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Obama Adds Another Super
"Montana National committeewoman Jeanne Lemire Dahlman told AP, and the campaign confirms to First Read, that she is throwing her support to the Illinois senator. ..."

Reporter's Notebook: Big Gun Country
"But don't look for an endorsement until after June 3: Schweitzer plans to back the winner of Montana's last-in-the-nation primary. ..."

Penn Still 'Much Involved'
"Demoted Hillary Clinton strategist Mark Penn may no longer have the coveted title of chief strategist, but he remains a key member of the campaign's senior staff. Indeed, it is not clear precisely what Mr. Penn's demotion entails, other than a public rebuke. ..."

Obama's happy, drama-free appeal
"In the days and weeks ahead, the Barack Obama campaign is going to pose a simple question to the undecided voters and undeclared superdelegates ...: If Hillary Clinton can’t run a good primary campaign, how is she ever going to run a good campaign against the Republicans? ..."

HRC Colombia ties don't stop with Penn
"Mark Penn isn’t the only Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter on the wrong side of the Colombia trade agreement. ..."

No Endorsement From Montana Superdelegate
"But Ms. Campbell might have let her enthusiasm get the best of her, when she let slip that she planned to put her superdelegate support behind Senator Barack Obama. That was a no-no. State party rules prevent its members from endorsing a candidate during a contested primary ..."

Big Spending In Pennsylvania Fight
"Barack Obama trails Hillary Clinton in most polls in Pennsylvania, but the Service Employees International Union is doing its best to close the gap. ..."

Candidates Get Chance to Demonstrate Leadership at Petraeus Hearing
"The presidential candidates are sure to use the appearance of Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker on Capitol Hill Tuesday as an opportunity to play out this season’s election drama over who has the best approach to dealing with Iraq. ..."
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How Clinton Story Flap Started
"Here’s how it all began: ..."

Mark Penn's Earlier Version Of 3 A.M. Ad Was Negative Direct Hit On Obama
"Penn had an earlier version of the infamous 3 A.M. ad that was much more of a negative spot attacking Barack Obama, and the attack prompted objections from other senior Hillary advisers, a Hillaryland source familiar with internal discussions over the ad tells me. ..."

Surprising Political Endorsements By U.S. Troops
"PFC Jeremy Slate said he supported Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., because of his stated intention to pull out of Iraq right away. "That would be nice," Slate said, "I'd like to be home, yea. ..."

Crossing Paths, Candidates Face the Same Audiences
"Because the last few primary states matter much more than anyone could have anticipated ... Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama spent the weekend chasing each other across the vast northern expanses of the Great Plains and the Rockies. ..."

Obama Camp Rebuts Clinton Claim to Have Criticized Iraq War First
"Barack Obama’s campaign on Monday rejected Hillary Clinton’s assertion that she opposed the Iraq war before Obama, saying Clinton’s claim defies the historical record. ..."

Clinton's tale part truth, part errors
"Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has stopped telling a story of a pregnant woman's medical tragedy after an Ohio hospital challenged its accuracy last weekend. ..."
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Conservatives Planning New Attack Group for Election
"But there is much, much, much more to come. And The Boston Globe reports that Republican insiders appear to be favoring a separate vehicle to go after Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). As one Republican strategist tells the Globe, "They're beginning to put the book together on Obama. ..."

Schakowsky Hints At More Stealth Superdelegate Support For Obama
"Rep. Jan Schakowsky says she knows of "at least eight" superdelegates who plan on voting for Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, but have not yet made their decisions public. ..."

Clinton Campaign Regroups After Shakeup at Top
"With a fresh strategy team in place, the presidential campaign of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton sought Monday to reassure supporters, contributors and Democratic delegates that her candidacy would withstand and be rejuvenated by the second leadership shakeup in two months. ..."

Begala: Pressure to fully boot Penn
"Former Bill Clinton aide Paul Begala, on CNN just now, said some in Hillaryland think Penn's demotion isn't enough: ..."

Penn ousting follows months of bad blood
"Mark Penn's decision to step down as Hillary Clinton's chief strategist comes after months of bitter campaign infighting over disappointing performance and questionable judgment. ..."

CNN to air exclusively 'The Compassion Forum'
"Democratic presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will participate in a faith and values forum that will be broadcast live Sunday exclusively on CNN. ..."

