Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Four More Obama PA Ads
"Obama unveiled four ads Tuesday to run in Pennsylvania, focusing both on his biography as well as his views on oil prices and healthcare. ..."
Watch the Commercials at the Barack Obama Website

Michelle Obama talks couple's finances
"It wasn't until Barack Obama wrote a pair of best-selling books that he and his wife escaped their student loan debt, an experience Michelle Obama said Tuesday helps the couple understand everyday challenges better than policymakers in Washington. ..."

Petraeus faces next president
"Gen. David Petraeus, meet your next commander in chief. The top commander in Iraq found himself in the middle of presidential politics Tuesday _ literally _ as he was questioned by White House candidates politically and physically on either side during a congressional hearing. ..."
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As Nightmares of Newsprint Danced in Biden’s Head
"Gen. David H. Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker were under lights, but the no one’s mind strayed far from the rock star in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing room: Senator Barack Obama. ..."

Rockefeller apologizes for McCain remark
"Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller apologized for suggesting Republican Sen. John McCain doesn't care about people because he was a Navy fighter pilot who dropped bombs on Vietnam. ..."
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Clinton Rips Media's 'Double Standard'
"Well, I don't know what it means because there is no way for Senator Obama to win unless he also obtains a significant number of superdelegates," said Clinton. "I understand that there has been, throughout this campaign, something of a double standard. I accept it; I live with it. ..."

Traders bet Obama will win US Democratic nomination
"Traders in the Dublin-based Intrade prediction market gave Democratic front-runner Barack Obama an 86 percent chance of being the Democratic presidential nominee, versus a 12.8 percent for Clinton, the New York senator and former first lady. ..."

Elizabeth Edwards Backs Clinton Health Care Plan
"Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, remains unwilling to endorse either of the two remaining Democratic contenders, but the health care advocate told ABC News she preferred Sen. Clinton's health plan to Sen. Obama's. ..."

Obama: $1 Million in a Minute

"The latest salvo in the Presidential hopeful's Web campaign is a site designed to process a million dollars in 60 seconds ..."

Superdelegates pressured to back Obama
"Eager to stop intraparty fighting, dozens of local Democratic Party leaders are urging Virginia's superdelegates to unite around Barack Obama for president. ..."

Obama's unprecedented Pennsylvania ad buy

"Nobody has ever spent 2.2 million in this state: not Rendell, not Specter, not Casey, not Santorum, not Bush, not Kerry," said Oxman, naming the best-funded candidates to run statewide in recent years. "That's unbelievable. ..."

Capitalizing on Penn; Revisiting Goolsbee
"In a conference call with reporters sponsored by the Obama campaign, Teamsters President James Hoffa called for Mark Penn to be fired from the Clinton campaign. ..."
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Pollster Discovers That Ed Rendell Endorsement Had Impact On Ed Rendell
"Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell recently took his first call from a pollster, the Associated Press notes. The governor was contacted by a representative of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, who asked where he stands in the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. ..."

Clinton Campaign Owes UC Davis Money
"The University of California in Davis is ready to take the Clinton presidential campaign to a collection agency if they do not pay back the thousands of dollars they are still owed. ..."

Michelle Obama speaks at presidential rally in Skibo Gym

"Only a week after her husband drew throngs to Soldiers and Sailors, Michelle Obama wooed a small crowd at Skibo Gymnasium on Wednesday. ..."

Polling Results
About One in Four Democrats Have Switched Candidates
"Roughly one in four Democrats nationally say their preference ... has changed at least once since the start of the primary season in January. Most of the converts -- 19% of all Democrats and Democratic leaners -- have moved out of Clinton's ranks and into Obama's ..."

Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains Lead in Democratic Race
"Barack Obama continues to hold a significant lead over Hillary Clinton, 51% to 43%, in Democratic voters' presidential nomination preferences. ..."

The Real Obama-Clinton Generation Gap
"It's this sort of strategy--aggressive organizing in unexpected places, plus mobilizing new voters--that accounts for Obama's slim but insurmountable lead of 150 or so pledged delegates, nearly all of which came from caucus states where Clinton didn't even bother to compete. ..."

Is YrMomma4Obama?

"During the TX and OH primaries a few friends and I started an independent effort to help elect Obama: http://www.yrmomma4obama.com. Our goal is to get young people (18-35) who are already supporting Barack's candidacy to talk directly to their parents and convince them to support him ..."

Obama at the Helm

"Obama doesn't have to rely on his legislative résumé to prove he's capable of running the government. He can point to something more germane: the way he's run his campaign. ..."

The Mark Penn Factor

"Just up on Time.com is this story I have written on Hillary Clinton's not-quite-fired former chief strategist, the complications that come with all of his outside work and some questions that have been raised about his research methods. ..."

Where did the tables turn?
"Where did the Hillary Clinton campaign first go wrong? How did she go from inevitable to in trouble? I think it all began with the very first contest: Iowa. ..."

Much Much Less than Meets the Eye in Obama's Victories

"The myth is that his caucus and primary wins in states such as Wyoming and the handful of endorsements he's gotten from the Democratic governors and senators in those states will spell a breakthrough for the Democrats in the red states in the head to head match with McCain. ..."

Hillary's Last Charge

"Many observers believe the April 22nd Pennsylvania Primary may prove to be the decisive battle in the struggle for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. Will this be Hillary Clinton's last charge? ..."

‘My Endorsement is Irrelevant’
"Hagel doesn't just talk a post-partisan game, either: he's yet to endorse his party's candidate for president, John McCain, with whom he has disagreed over Iraq since 2005 (when Hagel compared it to Vietnam) ..."

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