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The Note: War Dance
"Consider it the first of the 2008 general-election debates -- an untraditional format, reverse-moderated by Gen. David Petraeus. ..."
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Obama Slams McCain, Iraq Strategy On Today
"This morning on Today, Barack Obama offered a vigorous defense of his troop withdrawal proposal, as well as a critique of the administration's Iraq War policy. ..."

New Obama Ad In Pennsylvania Stars The Women In His Life
"Obama has a new ad in Pennsylvania which appears to be continuing the process of introducing him to the voters there by featuring his sister, grandmother, and wife talking about their two daughters. ..."

Obama's Pennsylvania youth spot
"Obama is up in Pennsylvania with a new version of a spot that started airing in Iowa, a jumpy, youth-oriented ad aimed at energizing his young supporters. ..."

Obama Up In Philly With Spanish-Language Radio Ad
A positive 60 second ad that focuses on Obama's biography and relateability. Audio and English translation available at this link.

Another Fishy Conflict of Interest for Penn
"No one ever accused Burson-Marsteller, let alone Penn, of knowing anything about science. But they sure know PR, having successfully confused untold numbers of women about the health effects of mercury on the developing brain. ..."

Perdue goes public for Obama
"Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue's endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama is a little more public. After a fairly low-key announcement in March, Perdue began making automated calls and sending out mailers on behalf of Obama this month. ..."

Obama Gets Help in Pennsylvania
"Senator Barack Obama is receiving significant help in Pennsylvania from the Service Employees International Union and an affiliated health care local, pumping $976,000 into the state in door-to-door canvassing for him. ..."

The '100 Year' War Continues
"Once again, the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee are making it crystal clear that they will pounce on any kind of "100-year" iteration by Obama that they think distorts what the Arizona senator originally said. ..."

D.C. councilman no longer member of Clinton camp
"A D.C. Council member and unpledged Democratic delegate has withdrawn his prominent public support for Sen. Hillary Clinton, preferring instead to be listed as undecided in the race for the nomination. ..."

Clinton denounces Colombian trade deal
"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton emphasized her opposition to a proposed free trade agreement with Colombia, two days after her chief campaign strategist was forced out of her campaign for his role in supporting the deal. ..."
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Clinton: Penn Still 'In the Loop'?
"Wow, talk about your leaks. Apparently, an employee of Burson-Marsteller allowed a reporter for the Huffington Post to listen in on a conference call led by Mark Penn, who explained his new role with Clinton and with the company. ..."

Doubts Remain After Mark Penn's Exit
"The question for some staff members of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign yesterday was why it had taken her so long to remove Mark J. Penn as its chief strategist. ..."
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Clinton battles the facts
"In the waning days of the Democratic presidential nominating contest, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) finds herself battling two opponents: Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), and her own words. ..."

Clinton Takes Obama to Task Over Foreign Policy Experience Claim
"Hillary Clinton took no quarter Tuesday in responding to a reported claim by Barack Obama that he has more foreign policy experience than either Clinton or Republican nominee-in-waiting John McCain. ..."

Delegate for Obama quits over remark
"Moving to nip in the bud some potential bad press, White House hopeful Barack Obama's campaign persuaded a delegate to step down after she was ticketed for calling her neighbor's African-American children "monkeys. ..."

Polling Results
Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
"The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows—for the third time in four days--Barack Obama with a double digit lead in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. Obama now attracts 51% of the vote while Hillary Clinton earns 40%. ..."

Quinnipiac: Obama Catching Up With Clinton In Pennsylvania
"Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is catching up with New York Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary and now trails 50 - 44 percent among likely primary voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. ..."
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Rasmussen Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary
"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows Clinton leading Barack Obama by five percentage points in the Keystone State, 48% to 43%. That’s little changed from a week ago ..."

Iraq War Attitudes Politically Polarized
"Republicans reject the idea of a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, by a better than 2-to-1 margin, 65% to 32%. Democrats show an even greater margin in favor of a timetable, with 81% in favor and 15% opposed. ..."

Does Experience Really Matter?
"In 2000, Bush had much less experience than Gore on the national level, and won the race. Bill Clinton, in 1992, had much less experience than then President Bush, but ended up winning. Jimmy Carter had basically no national campaign experience in 1976 ..."

Campaigning for another lets Kerry be Kerry
"Indeed, Kerry emphasizes Obama's most Kerry-like traits without apology. Kerry celebrates his colleague's campaign as a continuation of the 1960s tradition of lefty activism that first drew him into public life. ..."

Candidates May Draw New Map
"[She] implies that her rival, Sen. Barack Obama, can't win those states, a notion certainly open to debate. But the argument misses a bigger point: The entire electoral map could be redrawn in 2008. ..."

Hillary's Penn-Ultimate Leadership Mistake
"The worst mistakes I've made in life and leadership have always involved waiting too long to fire someone. ..."

Do The Math Now, Democrats -- Waiting Until Fall Is Too Late
"We've heard it said that "All politics is local." This means that solving problems of real people back home marks the difference between a good politician and a putz. That's true once in office, but while you're still a candidate all politics is -- believe it -- arithmetic. ..."

Historian Sean Wilentz And The Latest Nutty Scenario From Clinton Supporters
"The pro-Clinton blogs are flogging yet another "How about THIS!!!???" idea designed to present yet another laughable justification for Sen. Clinton to be awarded the nomination she is losing. ..."

It's Electability, Stupid: Dems Ask Who Can Beat John McCain?
"Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., are offering Democrats vastly different paths to the presidency, with their key arguments centering on which candidate is better equipped to defeat Republican John McCain. ..."

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