Mark Penn Speaks (In Private): Will Still Advise Clintons, Calms Nervous Aides
"But he confirmed that while his title with the campaign had changed -- and his work load would undoubtedly decrease -- he still would play a direct advisory role for Clinton. ..."
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A New Star as Campaign Programs Shuffle: The News
"Tucker Carlson of MSNBC, Paula Zahn of CNN and John Gibson of Fox News were swept out of the way to make room for newsier programs that treat each night like election night — a Super Tuesday that never ends. ..."

Obama, Clinton Set to Appear on Tuesday Morning Shows
"Obama will be on NBC’s “Today.” While Clinton will do interviews with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” CNN’s “American Morning” and “Fox & Friends. ..."

Clinton's bowling skills a bit rusty
"Hillary Clinton is lucky Barack Obama didn't bite on her April Fools Day wager. ..."

Polling Results
Gallup Daily: Obama Moves to 9-point Lead Over Clinton
"Barack Obama has gained support in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking report for April 4-6, and now leads Hillary Clinton by a statistically significant margin, 52% to 43%. ..."

Results of SurveyUSA Election Poll #13667 (Oregon)
Obama 52%, Clinton 42%

North Carolina Polls: Democratic Primary
Obama 54%, Clinton 33%
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Obama’s young backers twist parents’ arms
"As a small chorus of superdelegates has announced a preference for Senator Barack Obama in recent weeks, a theme is emerging: their children made them do it. ..."

Ouster Opens Opportunity for Obama
"Mark Penn’s resigning under fire as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief strategist over his advising Colombia on a free trade pact gives Senator Barack Obama an opportunity he has awaited since Mrs. Clinton walloped him on trade issues in Ohio. ..."

Which Democrat Has the Administrative Experience to Be An Effective President? Compare How Well They've Managed Their Campaigns
"In this department, the race is not even close. Barack Obama has proved himself a much more capable executive and leader than Hillary Clinton -- despite her claim of superior "experience."
The weekend saw yet another eruption of organizational dysfunction in the House of Hillary. ..."

SMALLEY: The Penn Effect
"How much will his exit hurt? The timing isn't great; Obama has been closing the gap in Pennsylvania of late ... And Clinton has already endured a round of bad publicity over statements she's made about a trip to Bosnia ... and a bogus health-care story ..."

David Gergen: A Clinton campaign without Mark Penn
"But it is apparent that Clinton topsiders detest Mark Penn and hold him uniquely responsible for what has gone wrong in the campaign. When he went down last week, they lunged for the jugular and he couldn’t survive. ..."

Pushing Back on the "100 Years" Pushback
"Conservatives are stepping up the pressure on the traditional media to call Sen. Barack Obama a liar, because he is mentioning Sen. John McCain's explicit support for a 100-year military presence in Iraq. ..."

Can Geoff Garin Save Clinton?
"The man that Hillary Clinton brought in to replace controversial strategist Mark Penn got his start in politics 32 years ago in Pennsylvania, the very state that is so crucial to her presidential hopes now. Back then, however, Geoff Garin was working for a Republican. ..."

Shift at Top May Mean Shift in Tone for Clinton
"This isn’t exactly what I was planning on when I woke up this morning,” Geoff Garin e-mailed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton after a hasty weekend shake-up left him atop her campaign’s strategy team. ..."

Mark Penn, Not Reverend Wright, is the Mega-Embarrassment of this Campaign
"Choose one: Sitting in Reverend Wright's church and hearing him say "God damn America" in the heat of rhetorical spasm ... or sitting in a conference room and listening to Mark Penn ... coolly spin up ways to defend Blackwater or Phillip Morris or Exxon Mobil. ..."

Blitzer: Is Clinton ahead in the only count that matters?
"In recent days, Hillary Clinton supporters have been pushing this notion that the Democratic presidential candidate who has won the states with the most Electoral College votes should get the party’s super delegates and the party’s eventual nomination. ..."

What Was Hillary Thinking?
"Mark Penn has his uses. Running Hillary Clinton's campaign wasn't one of them. He was the wrong person at the wrong time for the wrong job. But, in fairness, he didn't choose himself. Hillary picked him ..."

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