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Postal workers back Obama
The American Postal Workers Union announced Wednesday it is backing Barack Obama, a boost to the Illinois senator two weeks before the crucial April 22 Pennsylvania primary. “Sen. Obama’s message is one of hope and change,” APWU President William Burrus said in a statement. “His message is special, and the timing is right.”
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Portland Tribune: Obama is best for Democrats
Oregon Democrats can do their part to encourage the nation to move forward by throwing their support to Sen. Barack Obama in the May 20 primary.

Obama's Public-Financing Acrobatics
In March, Barack Obama raised more than $40 million from his supporters. John McCain raised $15 million. Guess which one is more enthusiastic about accepting public financing in the general election?
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Today: On the Trail with Obama in Pennsylvania
I'm posting from the gymnasium of Great Valley High School in Malvern, Penn., where Barack Obama is set to speak any moment to a full house of students and local voters.

Obama: “It’s Hard to Tell Your Banker That He’s Wrong”
Barack Obama today said the Bush Administration does not have leverage to pressure China on human rights abuses in Tibet because of the flawed economic ties between the two countries.

Obama shatters ad spending record
Barack Obama has spent a record breaking $60 million to run more than 100,000 political television ads in pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination, a new analysis conducted for CNN shows.
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School board members defend decision to deny Clinton, allow Obama
Just two weeks ago, South Bend Schools denied Sen. Hillary Clinton's request to use the school's gym for her campaign stop. Tuesday, school board members responded to the outcry, calling Obama's visit a different situation.

Black Voter Registration Surges In N.C.
As polls continue to show Barack Obama maintaining a double-digit lead over Hillary Clinton in the May 6 North Carolina primary, The Associated Press reports that voter registration among blacks is soaring in the Tar Heel State.

As Chicago Bids for Games, Obama Ducks Olympics Criticism
ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: Barack Obama doesn't seem to want to talk about the Olympics or Senator Clinton's call for a boycott of the opening ceremonies on August 8, 2008.

Bloggers See Obama Dig in McCain Supporter’s ‘Tiger Woods’ Remark
Bloggers are having a field day picking apart the words of a John McCain supporter who introduced the Arizona senator and former Vietnam POW as a hero he’d prefer over Tiger Woods.

McCain Slaps Obama Suggestion for ‘Diplomatic Surge’ With Iran
Barack Obama is wrong to consider relying heavily on Iran to help stabilize Iraq, John McCain said Wednesday.

Obama recounts first job—and the funny hat that went with it
It's tough wooing women when you're wearing a brown cap and standing behind an ice cream counter, according to Barack Obama. He's speaking from experience.

Pelosi again says joint ticket won't happen
The California Democrat has repeatedly called such a ticket "impossible," and in an interview with mtvU student journalists Tuesday, she said flatly, "I don't see it."

Clinton Camp: It's A Miracle We're Not Behind In Pennsylvania
If you were operating off of the tone of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign it's a downright political miracle that the she isn't trailing Barack Obama by 20 points in the current Pennsylvania polls.

West Virginia Senator Apologizes for Comments on McCain
Senator John D. Rockefeller IV personally apologized to Senator John McCain of Arizona on Tuesday after remarking in an interview that Mr. McCain’s years as a Navy fighter pilot would not have given him an understanding of everyday issues faced by Americans.

Clinton's Radio Shot At Obama
Clinton is going up on the radio with an ad to combat an Obama TV spot, in which he says he takes no money from oil companies, the Clinton campaign announced on a conference call with reporters.
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Axelrod says will not revise Obama oil ad despite Clinton complaints.
The Clinton campaign is complaining about an Obama ad where Obama touts that he does not take money from oil companies. But I talked to Obama top strategist David Axelrod a short time ago here and he said he has no plans to change it.

Bill Clinton Supports Colombia Trade Deal
The presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that her husband, the former president, supports a free trade agreement with Colombia that she strenuously opposes.
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The Clintons' Policy Differences, Part II
Following our earlier report of policy disagreements between Bill and Hillary Clinton -- over NAFTA, the Colombian free trade deal, boycotting the Beijing Olympics' opening ceremony, and torture -- there are a couple more disagreements we forgot to mention.

The Obama industry [UPDATED]
Obama's tremendous success at inspiring hundreds of thousands of people to contribute on the Internet has, perhaps predictably, inspired another cadre: People using Obama's name to solicit money that doesn't go straight into his campaign account.

Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama Dish on Being Candidates’ Spouses
The former president and Michelle Obama wrote personal appeals to the readers of “Us Weekly” magazine on behalf of their spouses who are Democratic presidential candidates. The issue hits newsstands Friday.

Clinton: 'Count On Me' to End Iraq War
Hillary Clinton said today she was the only candidate voters could count on to end the war in Iraq and bring troops home.
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McCain Camp Misspells His Name In Web Ad
Snarkity snarkity snark. Looks like the McCain campaign made a bit of a boo-boo in this Web ad...

Hillary's Secret History
These recently released videos of Hillary presiding over a Wal-Mart grand opening -- along with Sam Walton himself -- show a few things: ...

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama Leads Clinton by 10 Points
Gallup's national tracking poll has ebbed and flowed quite a bit in recent weeks, but for frame of reference, Obama's 10-point lead today matches the biggest he has held, which came on March 29.

Canadian voters 'heart' Obama despite NAFTA
The NAFTA controversy has done nothing to diminish Barack Obama's popularity with Canadian voters, a new poll suggests.

Cafferty: What are the chances Obama becomes president?
And when it comes to those polls, Obama continues to narrow the gap with Clinton in Pennsylvania, which will vote on April 22nd. He’s cut down her once double-digit lead to an average of 6 points now. She was once up by more than 30 points.

Does Obama Transcend Race?
Even though the cool, urbane, extremely rational Obama is the antithesis of the hate-spewing radical, that is the image that the Republicans will surely use if he is the nominee.

The Audacity of Populism: What Obama Needs to Do
Obama needs to convince working class voters that he will do everything in his power to protect them from the impact of this recession.

Study: Hillary's Popular Vote Hope a Mirage
In 2008 the popular vote isn't really popular: 13 states held caucuses instead of primaries. Because of the challenges of participating in caucuses, far fewer people vote in caucus states.

Can Obama change U.S. political map?
Barack Obama threatens to drive political cartographers crazy. By attracting young people and African-Americans, he believes he can turn red states blue and upend our relatively stable political map.

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