Saturday, April 5, 2008

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Clinton Drops Another Tale From Stump Speech
"For Clinton, the story was an example of how everyone should have universal healthcare. It is a powerful tale and always drew gasps from the audience. The hospital ... objected this weekend, saying it wasn't true and demanded that Clinton stop telling it. ..."

Obama Knocks McCain, Clinton on Iraq
"Montana's primary is still two months away, but Obama made a stop in Big Sky country this morning, bringing a strong anti-war message to a morning rally here. ..."

McCain on the 'Warmonger' Remark
"It's a free country, and we have freedom of speech in America, and Mr. [Ed] Shultz is entitled to his views. I would hope that in keeping with his commitment that Sen. Obama would rapidly condemn, Sen. Obama would condemn such language ..."
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Clinton Keeps Spotlight On Disputed Votes
"Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton Saturday strengthened her pitch to allow disputed primaries in Michigan and Florida to be counted in the nominating contest, noting the vote totals had been officially recognized in each state. ..."
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Mayor of Missoula Endorses Barack
"The Mayor of Missoula, John Engen, introduced Barack at today's Montana rally. It is, in his words, "A really good day to be the Mayor of Missoula. ..."

Obama Pool Report from Missoula
"He then strode down the field along the edge of the stands shaking outstretched hands, met with the now-customary squeals of love and adulation. “I’ll teach you how to fish!” shouted one woman. ... “You are our hope,” one woman told him. “With your help, we can make it happen,” Obama answered. ..."

Obama Visits State #48
"I didn’t know if it was going to work – me coming out here – black guy, funny name, you know, big ears,” he said with a smile. “What we knew was if we were going to be able to compete, it would have to be a grassroots movement that people would have to get organized and make it happen ..."

Clinton: 'I don't quit'
"Hillary Clinton repeated her intentions to stay in the presidential race at a campaign event in Oregon Saturday. ..."
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Obama aims for pro-gun vote
"Barack Obama did not hunt or fish as a child. He lives in a big city. And as an Illinois state legislator and a U.S. senator, he consistently backed gun control legislation. But he is nevertheless making a play for pro-gun voters in rural Pennsylvania. ..."

Big Sky Slugfest
"In Montana, we like our guns. We like big guns. We like little guns. We like shotguns. We like pistols. Most of us own two or three guns. Gun control is hitting what you shoot at. So, I’d be a little careful about blowing smoke up our skirts. ..."

Many Superdelegates in No Hurry to Pick a Candidate
"Though Melcher and a handful of high-profile Democrats have recently chosen sides in the presidential nominating contest, few others of the party's uncommitted superdelegates appear likely to budge before Pennsylvania's primary on April 22 ..."

Kerry: Obama Won't Be Swift Boated
"Sen. John Kerry reached out to veterans here on Barack Obama's behalf Saturday, saying he believes Obama is more prepared to be commander in chief than Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were when they took office. ..."

Obama in a bit of trouble with NYC schools
"The city's Department of Education says the campaign violated regulations when it made a video in a Bronx high school classroom starring students. ..."

The newest goalposts
"This is why the apparent failure of re-votes is so tough for her: Now she's probably stuck spinning one of a number of very flawed popular vote counts, rather than something (slightly) more solid. ..."

McCaskill thinks Obama will lose PA by double digits
"She dutifully said Obama will lose Pennsylvania (good strategy for lowering expectations). But then she went further. She said he will probably lose by double digits even though polls have shown the race tightening and one shows Obama pulling ahead. ..."

Come, O Come, Emanuel
"It ain't over till it's over. But at some point soon, someone may have to not-so-gently tell Hillary time is up. Enter 'Rahmbo.' ..."

The Bespoke Broker
"As a veteran dealmaker and one of the nation's most prominent African-Americans—with closer ties to Barack Obama than most Washingtonians appreciate—Jordan is maneuvering himself into the endgame. ..."

Al, Jesse and Barack
"A major component of Obama's strategy has been to distance himself from prominent black leaders while being careful not to minimize their contributions. He has successfully navigated the tightrope walk. ..."

A Silver Lining In the Blue Battle
"Hillary Clinton has proved during the past few months that she is a fighter, that she is tenacious, and that she is in the race to win. There's just one problem. She's already lost. ..."

To the Letter Born
"I was most impressed by one artifact: the signs that turn each campaign state into a logo for the Obama campaign. I’ve never seen anything quite like that before. I think it’s clever. But it also works as it makes each state feel part of a larger, national movement. ..."

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