Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/9 Evening Update

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In Pennsylvania, Obama Launches 'Inevitability 2.0'
That said, to infer that Obama isn't playing to win in Pennsylvania would be, well, wrong. Instead, he's playing to seem like he isn't playing to win. The reason? Expectations.

Powell Praises Obama, Fears Afghanistan Growing 'More Difficult' Than Iraq
"I know them all very, very well. I consider myself a friend of each and every one of them. And I have not decided who I will vote for yet."

Obama Says Bush Should Boycott Olympics If....
Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said that President Bush should boycott the opening ceremonies of if the Chinese do not take steps to stop the genocide in Darfur and respect the human rights of Tibetan people.
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New Obama Ad In Pennsylvania: "I Want To Put An End To The Game Playing"
Obama goes up in Pennsylvania with yet another ad, this one featuring him promising to take on the special interests -- the pharmaceutical industry, in this case -- and "put an end to the game playing" in D.C.

Public Financing? Obama and McCain Appear Split
[Obama] argues that his small contributors, many of whom have given again and again over the Internet, have injected a new democracy into fund-raising, with the result that a kind of “parallel public financing system” has been created.

Deal Behind Sen. Klobuchar's Endorsement of Obama
Been wondering what superdelegates are getting in return for their recent presidential endorsements? Well, in the case of Sen. Amy Klobuchar ... who hopped off the fence last week to endorse Barack Obama, she didn't get a thing. But her 12-year-old daughter, Abigail, did.

Sneak Peek: 'Real Plans for Real People'
Hillary Clinton's campaign launched the first negative ad of the Pennsylvania primary on Thursday, painting the former first lady as the presidential candidate who "takes on the oil companies in real life, not just on T.V."

Michelle Obama courts voters for Barack
Michelle Obama drew a huge and raucous crowd here Tuesday for a speech in which she argued that her husband was ready by experience, intellect and temperament to be the next president of the United States.

Clinton Goes on Offense Over Iraq War Policy
Hillary Clinton went on offense Wednesday, casting Democratic rival Barack Obama as all talk when it comes to ending the Iraq war and slamming John McCain for a stay-the-course approach.

Obama will open Guam office in next few days
Sen. Barack Obama's bid to become the next U.S. president has acquired local flavor. The Obama presidential campaign, in the next few days, will be deeply rooted on island with the opening of a Guam campaign office, just in time for the scheduled May 3 caucus.

Obama Says Real-Life Experience Trumps Rivals’ Foreign Policy Credits
To counter opponents’ accusations that he lacks experience in foreign policy, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois often cites ... the years he spent growing up in Indonesia. Now he has added a new personal detail to that résumé: a trip to Pakistan while a college student.

Hillary on Hill v. Bill, More
When pressed by reporters Wednesday about the fact that she is against the Colombia Free Trade deal while her husband is for it, the New York senator said husbands and wives often disagreed on things.

Gay press frustrated by Obama approach
Mark Segal didn’t want to wait. After weeks of requests to interview Barack Obama, the publisher of the Philadelphia Gay News concluded the senator’s aides may never make him available.

The Hillary Wal-Mart Videos
Says Clinton, after Walton calls her on stage, “I’m so proud of this company, and everything it represents. Anytime I travel and I tell people I’m from Arkansas...Wal-Mart’s on top of the list ...
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Polling Results
Poll: Clinton leads in Pennsylvania
Hillary Rodham Clinton, 49 percent; Barack Obama, 41 percent

Poll: McCain-Rice Would Beat Dems’ ‘Dream Ticket’
A new poll of New York State voters suggests a hypothetical John McCain-Condoleezza Rice ticket would beat the so-called “dream ticket” of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, even though Rice has sought to douse rumors that she’s seeking the VP slot.
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Talking Not Always Best Strategy, Obama
An Obama campaign that preaches multilateralism but intends to engage Syria is going to find itself crossing those same parties most prominent in their opposition to Bush in Iraq, including France, the U.N., and Sunni Arabs, along with many institutions within his own government.

Speaking of Compassion
This Sunday, Senators Clinton and Obama will be taking part in the 'Compassion Forum' at Messiah College in Pennsylvania. Ironically, Messiah College has a severe lack of compassion.

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