why? Apologies are cheap. Inspiration is hard to find.

McCain’s Hidden Advantage
No matter what Obama does or what issue he takes, many voters may vote purely on demographic and racial terms.

Questions for Obama
Have you told young couples straining to buy their first home that declining prices of houses are a misfortune?

The Incredibly Shrinking Democrats
As the race drags on, Obama and Clinton are diminishing each other, turning a big campaign into a small one.

Obama Doesn't "Take Fox On," After All
Obama definitely pushed back hard on some of Chris Wallace's questions, but at no point did he draw attention to Fox's spreading of lies about him or critique the network in a general sense.

Hillary is Nasty But She is Not Tough
Do we want a whiner to be President? Commander-in-Chief? Do we want to live through more chapters in the never-ending, but never-changing, Clinton Drama of Blame, Attack and Half-Truths?

Newsweek: Settling Scores
If Hillary Clinton finds a way to win, she'll have a long list of grudges and grievances.

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